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Fitzpatrick Weathers The Storm For A Second Term

Perhaps the most closely watched congressional race in Pennsylvania went to the Republican incumbent.

Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (R-Bucks) earned a second term after defeating Democratic challenger Scott Wallace, 51.3% to 48.7% with 100% of the precincts reported

Fitzpatrick often distanced himself from President Trump in a newly drawn district that went to Sec. Hillary Clinton by a couple of points in 2016. Fitzpatrick earned endorsements from various labor unions and gun rights groups, which rarely reach across the aisle to support a GOP candidate.

Wallace centered his campaign around tying Fitzpatrick to Trump at every chance he could and stated the need for Congress to stand up to his agenda. Wallace did not believe Fitzpatrick was the moderate he claimed to be since he voted with Trump over 80% of the time.

Many national outlets took a deep dive into this Philadelphia suburban district in recent weeks to see how big the “blue wave” could be and if it would knock out a Republican who distanced himself from Trump at every corner.

6 Responses

  1. Wallace is already in South Africa and/or Maryland. The only other candidate to flee their so-called home that fast was again, the Bucks Democrats’ Peter Kostmeyer. He ran back to his home in NYC immediately after losing to Tomlinson.

  2. Well, I think it was the scorched earth campaign the pacs ran for Fitz they put him over the top. Clearly, the other D candidate would have taken him out at least imo.
    A missed opportunity.

  3. The Dems could not have nominated a worse candidate. Can’t they find a veteran of the miltary in that district? That is the winning formula.

    1. Rachel Reddick lost to Wallace in the Dem primary. She was ideal for the area. Moderate former military.

      Why the Bucks Dem rallied around Wallace is beyond me? Maybe because he didn’t have to fundraise and could just donate his own money.

      1. Which is funny because we saw plenty of raced around the country where the candidate with more money didn’t win. The BCDC let greed overwhelm them. They saw money as more important than votes and it cost them. They felt the pull of Scott’s money and opted to railroad him through with their endorsement without any regard for the rest of the candidates’ profiles.

        I wonder who the last Democrat to hold the seat was. And I wonder which candidate was the most similar to that person’s profile. I wonder if that could have been a couple of points swung in the vote to have been able to flip the district. Thanks to the BCDC we’ll never know. Thanks again, guys. For another losing candidate.

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