F&M Poll: 23% of Pennsylvanians Support Corbett Reelection

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Gov. Corbett

A new poll from Franklin and Marshall shows that only 23% of Pennsylvania registered voters think that Governor Tom Corbett has performed well enough to deserve a second term.

On top of that, 62% believe that the state is on the wrong track.

But Corbett performs much better amongst registered Republicans: 38% think he is doing an “excellent” or “good job.” A mere 10% of Democrats think that he deserves reelection, compared to 42% of Republicans who want to give him a second term. Independents support his reelection more than Democrats, at 19%.

According to Franklin & Marshall, these numbers are far lower than Governor Rendell or Ridge at similar points in their time in the Governor’s mansion.

The poll goes on to diagnose the low approval ratings based on issues of importance to registered voters. Those polled who gave the Governor “fair” or “poor” performance ratings were asked what issues led them to that conclusion. Handling of education issues was the most popular response at 19%, followed by economic issues at 13%, a lack of change in the state 10% and a perceived focus on the wrong issues came in last at 9%.

The reverse question was asked of respondents who said that the Governor’s job performance was “good” or “excellent.” Respondents said that they believe he has addressed the state’s problems, 15%; has been fiscally responsible, 15%; and has improved the economy, 12%.

In what seems like adding insult to injury, respondents were asked whether they agreed with short descriptions of Corbett. Only about one third said that he “cares about people like you” (32%) and can be trusted to make the right decisions (35%). Additionally, 45% of all respondents said that he was “too conservative.”

But he polled better with other areas of this question. A majority said that the Governor “says what he believes,” 53%; is honest and ethical, 44%; shows strong leadership skills, 43%; and is personally likeable, 42%.

The survey findings are based on the results of interviews conducted January 22 – 27, 2014. The interviews were conducted at the Center for Opinion Research at Franklin & Marshall College under the direction of the poll’s Director Dr. G. Terry Madonna, Head Methodologist Berwood Yost, and Project Manager Jacqueline Redman. The data included in this release represent the responses of 580 Pennsylvania registered voters, including 289 Democrats, 214 Republicans, and 77 registered as Independent/Other. The sample of registered voters was obtained from Voter Contact Services.

These results are even harsher than a A poll conducted by Gravis Polling earlier this week that showed 41% of registered Republicans would prefer a different candidate than Governor Tom Corbett.

Just 38% of Republicans said they would prefer Corbett to be their nominee.

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  1. His consistently low polling after dozens of announcements on “new” initiatives and pouring out earmarks across the state makes it clear that there’s just no pulling this train back on the tracks. Wonder how long it will be before his ever faithful cheerleaders like Sen Ward dump him.

  2. Pa Indy is right! What kind of people are we anyhow? Only an Edmond Burke could fight the tsunami of corruption unleashed by the existing two party patty-cake system. The same lawyers, bankers, media conglomerates, health chains and insurers fund both sides and screw the taxpayer. When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn?

  3. UPMC BOARD MEMBERS: Who authorized this hair-brained, misguided marraige between your system, the Bakers,a and the politically dead, TOM CORBETT? Nordenberg, Strickland, ect: Isn’t it time to dump Jeff Romoff before UPMC has a WORLD CLASS scandal centered around Romoff and his family, which will take Penn State and Sandusky off the front-pages. Land the ROMOFF/UPMC $50 million jet and do the right thing before it is too late. Corbett and the Bakers will not be able to save your system no matter what you have been promised!!

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