F&M Poll: Corbett Approval Lowest Ever

Tom Corbett upsetAnother poll, another round of bad numbers for Tom Corbett. The latest survey from Franklin and Marshall shows that only 26% of registered voters think the Guv is doing a good job: the lowest for a sitting governor in the history of the F&M College Poll.

2% of respondents said he’s doing an excellent job, 24% said good, 41% said he’s doing only a fair job, and 26% said he’s doing a poor job.

His problem: weak support from the GOP base. Only 41% of Republicans gave him positive marks. As did just 26% of independents and 16% of Democrats.

When responding to polls, Corbett supporters have often noted that Ed Rendell and Tom Ridge suffered similar slumps during their first terms but each won re-election with relative ease.

A graph produced by F&M (below) shows that Rendell and Ridge did indeed suffer the first term doldrums. But neither man ever saw approval numbers as low as Corbett’s today. And for Corbett to parallel Rendell, for example, he’d need to turn his numbers around starting this month. Ridge began to improve after 13 months in office; Rendell began to improve at the two year mark (where Corbett is today).

F&M graph Guv performance

F&M didn’t ask whether respondents thought Corbett deserved a second term.

The pollster surveyed 622 registered voters from Jan. 29 to Feb. 3 (before Corbett’s budget address). They used live callers on land lines; the margin of error is plus or minus 3.9 percent. Pa. polls of registered voters – versus likely voters – tend to be slightly more favorable to Democrats.

The results are worse than a recent Quinnipiac poll, which showed voters disapproving of Corbett 42% to 36%.

But like the Q-Pac poll, the F&M numbers show Corbett with a gender gap. Men have an unfavorable opinion of Corbett 43% to 29%. Women view him unfavorably 44% to 22% – an 8 point difference.

In fact, Corbett finds little quarter in any segment of the state’s population. Only Republicans view him favorably (42% to 24%) as well as self-identified born again or fundamentalist Christians (37% to 27%). Among every other demographic shown – age, education level, income, geographic region, anything – Corbett is viewed negatively.

His best region is central Pa., where he’s just five points in the red (32% to 37%). The worst is Allegheny, where he’s under water 11% to 55%.

14 Responses

  1. “The latest survey from Franklin and Marshall shows that only 26% of registered voters think the Guv is doing a good job: the lowest for a sitting governor in the history of the F&M College Poll.”


    What most other said above, can’t say it anybetter!

  2. 41% Republican approval is an invitation to a Bruce Castor primary.

    Bruce Castoe is not likely to get any union support which means kphe is very likely, by necessity, to support fiscal reform

    Tom Ridge got us into pension mess and we can remember Republican Governor unionized Penna. government.

    It is time to set the Forgottrn Taxpayer free of the unions.

  3. As critical as I have been of his relative-silence regarding Sandusky, these “piling-on” postings are overwrought.

    He is competent, he is delivering on his campaign-promises, he is tackling issues, he is not corrupt.

    He is, apparently, confronting his PR-weaknesses and is poised to resolve two chronic problems in PA [State Stores and Pensions]; thus, he will attempt to provide a “product” to the 2014-voter.

    On the other hand, Bruce Castor will push issues [in the interim] which haven’t received [from the perspective of many core-GOP voters] sufficient attention, such as converting PA to being a “Right to Work” state.

    Thus, the incumbent [who was bruised by his involvement in fashioning the statewide-slate last year] has is work cut-out for him, but he can turn-around these data.

  4. The reason this man is on his way out is due to the fact that he is trying to change the voting laws, and not caring for his constituents who voted him into office, and when his time has come I am other Obama supporters will be working to remove him and any other persons responsible for trying to change the vote.

  5. You do not represent the good people of Pennsylvania. Shameful. Don’t kid yourself. You won’t get another term.

  6. The State Committee meets this weekend and their Great Leader has historically low approval ratings. But will they change horses? Why no! Somewhere down in Montco Bruce Castor is smiling because he knows having these clowns on your side is like having the crabs.

  7. Well, this is what happens when the corporations install a corrupt, inept puppet in office. (See, e.g., Scott Walker et al.) These episodes usually end in indictments.

  8. His policies aside, he seems to have absolutely no ability to connect with any voter. He’s as warm as a . . . well, . . . prosecutor.

  9. I still think he is doing a good job.

    But wouldn’t it be nice to have someone very likeable and smart like Tom Ridge in office again? One can hope!

  10. And this is why we call him One-Term-Tommy. Whomever gets the Democratic nomination is the next governor. Period.

  11. Worst governor ever. Rigging voting in PA is unforgivable, even criminal. The cuts to education just as bad. He needs to go ASAP!

  12. His policies have been based on alienating voters. Take the PSEA, the teacher’s union, 48% of them voted for him. Now I can’t find a member who still supports him and I have asked hard line Republicans. Look at any public employee. Would any of them vote for Corbett? When Corbett announced he wanted to change the PA pension system to a 401 K style system, no one clapped!!!!!

    If he wins re-election, I will eat my hat!!!

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