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Fitzpatrick Member of Planned Parenthood “Toxic Ten”

In their continued effort to influence the 2012 primary season, the Planned Parenthood political action fund “Women are Watching” released a list of their “toxic ten” members of congress who have ardently supported legislature to cut federal family planning grants.

On the list is Bucks County representative Mike Fitzpatrick who voted for the Pence Amendment to slash funding to Planned Parenthood by $363 million, which passed through the House before dying in the Senate back in 2011.

This well aimed jab at Fitzpatrick from Planned Parenthood, hits on one of the most polarizing social issues of the campaign season and is already proving to be a particularly contentious point between Fitzpatrick and Democratic challenger Kathy Boockvar.

The Fitzpatrick campaign calls this the work of a “the liberal smear machine,” bent on refocusing the voters attention away from more pressing economic issues.

“Liberals and their hacks are hopelessly trying every hackneyed trick in the book to misdirect voters from their failed policies which have stalled our recovery and put America’s future at risk,” said Fitzpatrick campaign representative, Faith Bender. “The real issue for women is putting our country back on the right track.”

However, Fitzpatrick’s opponent Kathy Boockvar sees things differently. Calling herself a “tireless and vocal advocate for women,” she hammered Fitzpatrick for being disconnected from his constituents’ priorities.

“Congressman Fitzpatrick has voted repeatedly with the Tea Party to deny critical healthcare services for the millions of American women and men who rely on those services, said Kathy Boockvar.  “These votes, and his votes against women, seniors, and middle class Americans are unconscionable and callous, and represent everything that is wrong with Congress’s priorities, and with Washington.”

The timely reminder of Fitzpatrick’s voting record from Planned Parenthood is part of the organizations recent concentrated push to swing their political weight on women’s health issues. They also just announced that they will be pouring $100,000 into running an advertisement campaign charging Republican state House hopeful Ryan Mackenzie with supporting the controversial, and currently flagging, ultrasound bill.

12 Responses

  1. All Boockvar and the Progressive-Liberals have is their tired, worn out class warfare message. Mike is doing a great job and we will make sure that he is reelected to continue the work WE sent him to Washington, D.C. to do!

  2. Boockvar spent the past 5 years working for the advancement project. Her goal was allowing all the rapists and murderers the right to vote. She is truly a nutjob and as another commentator mentioned before me, far too extreme for Bucks County. Send her packing to Doylestown.

  3. “If someone if giving more money than they already had, it allows them to spend money in other areas.”

    Like breast exams and cancer screenings?

    Tom: You may not like it, but abortion is a legal procedure. Why don’t you spend your energy on ways to prevent unwanted pregnancies rather than take money from an organization that provides health services (of all kinds) to poor women?

    And Better Call Saul, the war on women may be an illusion to you, but as a woman, it feels very real.

  4. The irony is boockvar is claiming she is a tireless advocate for women when the Fitzpatrick campaign is represented by women.

    The reality is the left can only rely on class warfare and presenting the illusion there is a GOP “war on women.” Their record sucks.

  5. Fitzpatrick will win by 10%. Bookvar is a promoter of radical left wing politics that do not resonate with the moderate Bucks County district.

  6. Lyco girl,
    Would you feel comfortable if any of your money was giving to the Nazi party in 1940? After all, the extermination of Jews was probably less than 5% of the budget.
    And yes I understand that supposedly the money does not pay for abortions. But this is a mere accounting reality. If someone if giving more money than they already had, it allows them to spend money in other areas.

  7. I fear, LycoGirl, that you have been sold a fairy tale: with the possible exception of the Chinese Peoples Army, Planned Parenthood is the largest provider of abortions in the world.

  8. ILikeSmith: Do you realize that 3% of PP’s services are abortions (which are legal procedures)? And for the 187th time: no taxpayer money is used for abortions. Please get educated.

  9. So, a person who refuses to subsidize mass murder is “unconscionable and callous”? Our society has gone mad.

  10. yes it WILL matter-his utter disrespect for half his constituents’ autonomy is apparently matched by yours

  11. Gee, that will matter: there are so many swing voters worked up about whether the abortion industry owns their Congressman.

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