Updated: Final List: Pa Ballot 2012

Here it is, the list of every candidate for office in Pa. in 2012. The deadline for Pa. House and Senate candidates to file was 5pm.

Updated with the State Dept’s list from 3:01pm on 2/17.

Staffers for the state parties and campaign committees wasted no time on Thursday; several of them were poring over petitions and signatures all day long. The window to challenge a candidate’s place on the ballot ends on Feb. 21 for most offices, Feb. 23 for state House and Senate.

Anyone stand out? Anyone missing? Let us know in the comment section below.

2012 Candidates List

26 Responses

  1. Dear “John”

    Re: your comment from Feb:

    “Janice Kearney as a Delegate to the Republican National Convention in the 6th Congressional District? Boy, does that woman not ever give up or what? She keeps losing all her races except her local Republican Committee seat, & yet manages to find her way onto the ballot again this year. It’s really kind of sad, to be honest”

    Well, I AM Janice Kearney and as I realize people Google on candidate names and find these comments, I wanted to clarify for the record that I have NOT lost all my races. As I am sure you recall, I won last year’s supervisor primary in an upset, as an unendorsed candidate, by sheer hard work, good message, and listening to our voters instead of dictating to them. Were it not for massive D turnout in our county (and half of our local R party blatantly and overtly thumbing their nose at our bylaws & helping the D candidate out) I would have won the general too. You may hope that I fold my tent and walk away, but I am more tenacious than you can imagine and will not let small-minded people like you decide in which sandboxes I can play. I was asked directly by one of the presidential campaigns to run, and I am the only woman on the ballot in CD6. I like my chances, but win or lose, at least I am doing what I was elected as a committeewoman to do, which is promote our party and its candidates.

  2. Roger Howard is a former 82nd Airborne Paratrooper and Constitutional Scholar. He will attack the disgrace of generational debt and the greed-creed of government-union collective bargaining. He knows man-made global warming hysteria is a special interest scam that he will flush down the toilet. Pileggi the union lap-dog, lawyer, and career politician needs to go.

  3. The brave soul that is challenging Pileggi is Roger Howard. I heard Roger speak and he talks about removing the roadblock to reform in Harrisburg. That happens to be the Senate leadership. If you want property tax reform and pension reform let’s send a message to the establishment and vote for Roger Howard.

  4. I am astonished Dominic Pileggi has a challenger. I thought the vote was ‘bought and paid for’ in the 9th (no matter what the boundaries are). Looking forward to hearing about this brave soul stepping up to challenge the Goliath establishment. Maybe the voters will finally hold the State Senate accountable for not fixing the fiscal problems in the state. Is there room for another Constitutional Conservative in the halls of Harrisburg? I hope so.

  5. I cannot believe that someone is suggesting that Monroeville should follow Plum’s lead and decimate the funding for our senior center and library. Monroeville is very proud of our library and senior center. Joe Markosek has been very supportive of both. Both of our facilities are open longer and service more residents than Plum’s.

    The Monroeville Senior Center and Library are both very active in our community. Both serve residents in many eastern suburban communities. We are very proud of both and very proud of the support Joe Markosek has given us over the years.

  6. Let’s first establish that I prefer “Raymond” to “Ray,” or in Mr. Paramedic’s case “Ray, Ray, Ray.” What makes you think I’m rich? Assumptions are often wrong, sir. How did you know I go to a liberal arts school? You seem to know me quite well, why don’t you return the favor?

    I’m not used to being attacked; Mr. Paramedic your response is utterly irrational and is a mischaracterization of what I said. I said nothing negative about either of Councilman Doyle’s opponents; they are both good men. Your comments dangle over this website forum like a cheap earring on a disgruntled old woman.

    Your comments about last year’s municipal election: “[My] guy [Mr.] Yakim in the Monroeville race” shouldn’t be held against me, nor Mr. Yakim in that respect.

    In a very bad post written by “Plum Paramedic,” the argument was made that the fiscal status of Monroeville has a more stable outlook than Plum; this is absurdly false. Our millage is lower in Monroeville only because our Business Privilege Tax equals 75% of our operating budget. 15% of our (Monroeville’s) budget is consumed by debt financing, zero in Plum. Our costs are out of control: we spend nearly $1.9 million on our library and senior center; whereas Plum spends $140,000 on both services.

    As for the Fire Department, Monroeville has a significantly higher call volume than Plum because of our business community and the mall. Several Monroeville firemen have told me that the Municipality spends egregiously high amounts of money on the Fire Department. The Municipality of Monroeville has more fire apparatus than most other counties in the United States! It is wholly unjustified.

    Monroeville’s budget is over 2.62 times greater than Plum. (algebra) $28.9 million and $11 million, respectively. Councilman Doyle has led an effort in which the budget has increased a scant 5% since 2007; with union contracts that is unheard of in today’s operations. Councilman Doyle IS making government smaller. Monroeville, and Pennsylvania should wear Mr. Doyle’s policies like a comfortable sweater on a cold day.

    And Lucy, I am a voter; in fact, on Election Days I come home to Monroeville from Meadville to vote in person instead of absentee ballot. I’m no amateur, I’m sure you could ask our paramedic friend, he seems to know me quite well.

