Fetterman to Announce LG Candidacy Tuesday

John Fetterman, the newly re-elected Braddock Mayor and former Senate candidate, will reportedly announce a bid to challenge Lieutenant Governor Mike Stack.  

According to the Inquirer,  Fetterman will announce the bid tomorrow, becoming the third person to officially announce a challenge to Stack.  

Fetterman ran for U.S. Senate in 2016, eventually coming in third out of the four candidates, finishing behind Katie McGinty and former Congressman Joe Sestak.  

From the Inquirer:

Instead, Fetterman will be talking about Braddock, the 0.65-square-mile burg that rose and fell with the steel industry. Fetterman has drawn national attention for his efforts to reinvigorate the town, where 37 percent of the 2,118 residents live below the federal poverty level.

The New York Times, Rolling Stone, and the Atlantic published articles about Fetterman before he entered last year’s Senate race. More attention followed. He appeared last month on CNN’s Parts Unknown, dining and talking about economic revitalization with host Anthony Bourdain. And I hear HBO’s Vice News Tonight is about to air a piece about Fetterman and Braddock.

More of that is sure to follow, the kind of “earned” media that candidates embrace to tell their stories. For now, it seems, Stack will continue to lie low and watch it all heading his way.

Neither Fetterman or Stack provided comment to the Inquirer.

13 Responses

  1. Former Lower Merion Constable Eric Bradway has announced that he is running for Governor in the Primary next year against Governor Wolf .

  2. Very interesting. He could take this easier than Senator, I think. He will have my support, barring a superstar liberal candidate, which I do not foresee out of our ultra lame corporate PA Dems.

    1. Linda-

      Very true. Fetterman is very difficult to ignore. It would be very interesting if he showed up every day as President of the Senate.

  3. AAAAhahhaha – can you imagine Fetterman standing next to Wolf!? And dude is such a hypocrite – I wear a work shirt but have never worked a day in my life…this will be fun.

    1. Never worked a day huh? Unlike some cowardly 12 yr old hiding in Mom’s basement lying about a man who has given almost as much sweat and heart as his wife to the dispossessed. Stay hidden. It fits you.

      Steven W Todd

  4. The prospect of a Lieutenant Governor Fetterman running himself for governor in 2022 is very intriguing…

    1. Joshy wouldn’t be too happy about that. The only reason he ran for AG was to run for Gov later.

  5. I’d rather see John Fetterman denounce Cole Goodman, the Roy Moore of Harrisburg East Mall.

  6. I’d rather see Fetterman take on Wolf. 🙂

    Of course the Wolfpack is going to keep quiet about this because they’ve been behind the whisper campaign to damage Stack. However, I don’t see the uptight/buttoned-down Wolf having any better relationship with Fetterman (though they both hail from York) than he does with Stack.

    Wolf’s (failed) strategy has been appeasement of the GOP. Stack certainly knew that appeasement would fail. I don’t see Fetterman advocating appeasement either.

    If Fetterman become LG, he will be tough for Wolf to sideline, so that would be interesting to see the Wolfpack attempt it (though bad for governing).

    Whoever runs for Governor and/or LG needed to work the down-ticket races to break the GOP’s near veto-proof majority. The GOP made significant gains in 2014. 50 GOP seats were unchallenged in 2016.

    1. This past election will help with recruiting more challengers. It’s up to HDCC and local county parties to push house and senate candidates over the line. Governors don’t really help with this. Rendell always focused on his own and barely reached down to help those candidates. It’s wrong to put the blame on Wolf and he’s done a good job considering the House GOP he’s had to deal with.

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