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Fetterman Shares Medical Information

Fetterman Hospital Vote

Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate John Fetterman released a statement on his health and a letter from his cardiologist on Friday.

Dr. Ramesh Chandra of Alliance Cardiology P.C. wrote in the letter that she first saw Fetterman, the current lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania, in 2017 and diagnosed him with atrial fibrillation.

She had prescribed medications, an improved diet and exercise but stated that Fetterman did not go to any doctor for five years and discontinued taking his medications.

“As my doctor said, I should have taken my health more seriously,” said Fetterman in a statement. “The stroke I suffered on May 13 didn’t come out of nowhere. Like so many others, and so many men in particular, I avoided going to the doctor, even though I knew I didn’t feel well. As a result, I almost died. I want to encourage others to not make the same mistake.”

Chandra also wrote that he has a condition known as cardiomyopathy – a disease of the heart muscle that makes it harder for the heart to pump blood to the rest of the body. Her prognosis stated that if Fetterman follows the prescribed regimen of medications, healthy eating and exercise, he will be fine and able to “campaign and serve in the U.S. Senate without a problem.”

“I want to emphasize that this was completely preventable,” said Fetterman in the statement. “My cardiologist said that if I had continued taking the blood thinners, I never would have had a stroke. I didn’t do what the doctor told me. But I won’t make that mistake again. Taking care of others is important but you must include yourself in there too.”

“Doctors have told me I need to continue to rest, eat healthy, exercise, and focus on my recovery, and that’s exactly what I’m doing. It will take some more time to get back on the campaign trail like I was in the lead-up to the primary. It’s frustrating – all the more so because this is my own fault – but bear with me, I need a little more time. I’m not quite back to 100% yet, but I’m getting closer every day.”

Pennsylvania law gives party nominees until Aug. 15 to withdraw from a general election. In addition, should Fetterman’s health decline and he need to be replaced on the ballot, the executive committee of the state’s Democratic Party would meet to pick the backup nominee within 30 days of Fetterman’s withdrawal, according to party bylaws.

6 Responses

  1. Fetterman is a spoiled trust fund baby who has never held a real job. He is entitled and thinks he can do whatever he wants – he points a guy at a black kid and takes no blame, there’s a story about him being mayor and changing signage on a private business that he didn’t agree with, many of the things he has done as LG, now ignoring the guidance his doctor until it catches up with him and nearly kills him. He is a spoiled, entitled rich kid who dresses as a working man to play a character for his own political gain. Give me a break!!!

  2. The campaign clearly held back important information until after the primary. Both Fetterman and Oz are unacceptable for me and I will be skipping this race on my ballot.

    1. Agree 100%. Fetterman’s camp clearly lied (there’s a lot of real estate between it being a “hiccup” as was stated early on, to now we know he nearly passed). I certainly hope this news does encourage those to follow their doctor’s orders. However, in the political landscape it’s clear both major parties really failed the state here with the senate race. The Dems left the GOP an opening with Fetterman, who would be the most leftist statewide elected official ever produced and whose populist schtick has always struck me as phony, yet the GOP responded with carpet-bagging charlatan of their own.

  3. Clearly it is a serious matter. In the hospital for 9 days should tell you that much..Oz is smart he will say little but the issue lingers.

    1. Oz has little understanding of the issues facing Pennsylvania. He is running for Senate as a career move to increase his national profile. As a physician, I can’t support someone purports to be affiliated with a medical school who used his television show to peddle medicines that are not supported by data. Fetterman’s health is a non-issue compared to Oz’s career move.

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