First PA GOP Gubernatorial Forum: Three Businesspeople Push to Decrease Regulations

Businesswoman Laura Ellsworth, businessman Paul Mango, and state Senator Scott Wagner (R-York) all took the same stage in Montgomery county to discuss their visions for Pennsylvania. They took different approaches to say they would decrease regulations on Pennsylvania companies to grow the economy.

“Wolf has no sense of urgency about growing the economy,” Mango said.

All three candidates agreed that Pennsylvania needs to attract businesses to Pennsylvania to grow the economy.

“I have been selling for 35 years. You have to have an executive at the top who is selling all the time,” Wagner said during the event.

Throughout her responses, Ellsworth touted beginning a public private partnership for the state to develop business.

“One of the first thing I would to is active the private public partnership model,” Ellsworth said in response to a question about how to improve Pennsylvania’s infrastructure.

The crowd responded well to all three candidates, with all being interrupted during their responses by applause.

Prior to the event, the Pennsylvania Democratic Party held a press conference with state Rep. Madeleine Dean (D-Montgomery) about the event.

“Republican leadership in both Washington and Harrisburg have failed Pennsylvanians by continuously pushing plans that would be disastrous for health care in the commonwealth,” Dean said at the event.

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  1. Has any one of them talked about the abuse of Acess cards? People who cant speak English getting drivers licenses? Things that frustrate those of us who work and pay taxes?

  2. Mango supports Medicaid Expansion; anyone supporting ObamaDon’tCare [particularly a self-dubbed healthcare expert] is disqualified…period.

  3. Scott Wagner is the type of opponent Wolf dreams of who has the amazing ability to stumble into chaos making Wolf look good. I think with Wagner’s profile and funding he’ll get the nomination and that would be a dream for Wolf.

  4. Ellsworth is being run by the ‘Never Trump’ movement within the republican and DEMOCRAT parties. She donated to Obama and Clinton. NFW.

    Wagner thinks the planet is heating (data suggests otherwise, see grand solar minimum) because it is circling closer to the sun and also too many people. Not exactly the standard bearer who I want in charge. What’s worse is he doesn’t know what he doesn’t know. If you are to be ignorant, it is better to remain silent and be perceived to be ignorant, rather than opening your mouth and removing all doubt.

    Mango actually has a shot. He’s a Vet, his plan is good if a little unspecific, not a politician. Conservative, decent(no scandals), family oriented, Big military support base. Generals of almost all the services (Gen. Papak USMC, Gen. Allyn Army), colonels, NCO’s, even enlisted.

    One of those running is not like the others.

    1. I will give Paul Mango one thing: if I was having trouble sleeping at night I would put on a recording of Mango speaking and I’d be asleep in 30 seconds.

      1. Seems like you guys only came equipped with ad hominem today. Hey at least he doesn’t choke out his own daughter or assault campaign trackers and steal their property, then donate bigly to the DA who is forced to recuse himself only to then have no charges filed. Makes me go hmmmmmmm. But hey, what would you expect who changed parties to democrat to vote for philly crony Rendell. Paul Mango is going to clean house and MPGA.

        1. “You guys only came equipped with ad hominem” proceeds to spread lies. Sounds like a Democrat to me. No wonder you’re supporting poor little Paul 🙂

  5. No surprise the first comment is a dull blade, pointed at the only competent candidate on the stage. Wagner is unelectable for at least a handful of reasons that we know of. Ellsworth donated to both Hillary and Barrack. That’s a solid disqualifier. Then there is Paul Mango, a former infantry officer with the 82nd airborne, graduate of West Point, Ranger School, and Harvard with an MBA in business mgmt., respectively. He climbed the ranks at one of the worlds leading consulting firms, going on to help large organizations of industry and state streamline their operations, improve efficiency and decrease waste. PA needs big change if it is going to turn the tide of decay. To myself and all of the other small business owners/ veterans I personally know, Paul Mango is the simple and secure choice for prosperity in PA.