    I would appreciate an end to the personal attacks. Although, they do not surprise me because it fits in with the horribly melancholic nature of the establishment in Monroeville, and apparently in Plum. When you turn to personal attacks, it is apparent you have run out of sound public policy arguments. I hope you one day have an awakening, much like Edna Pontiller from a very good novel by Kate Chopin.

    See you at the polls!

  7. Attention everyone: there are no voters here, only political junkies. So enough with the political speeches.

    Anyone who says “prosperous for my generation” or “independent of party leadership” on a PoliticsPA board is probably an amateur. Save it for the voters

  8. One more thing, Ray, the fire department beat your guy Yakim in the Monroeville race, now we are going to beat Doyle in the State Race.

  9. Ray, Ray, Ray,
    Joe vs Doyle, give me a break.

    A rich college boy telling us why Plum is better than Monroeville under Doyle’s leadership, give me a break. No wonder Doyle has a tough time with “poor people”, hanging out with kids going to rich liberal arts schools. I guess the story is right, he is for the rich.

    I saw the posts on here the other day and was hoping someone would come to Doyle’s defense so that I could respond. I cannot believe you are defending Doyle by comparing Plum to Monroeville. I am a Monroeville firefighter and a Plum medic, so I see both communities.

    Go visit some of Plum’s fire departments then visit Monroeville’s and ask yourself, which council is doing a better job protecting their community? If it wasn’t for Monroeville EMS backing up Plum and Penn Hills for that matter, both of those communities would be in dire straights. When Plum has a commercial fire alarm, they call a ladder truck from Monroeville, when Plum needs a tanker, they call Monroeville. Ask Councilman Doyle, when there is an automatic fire alarm at the Plum senior center, Monroeville is automatically called. In fact, it is not uncommon for Monroeville to GET THERE FIRST. Monroeville has lots of senior living buildings and never calls Plum for help, we don’t need them. Plum is now talking about instituting a fire tax to help replace their decaying department vehicles.

    And look at what Doyle did for public safety with regards to the dispatch center. Ask any firefighter or paramedic, which system is better. Ask them which is more efficient? Was Doyle concerned about public safety? I know Joe has helped both Plum and Monroeville get many grants over the years to help our departments stay current. Where is Doyle’s help for his decaying department.

    And, as to the PBAA thing, we do not know how good the new association will be. I know the guys I work with are concerned that they are going to have to pay big time so that they can replace all of the stuff that PBAA had accumulated over the years. That link to the advanced leader is great because it lets everyone see the other stories regarding Doyle’s handiwork regarding the PBAA. Did Doyle think it all the way through? I know Joe is very thoughtful and patient.

    If it wasn’t for Joe Markosek, Plum would not have a library or a senior center. My guess is when it is all said and done, Joe will be there to save the baseball association too. Both the library and senior center were able to be built because of Joe’s leadership. LOL

    And you call Plum, the quintessential community. Come on, give me a break. When Plum residents want to go swimming in the summer they have 1 public pool in town, Monroeville has over half a dozen. Heck, most of the pools in Murrysville have Plum residents because of Plum’s lack of facilities. When they have a big fire, they call Monroeville. Tell me, where in Plum are their jobs? When do people shop who live in Plum? Where is Doyle’s plan to fix these things? Don’t compare Monroeville to Plum and expect a pass.

    Plum’s tax mileage is at 4.3, Monroeville is at 2.2 AND, Plum now wants a fire tax? Where is Mike Doyle’s plan to lower the quintessential community’s tax rate. If you want to compare Plum to Monroeville in defense of Doyle vs Joe, you need all of the facts.

    Joe Markosek has been excellent for Plum. He will have my support and vote. I know the Monroeville Fire Department and Plum EMS support Joe.

  10. “Joyce” and “Al:” oddly specific names. I proudly and publicly stand behind Mike Doyle. As a college student, I am concerned that the direction of this state is not headed toward the path of economic growth and prosperity. Mike Doyle will not go to Harrisburg to play political games or to collect a pension– he will go to fight for a Pennsylvania that will be prosperous for my generation: by auditing the General Assembly, fighting corruption, (like he did in Plum with the PBAA) and having the kids that go to school here (Penn, Pitt, PSU, CMU, Alegheny College, &c) stay here and produce here.

    Under Councilman Doyle’s leadership in Plum Boro, he has helped make Plum the quintessential community to raise a family; in fact, in Monroeville, I know many have suggested to implement the reforms from Plum in Monroeville. Yes, Plum is developing quite rapidly.

    And “Joyce,” Councilman Doyle’s comments were not an attack at low-income neighborhoods, it’s nothing personal; no need to look up with impudent scrutiny. The observation was political, notice the “(traditionally Democratic)” plug.

  11. Why didn’t the Dems find someone to run in the 54th. Dermondy must really want the New Kensington / Arnold Dems in a new 33rd. Holt’s map has nice compact district in Northern Westmoreland County, that will never see the light of day.

