FiveThirtyEight: 10 Election Deniers On Pennsylvania Ballot This Fall

Mastriano-Perry-Bognet has compiled a list of those candidates who support former President Donald Trump’s false claims that the 2020 election was stolen.

The group drew on news reports, debate footage, campaign materials and social media and reached out to every single Republican nominee for the House, Senate, governor, secretary of state and attorney general to determine their position on the 2020 election.

What did it find?

There are a lot of election deniers on the ballot.

Out of 529 total Republican nominees running for office, FiveThirtyEight found 195 who FULLY DENIED the legitimacy of the 2020 election, including 10 who are on the ballot in Pennsylvania. These candidates either clearly stated that the election was stolen from Trump or took legal action to overturn the results, such as voting not to certify election results or joining lawsuits that sought to overturn the election.

Moreover, an additional 61 candidates RAISED QUESTIONS around the results of the 2020 election. These candidates haven’t gone so far as to say explicitly that the election was stolen or take legal action to overturn it. However, they haven’t said the election was legitimate either. In fact, they have raised doubts about potential fraud.

There were 115 candidates whose position on the 2020 election we could not determine. They either had NO COMMENT on the 2020 election or AVOIDED ANSWERING when asked directly.

“Indeed, an election denier winning election and taking office is more than a symbolic concern. An election-denying secretary of state could refuse to certify an election that he or she believes was rigged. An election-denying governor could attempt to submit electoral votes that defy the will of the people. And election-denying senators and representatives could vote to count those electoral votes. The 2022 election will determine how many of these candidates get that chance.”

See whether the Republicans running in Pennsylvania have denied or accepted the legitimacy of the 2020 election, according to FiveThirtyEight.

Fully Denied (10)
Doug Mastriano, Governor
Aaron Bashir, PA-02
Jim Bognet, PA-08
Dan Meuser, PA-09
Scott Perry, PA-10
Lloyd Smucker, PA-11
John Joyce, PA-13
Guy Reschenthaler, PA-14
Glenn “GT” Thompson, PA-15
Mike Kelly, PA-16

Raised Questions (3)
Mehmet Oz, Senator
Christian Nascimento, PA-04
Guy Ciarrocchi, PA-06

Accepted With Reservations (1)
Brian Fitzpatrick, PA-01

No Comment (4)
David Galluch, PA-05
Lisa Scheller, PA-07
Mike Doyle, PA-12
Jeremy Shaffer, PA-17

9 Responses

  1. According to the 14th Ammendment to the constitution, anyone fomenting or participating in an insurrection was not allowed to hold public office? Mastriano was seen at the Capital on January 6th with that mob. Why is he allowed to run??

  2. Live in 13th. No challenge to John Joyce. Very aware of his nuttiness. Live here 2 years so not sure how he got the control except he slipped in with Trump. This is red area with Mastriano signs. How crazy is that? It is still hard not to have someone else to vote for. They must have given up in this area. So I am stuck with the jerk in office now. Hard for a write in to gain traction.

    1. Guy Reschenthaler “represents” my area. I am embarrassed that he is paid to represent me. If he truly believes the 2020 election was rigged, he would not have been elected. Hmmm, but I suspect that he does not really believe the election was rigged which makes him the fake.

    2. It must be the kookiness of DT and his disciples. Hilary conceded after DT took the Electoral College and didn’t take the popular vote. I am waiting for the 14th Amendment to be applied to my favorite seditionists.

    3. No she didn’t. She said that Russia interfered in the election, helping him win, which they did. She never said he “stole it.” Those are the words Trump’s been using about the election he lost. She also conceded the morning after the electoral college results were announced.

      Trump’s continued lies about the election, in spite of there being zero evidence to support them, and these candidates’ refusal to accept the outcome, are not only unprecedented, they put our entire democratic processes at risk. They shouldn’t have any government positions.

  3. Okay, then ALL the above who were elected in that “tainted” election should resign, right? They admit that they were not legitimately elected, right? Scott Perry – I’m talkin’ to YOU, buddy! Mike Kelly – you too – RESIGN.

    1. If they are already bias after two years, maybe they should NOT be representing Pennsylvania. And to think Dr. Oz is running for a seat in the Senate for PA. and is on this list is despicable!

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