    1. From the whispers of Lobbyist Row: Paul Mango is getting no traction because he is robotic and can’t connect. When he talks to people it’s like he’s looking through him. He is shockingly uninformed on many issues other than health care.

      1. ‘Lobbyist Row’, you’ve got to be joking right? You think the people give a lick what lobbyists think. That type of assessment is also telling. Lot’s of stories about shadow brokering by one candidate, who’s only chance is to buy as much support as possible. Hmmmm do you know of an industry you can pay to gain political support? Oh yeah, Lobbyists. Get it through you skulls now and make this whole process easier. ‘We the People’ care not for the polls, msm, main stream candidates, advertising, sports, tv, and especially lobbyists. We care about taking our country back, office by office and putting real people who will make real change in those seats. The other guy can throw his money around ‘Lobbyist Row’ to get half hearted voices of support from paid CRONIES all he wants. The people are done being sold a false bill of goods. The same people who supported Trump getting into office will support Paull Mango for Governor of PA, if they aren’t already. We know a crony when we see one and we are tired of them.

        1. Notice how I didn’t even point out that the other guy has a history of assault and other amoral behavior.

  6. I think every time a Republican says they would decrease regulation, someone should ask them to name a specific regulation.

  7. “Job creators” I’m sure Wagner and Mango wake up every day saying how can I make more jobs not more money.

    1. I know for a fact that is what Paul Mango is thinking about when he wakes up. Not everyone is a cynical, narcissistic, consumptive materialist. Some people are humble, smart, conservative, spiritual, deliberate, and they wake up in the same broken society seeing the overdose rates sky rocket, and some of them, like Paul see a simple disconnection causing this decay in our society. Prosperity has dissolved. He was encouraged to run by those close to him for this very reason.

      1. I feel sorry for Paul Mango getting bilked by John Brabender…being told he has a good chance of winnning just wire his life savings to Brabender for TV ads even though he is down thirty points in the polls. Then again karma is a bitch and Mango bilked taxpayers hard when he got that sweetheart contract from Wolf.

        1. Funny they said the same things about our President before he ran. Pilitcos have lost their footing and now they are worried the people are sourcing their own candidates. He is behind in a poll paid for by Wagner. Wagner is not only a bad candidate, but a bad human being. I could go into the details if you’d like.

          1. Mango should save himself the trouble, and just support Laura. Two candidates from Allegheny is really dumb.

      2. He was encouraged to run by consultants who wanted his money. And “supporters”. If you have to pay grassroots activists to be excited about your candidacy, you’re probably not a great candidate. Mango hasn’t created a single job in PA, hasn’t voted, and didn’t start donating until it was beneficial for him. Give me a break.

        1. What a hoot. Somebody has been paying a lot of money for support, but it isn’t Mango. Somebody has spent almost the entirety of their career as a state lawmaker, running for governor, in backroom meetings, making huge donations to gain support. Not sure if you we’re paying attention last fall, but the voters made it quite apparent the old standards we’re being done away with. As much as somebody wants to portray themselves as the Trumpian candidate, it won’t work. This isn’t about Trump, it is about MAGA, and fake values will be routed out. Leadership requires character. We will not vote for a candidate simply because the good ol republican establishment says so. We will vote for the patriot who offers us the brightest path forward. For me when I compare those available to me as a leader, when I really look at the nitty gritty of each candidate, Mango is the only one I would be proud to call a Governor. The days of forgotten impropriety are over. Tired arguments wont work in an honest comparison.

  8. From PennLive, 7/31/17:

    “Republican gubernatorial candidate Paul Mango , an Allegheny County businessman, is no different. But a recent endorsement by a trio of Republican county commissioners might have caused him an unintended headache.

    That’s because despite making extravagant claims about Mango’s skills as a job-creator, Mango’s campaign couldn’t produce a single example – anywhere in Pennsylvania – where he had done that.”

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