Flynn Strangely Focused on Legalizing Cousin Marriage

Marty Flynn with Cousin
State Rep. Marty Flynn. Also pictured: Flynn’s cousin, Ashley.

Since his election in November, freshman state Rep. Marty Flynn (D-Lackawanna) has been pushing for an end to Pennsylvania’s prohibition of marriages for first cousins.

13 Responses

  1. Times have changed. We need to start legalizing cousin marriages and debunk the myths that children born by blood kin will be born with a mental or physical defect. The percentages of that actually happening is very low. I’ve been happily married to my cousin for 16 years and we have 3 beautiful, healthy, well adapted daughters.
    I was ask to take part in a new docu-series about this subject and I would like for other cousin couples to participate as well. The sooner we break the negative sigma and derogatory comments and opinions from those who feel like this is incest the sooner we can begin the process of acceptance.

  2. I’s support it…
    40-60% of marriages in the world are first cousins. The western world based these dated laws on ignorance. Science has proven that the risk of genetic issues is marginal at best. Charles Darwin married his first cousin as did Einstein and Einstein’s parents. What about the benefits for the resultant children? Before the invention of the automobile people married within a few miles from home. “inbreeding in rural areas were attached with a stigma of genetic disorders but it turns out it that the lack of medical care was really the reason for issue. PA should change the law yesterday.

  3. Mark and Marty…I have something to tell you…I am your cousin ::Darth Vader Music::

  4. This is clearly not my cousin but I am definitely interested if she’s available.

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