  12. What’s sad is Bob Guzzardi. I can’t say to know definitively, but i can deduce that Mr. Guzzardi is wrong by using simple common sense. Bernie O’Neill is the endorsed national delegate candidate by the county committee. I haven’t been around county that long, but I have never seen Pat Deon at county hq once. I wouldn’t even know what he looks like. In fact, the people in charge like Pat Poprik always talk bad about him, Pat is very jealous of him. So, if Bernie O’Neill is endorsed by Pat Poprik and county, how can he be friends of Pat Deon too? Isn’t that having the cake and eating it too? Hey Bobby boy, when you start running your mouth, make sure you know what you’re talking about. You make yourself look like a self-centered conceited fool.

  13. Janice Kearney as a Delegate to the Republican National Convention in the 6th Congressional District? Boy, does that woman not ever give up or what? She keeps losing all her races except her local Republican Committee seat, & yet manages to find her way onto the ballot again this year. It’s really kind of sad, to be honest.

  14. Did Mark Mustio file in both the 37th Senate District and the 44th House District? Not sure I’ve ever seen that before – candidates file for statewide office & General Assembly all the time (see Eugene DePasquale) but a Senate & a House seat is unusual.

  15. Dear Lucy
    I don’t need to make anything up. So for those playing at home Lucy clearly has no clue about who I am.
    Welcome to real politics 101 where candidates and campaigns don’t make up anything but actually work hard every day to earn the prayers, support and votes of people who want elected officials who care about the people.
    Finally, watch for Mr. Lowery’s vote for Ray on April 24th and his donation to the campaign.

  16. Union Financed Bernie O’Neill is Pat Deon’s Bucks County Establishment’s candidate, an opponent of Right to Work, a vote for Big Government and not The Forgotten Taxpayer’s friend.

    Gloria Carlineo is a natural leader whose intelligence and integrity inspired confidence and support in her own community by those who know her best.

    Gloria Carlineo is INDEPENDENT OF PARTY LEADERSHIP and has raised significant money to mount a highly effective campaign against DIABLO (Democrat in all but label only) Bernie O’Neill.

    Gloria Carlineo will be opposed by every union in Bucks County and by the entire network of Bucks County Establishment hacks getting rich from government, starting with Pat Deon, Septa’ Chair and Pa Turnpike Commissioner.

  17. @Joe, you are getting way too into backroom politics and I do not care about that. I care about the issues and Bernie O’Neill is probably the most liberal of the RINO State Reps in Bucks County and that’s hard to do. If you want a liberal spending AFL/CIO-endorsed, teachers union-endorsed, Establishment State Rep, Bernie is your guy. If you think 10 years is more than enough of Bernie and want an engaging, conservative offering new leadership geared towards taxpayers and not special interests, vote for Gloria. She has a nice Guest Opinion in the Courier Times:


  18. What I find amazing about the article that Al points out is that the Advanced Leader edited their online version of that story from the original Read the original story in the paper. The story says that Mr Doyle stated “It would be nearly impossible to defeat Markosek with the addition of low income neighborhoods”. That sounds pretty condescending and rude. As someone whose family came from a low income community. Doesn’t Doyle realize that a lot of Plum is and has been low income. No wonder that Republican party is labled the party of the rich.

    I like what that Majernick guy said about it being good that the Republicans have two canidates, they need one for each face.

  19. It looks like “Plum Boro Council, Mike Doyle” might be the only Republican in the state that is happy with the Supreme Courts decision about the redistricting. According to his local paper, http://yourplum.com/plumadvanceleader/article/yakim-joins-race-state-rep , Mike is only in it if the District stays his way. He is ready to concede defeat for the Republicans to Joe Markosek. Way to go Joe…Plum is with you. BTW, from the comments about the baseball association, we might have state sponsored baseball teams. Maybe Joe can help you save the baseball team…

  20. Get ready Manyunk, Roxborough, Bala, Wynnefield and Wynnefield Heights in the 194th – Ray Bailey is a strong community and union leader with a strong campaign team around. I’m expecting an upset in the 194th. Ray will listen and work hard for people and he has done great work with youth.
    I met his campaign manager Micah in the Acme and he totally won my vote for Ray Bailey in the 194th. Time to give this seat back to the people and not the politicos in Philly.

  21. A sad woman that Gloria. She wants to be relevant so bad that she fell for the likes of Campbell, Raffle, Mohn, and Pastor. She had promise, now she is just another wing-nut ideologue. If the voters of Bucks show one thing year in and year out, it’s that there isn’t a place in Bucks County for those kind of people. Gloria, if you read this, realize that the people you have surrounded yourself with are truly bad people. It’s not about you, it’s about their ego’s, and to hide that they wrap everything in a veil of ideology. But remember, that comes second to only their own self-importance. O’Neil in the primary! Carlineo is a sell-out.

  22. I think it’s obivous that President of Plum Boro Council, Mike Doyle stands out on this list. Doyle ran in 2010 and narrowly lost to 28-year incumbent Joe Markosek. Now with greater name recognition and experience I think Doyke will romp home the election in November.

  23. Scott Petri breathes a sign of relief and is happy about using the 2001 maps. Bernie O’Neill – not so much. Go Gloria!

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