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F&M Poll: Hillary 49% Trump 38%

Hillary Clinton HappyFormer Secretary of State Hillary Clinton holds a significant lead over Donald Trump in Pennsylvania.

That’s one of the findings of today’s Franklin and Marshall poll. F&M found Clinton received the support of 49% of likely voters. Trump, on the other hand, got just 38%.

When the question was posed to registered voters, Clinton’s lead stood at 48% to 35%.

Convention Bounce

Overall, Pennsylvanians were more impressed by the Democratic convention.

Those that watched each convention were asked if it made them more or less likely to vote for the party’s candidate. Democratic convention watchers were 62% more likely (36% much, 26% somewhat) while 35% were less likely (28% much, 7% somewhat).

As for the RNC, viewers were 53% less likely (44% much, 9% somewhat) to support Trump. Only 40% were more likely (19% much, 21% somewhat).


Each candidates numbers were underwater, yet Clinton performed better on the favorable/unfavorable scale.

Hillary recorded a 47% favorable score (27% strongly, 20% somewhat) against a 49% unfavorable rating (42% strongly, 7% somewhat).

Donald’s numbers were considerably worse. His favorable rating was just 33% (20% strongly, 13% somewhat) and his unfavorable score at 62% (57% strongly, 5% somewhat).


The Democratic nominee is ahead among the following groups: slightly liberal (89/2), Philadelphia residents (83/7), extremely liberal (82/2), Democrats (78/8), non-whites (78/9), Southeast residents (60/20), those with a college degree (59/26), those that don’t own a gun (58/24), females (58/27), moderate (55/23), not currently married (55/37), part-time workers (54/29), those making more than $75,000 (54/30), those making between $35,000 and $75,000 (54/36), single and never married (53/19), those who aren’t born again Christian or Fundamentalist (52/31), Allegheny residents (52/33), unaffiliated with a religion (51/27), under 35 years-old (49/25), over 55 years-old (48/36), full-time employed (48/36), 35 to 54 years-old (48/40), Protestants (48/40), Northeast residents (46/33), whites (46/37), Independents (45/29), married (45/41), those with some college education (44/35), retirees (44/39), Catholics (44/40).

The Republican nominee is ahead among the following groups: extremely conservative (84/6), Republicans (69/12), slightly conservative (68/11), Southwest residents (59/36), gun owners (54/31), those with a high school diploma or less (51/33), Northwest residents (50/38), born again Christian or Fundamentalist (47/36), Central residents (46/33), males (43/37).


Franklin and Marshall also asked respondents a number of questions concerning the candidates’ personal attributes.

On every one, Clinton finished ahead of Trump: has the experience to be President (64/17), is most prepared to handle foreign policy issues (61/23), beliefs are closest to how you feel about value issues (54/26), has the character and good judgment needed to be President (49/23), will best protect the United States against terrorism (48/38), best understands the concerns of ordinary Americans (45/31), is most prepared to fix our economic problems (43/40), will change government policies in a way that makes your life better (38/33), is the most honest and trustworthy (33/30).   

This poll was conducted by the Center for Opinion Research at Franklin & Marshall College on behalf of the Center for Politics and Public Affairs. They surveyed 661 registered Pennsylvania voters, including 389 likely voters, from July 29th to August 1st. The margin of error is +/- 4.8% for the registered voters results and +/- 6.3% for the likely voters results.

11 Responses

  1. Lets not forget what was just revealed the FBI found her guilty and worked out to find her not guilty.

    Are you an American are just like to say you are? Benghazi if you are a family member was home alone and you got a call that men are trying to get in to your home to kill your wife maybe daughter, you say did you call the police and they say yes 600 times what would you think ?

  2. I am so sick of hearing that Trump supporters do not have college degrees! I know that is not true! Trump people are low information and uneducated?? Ridiculous! I am sorry, but look at Hillary’s base…you are telling me majority of her base are PHds??? Don’t make me laugh! Trump supporters are very astute and most are politically savvy! My family has always been educated and highly aware and so are our friends, so I am not impressed with these polls! Furthermore, I have NEVER been polled…why??? I am telling you now that we are for Donald Trump!

  3. Peggy – they don’t know what the fuck they are talking about. DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS. Just call them names.

  4. I’m gonna have to go with Marie on this one — Oh – and with this Admiral:

    Admiral John B. Nathman: “It’s time to stop pretending Trump is in any way an acceptable candidate.”

  5. Let’s not forget Hiliary Clinton is a corrupt, vile and vulgar creature who enabled her husbands sexual wrongdoings. She is not fit for any office-reality with Trump as only alternative this lowlife will win in landslide. A sad reflection on how low our Nation has fallen

  6. Wow. I thought it would take a little more time for Hillary to be up double-digits on that orange ape Republican con-man.

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