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Fetterman Reportedly Close to an LG Run

Democratic Braddock Mayor and former Senate candidate John Fetterman is reportedly in the final stages of decision making ahead of running for Lieutenant Governor next year.  Fetterman would be the third primary challenger to incumbent Lieutenant Governor Mike Stack.

Over the weekend, Philly Clout reported that Fetterman will ensure he wins re-election for his fourth term as Braddock’s mayor, then turn his attention to a campaign against Stack.  

Fetterman declined to comment about his plans, but former Governor Ed Rendell continued to have positive remarks about Fetterman.  

“If Fetterman has the guts to run without Wolf’s blessing, I think he’ll win,” Rendell told Philly Clout.  But he added “He’s hoping to get Wolf’s blessing.”  

Wolf’s campaign spokesman Jeff Sheridan had no comment for Philly Clout when asked if Wolf would support Stack, another candidate, or stay neutral in the race.  

Chester County Commissioner Kathi Cozzone and Aryanna Berringer from Westmoreland county have both announced bids for the primary.

14 Responses

  1. I’m Fetterman. I buy property in areas I use my elected position to increase their financial value. Everyone loves me because they think I am something unique, but I am more of the corrupt same.

    1. Fetterman is certainly formidable. The optics here are a bit of political deja vu.

      In 2016, Fetterman was accused of being a Wolf plant to hurt Sestak and help McGinty. (I never bought into that rumor, but a lot of people did.)

      Now, for 2018, we’ve got Wolf trying to push out Stack, and Rendell “hoping” Fetterman gets Wolf’s blessing (as though Rendell and Wolf aren’t political connected buddies). So, if Wolf does back Fetterman, it will look like more of the same kind of backroom politics.

      My personal opinion is that Wolf would back whomever he thought could take out Stack. My personal desire is that Wolf had been listening to Stack for political advice on how to deal with the GOP.

  2. Rendell should shut up. His sticking his nose in got Toomey elected 2xs. Go back to chasing skirts Fast Eddie!

  3. Lt Gov Stack should be Governor. Wolf only enforces laws he personally agrees with, ignores the rule of law, supports sanctuary cities. Even Mary E and her political skills won’t get him re elected. Then he can volunteer in some other country if he wants to help aliens.

    1. Stack isn’t fit to be dog catcher. He’s an entitled jerk who managed to screw up what has to be the cushiest job in the world.

  4. The more primary challengers, the better for Stack, as they’ll dilute the anti-incumbent vote.

    It’s a shame the Dems don’t have a candidate to challenge Wolf with someone who can negotiate better with the GOP for the budget.

  5. Bad idea. Allegheny County needs him to replace phony Fitz and keep the mafia from retaking the executive office. As L.G., his talent is wasted in a waiting game four years off.

    1. I was also thinking that Fetterman should run for County Executive. Does Allegheny Co. have a term limit on the County Executive position? Does Fitz have any plans to run for higher office. Who will run for the 14th when Doyle retires? Western PA doesn’t have many up and coming Dems outside the city or Allegheny County.

      1. Phony Fitz is done. Term limits put him out next year and he has nowhere to go…except maybe West Virginia where the hoopie would fit right in. Hee haw…he’s owl about say vin’ …himself.

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