Final Palin Rundown

By Keegan Gibson, Managing Editor

We wanted to tie up a few loose ends on the conservative icon’s visit to PA in our final Palin story ever (for this week).

First, we have not been able to confirm reports that State Sen. Jake Corman attended Palin’s visit to Philly. Eyewitnesses who talked to PoliticsPA place the PA Sen. Appropriations Committee Chairman and possible 2012 Casey challenger on the scene. And we know from his office that Corman was in Philly on the same day, and that the free time on his schedule overlapped perfectly with her appearance at Independence Hall. But we’re still on the lookout for the smoking gun.

Following up on a report earlier this week about some GOPers and Tea Party folks feeling left out of her itinerary, one of the groups caught up with Palin at the Liberty Bell and things appear to be smoothed over.

“We were pleased that Mrs. Palin is highlighting our national treasures on this bus tour,” said  Association President, Teri Adams.  “Obviously, as the Independence Hall Tea Party, we deeply value the symbolic significance of the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall.”

Don Adams, Co-Founder of the Independence Hall Tea Party, spoke to Palin just a few feet away from the Liberty Bell.

“We invited Governor Palin to our July 4th Energy Independence Day Tea Party.  We told her that the theme was “Drill, Baby, Drill” and she high-fived me.

“Governor Palin elaborated on the theme of our tea party, saying that the US was pouring billions of dollars into foreign economies–money that could be kept on our shores and used to create jobs–if only America were determined to become energy independent.”

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