F&M Poll: 46% Say Kathleen Kane Should Resign

Kane-sadA second poll has found a plurality of respondents think Attorney General Kathleen Kane should resign.

Earlier this week, a Quinnipiac survey revealed that Pennsylvanians favored a Kane resignation by a 49% to 27% margin.

Franklin & Marshall has the margin much closer, but 46% still think the AG should step down while 43% want her to continue on. 11% are unsure.

Among those who think she should resign, 52% believe the state legislature should start impeachment proceedings. Altogether, 30% favor impeaching Kane at this moment.

There is also a distinct partisan gap concerning the question of Kane’s resignation.

54% of Republicans want her gone, compared to 47% of Independents and just 40% of Democrats.

Finally, 14% of respondents had a favorable opinion of Kane (6% strongly, 8% somewhat) while 35% had an unfavorable opinion (24% strongly, 11% somewhat). 26% are undecided while another 26% said they didn’t know.

This Franklin & Marshall Poll surveyed 605 registered Pennsylvania voters and was conducted from August 17th to August 24th. The margin of error is +/- 3.9%.

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14 thoughts on “F&M Poll: 46% Say Kathleen Kane Should Resign”

  1. HaHaHa says:

    JJ – You make some good points. I hesitate to judge one party as better or worse than the other. But – it sure does look like the Grand ‘ol Party got caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

  2. Justice Joe says:

    To the first and second F&M Poll
    From a once republican now independent I do not want to see Kane resign. Again, I write, with years of experience that I have no doubt the GOP lawyers have strategically, schemed, sabotaged, set-up, and stacked-the-deck to remove AG Kane. GOP Lamb Law Firm controls the padb.us with Burgoyne and Maureen McBride on hearing committee. Lambs law firm represented Corbett’s Right To Know person Governor Wolf wanted to remove. Now AGO First Deputy has testified against Kane so he could now take her place. Then we have “The Leak” reported by the Inquirer whose staff recently met with Gov. Wolf published by Lenfest who was the third largest contributor to the Corbett campaign! Kangeroo Court for sure! The not so good old boys of the GOP Lawyers Club are addicted to power and greed and are relentless, no rules applicable only their rule! Stay the course Kane.

  3. David Diano says:


    I’m not going to retract any predictions. Either they come true or not. If new information comes to light, I might update my predictions based on the new information available.

    Obama’s accomplishments are real and extensive. History will be the judge, not bigots like you who fear Muslims under their beds at night.

  4. rsklaroff says:

    @ DD:

    Each alleged accomplishment by BHO is flawed in some fashion, most are profoundly so; remember, for example, his admission that there weren’t shovel-ready jobs to be funded by his trillion-dollar stimulus?

    When the polling worsens, would you care to retract myriad [incorrect] predictions regarding AG-Kane?

  5. David Diano says:


    Anti-Semitism is probably due to people thinking you are representative of Jews, and you making it worse by claiming that you are.
    Here’s a site with a long list of Obama’s accomplishments:


    I will continue to defend Kane, and not accept this kangaroo court process. Unless Kane comes out publicly to say she she was wrong, I’m backing her.

  6. Pat Unger says:

    Nick – Please be the journalist who asks Seth Williams why Frank Fina and Marc Costanzo are still employed by the people of Phildelphia.

    Thank you.

  7. rsklaroff says:

    Inasmuch as I disagree with just about everything BHO has said/done, it’s difficult to conjure any circumstance under which this EVIL anti-Semite would merit praise; I know you revel in channeling his deceit, so you identify with all of his efforts to destroy America.

    Now that this digression has been clarified, when will you begin to retract your inane defenses of AG-Kane, beyond [finally] admitting that she’s politically damaged-goods?

  8. David Diano says:


    When are you going to retract your negative comments about Obama and acknowledge his accomplishments and greatness in turning this country around?

  9. rsklaroff says:

    @ DD:

    And when the polling worsens, would you care to retract myriad other [incorrect] predictions?

  10. David Diano says:

    The decision to resign is hers, short of a conviction. Elected officials don’t resign at the whim of polls (especially when the poll has 43% wanting her to stay).

    Fina got dealt a longer overdue fatal blow. Wait until Kane’s team gets him on witnesses stand and asks what he’s leaked to the papers.

  11. rsklaroff says:

    @ DD:

    And when the polling worsens, would you care to retract myriad other [incorrect] predictions?


  12. Josh says:

    I’d like to see the questions used in this survey. And I’d like to see the voter pool targeted by the survey. Kane has been a trainwreck for two years and only if someone lives under a rock would they believe she should stay on the job. It’s sad to read the partisan claims here, and that’s the problem: Rs are horrified when one of theirs gets caught with his pants down – off with his head! Dems are utterly indifferent. Crime, her, here, now? Ok, where’s the buffet, I’m hungry. It’s sad.

  13. David Diano says:

    Wait until the public learns about Fina and company. Polls should shift.

  14. chet says:

    Considering all the bad press, she is doing better than the Prez.

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