F&M Poll: Biden 49, Trump 42

Former Vice President Joe Biden maintains a several point advantage over President Donald Trump in Pennsylvania, according to a new Franklin & Marshall College poll

Biden leads Trump by 7 points, 49-to-42, among registered voters, while 3% said that they’d support some other candidate, and 7% said that they aren’t sure how they would vote for the presidency. The analysis from F&M says that there are “far fewer” registered voters in the state who express support for a third-party candidate or who are undecided compared to the August 2016 F&M poll. 

41% say that Trump is doing an “excellent” or “good job” as president, while 50% say that Trump is doing a “poor” job, and 9% say he is doing “only a fair job” as president. The 41% job approval rating is a slight uptick from last months’ F&M poll that showed Trump had a 38% job approval rating. However, Trump’s job approval rating is slightly lower than President Barack Obama’s at this same point in his presidency. 

When Pennsylvania registered voters were asked about their thoughts on nine specific topics between Biden and Trump, the former VP held the advantage in every single category, excluding the economy. 

48% said that Trump is the most prepared to handle the economy, while 44% said that Biden was the most prepared to handle the economy. Biden holds a slight edge over Trump, 47-to-43, on who will better handle the job of commander in chief of the military and also holds a 4 lead advantage, 45-to-41, on who will change government policies that makes your life better. 

Biden opens up double digit leads over Trump in the following six topics. 

50% said that Biden is the most prepared to handle foreign policy issues, while 39% sided with Trump on the matter. 49% said that Biden has the best plan to handle the coronavirus, while 30% said that Trump had the best plan to handle the virus. 

50% said that Biden best understands the concerns of ordinary Americans, while 38% said that Trump was the best candidate to understand the concerns of ordinary Americans. Just over half, 52%, said that Biden has the character and good judgment needed to be president, while one-third, 33%, selected Trump. 49% said that Biden is the most honest and trustworthy choice for president, while 29% said that Trump is the most honest and trustworthy candidate for president. 47% said that Biden’s views on values issues, such as abortion and gay marriage, are closer to their views, while 37% said that Trump’s views on those two issues are closer to their point of view. 

Biden and Trump’s favorability ratings remain virtually unchanged from the previous month’s F&M poll. 

43% either have a “strongly favorable” or “somewhat favorable” view of Trump, while 56% have an either “strongly unfavorable” or “somewhat unfavorable” view. In July’s F&M poll, 42% said that they had an either “strongly favorable” or “somewhat favorable” view of Trump, while 56% said that they either “strongly unfavorable” or “somewhat unfavorable” view of him. 

48% either have a “strongly favorable” or “somewhat favorable” view of Biden, while 49% have an either “strongly unfavorable” or “somewhat unfavorable” view of the former VP. Last month, registered voters in the state were split evenly, 48-to-48, on Biden’s favorability ratings. 

One notable change from last month was the uptick Biden received in those who now have a “strongly favorable” view of him in comparison to the previous month. 29% said that they have a “strongly favorable” view of Biden in the August poll, while 22% in July’s poll said that they had a “strongly favorable” view of the former VP. Trump’s “strongly favorable” view remained steady at 29% in both July and August. 

COVID-19 remains the most important problem facing Pennsylvania today. 31% said that COVID-19 is the most important problem facing the state today. The only other options that surpassed double digits in this poll was “government, politicians” being selected by 18% of people viewing it as the most important issue facing the state today, followed by 12% selecting “unemployment, personal finances,” and 10% saying the “economy, finances.” 

The gap between Biden and Trump shrunk by two points in comparison to the July poll that had Biden with a 9 point lead, 50-to-41, over Trump.

The Real Clear Politics Average shows Biden besting Trump by 5.8 points in Pennsylvania. 

This overall poll, surveying 681 Pennsylvania registered voters, collected data between August 17-23, has a margin of error of +/-5.2%. 

The full data can be found here.

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17 thoughts on “F&M Poll: Biden 49, Trump 42”

  1. Cathy Cook says:

    Foreign policy , now that’s
    the biggest joke we have heard from the polls.
    Joe let NATO off paying their bills for years , the
    US tax payer paid !

    Joe’s cognitive state is in question and everybody
    understand this . He said you ain’t black if you don’t
    vote for him . Joe is a racist and a baiter .

    Go Trump

  2. Joe Bin Hiden says:

    Winning !
    Trump 2020 , game on .

  3. Cathy Cook says:

    F&M blew it in 2016 yet here they
    are telling us Biden is in the lead . Where did the poll and
    why do the only poll 1,000 people when we have
    8 million voters in Pennsylvania …. Fake News !

  4. Chris says:

    Drove from NJ to Erie PA. Saw one Biden sign,close to 80 Trump signs. Just saying.

    1. Cathy Cook says:

      It’s like 2016 again . Trump signs everywhere ! Biden is a clown . MAGA !

  5. Doug says:

    I’m a good leftwing Antifa Demoncrat
    just like Joe Biden.

  6. Joe Bin Hiden says:

    681 registered voters took this
    poll , that’s it ! That my dear friends is not a poll
    because we have over 8 million registered voters
    in Pennsylvania . Fake News !

  7. Sonny Backer says:

    Michael Moore warns Dems:
    Trump voters’ enthusiasm is ‘OFF THE CHARTS!’

  8. Cathy Cook says:

    Biden helped Obama release 150
    billion dollars to Iran ! Nobody wants Joe Biden , nobody !

    Vote for Trump, he truly is the man !

  9. James from Hanover says:

    The Democrats resuscitated Biden’s dying candidacy and made him the party nominee. Now
    they are wondering WTH did they do .

  10. Joe Bin Hiden says:

    We haven’t seen Joe in 3 weeks after
    the DNC ! Why is he hiding in his basement ? I was
    a Democrat but not now . We didn’t want Harris or
    Pelosi and the party had moved way left , sad .

    Vote Trump !

  11. Cathy Cook says:

    Remember , F and M only polls
    1,000 voters. Pennsylvania has 8 million reg. voters.This isn’t even a poll . Remember when they picked Hillary in

  12. Pam says:

    I’m still baffled how people equate a million people a week filing unemployment claims with a good economy. Trump’s non-handling of the pandemic tanked the economy and yet people give him majority approval over Biden on this topic. I just cannot understand how you look at our wrecked economy and say yeah Trump will handle better.

  13. Thomas Paine says:

    These PA numbers are baked in. The point spread will be Biden by at least 10% in Pa.

  14. Jerry I watch from afar-well says:

    I’m a good rightwing Christian republicunt .just lik donnie

  15. gulag Pittsburgh says:

    41% of PA voters are mentally ill or pathological racists.

    1. gulag Pittsburgh says:

      I include myself among them.

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