F&M Poll: Hillary Clinton Most Popular Politician in PA

-Hillary Clinton

-Hillary Clinton

If the next presidential election were held tomorrow, former Secretary of State, Senator and First Lady Hillary Clinton would have a major edge in Pennsylvania.

It’s four days before the 2013 general election, but that doesn’t mean it’s too soon to look at potential 2016 candidates.

In its latest survey of Pennsylvanians, Franklin and Marshall’s polling center took a baseline favorability rating for potential Democratic candidates Vice President Joe Biden and Clinton.

Clinton has a 57% favorability rating in the state, with 13% undecided or responding “Don’t know.” 30% view her unfavorably.

Her base of support – voters who have a “strongly favorable” view of Clinton – is 38%. To put that in perspective, President Obama maxed out at a 39% “strongly favorable” rating during his post-inauguration honeymoon period in early 2009.

Clinton has not-so-subtly been gearing up for her next run at the presidency since she resigned the Secretary of State position. The ‘Ready for Hillary’ Facebook page to promote her unofficial campaign has over one million fans and an active chapter in Pa.

“I’m always surprised by a few things in our polls,” F&M polling director Terry Madonna told PoliticsPA. “But I’m not surprised by [her favorability rating]. She and her husband are easily the most popular politicians in the country.”

F&M hasn’t surveyed the popularity of Clinton since 2008, where she scored 41% favorability while running for President. Other national polls are showing Clinton with around 60% favorability, close to where Pennsylvanians put her in this survey.

The Vice President didn’t fare quite as well, but Biden still earned a strong 49% favorability (21% strongly favorable, 28% somewhat favorable). 35% view him unfavorably. Madonna credits Biden’s lower ratings to his more “dynamic personality” and penchant for making more controversial comments.

Update: according to the poll’s cross tabs, Clinton’s advantage is even more pronounced among Democrats.

61% of Dems have a strongly favorable view of her with 23% somewhat favorable (for a total of 84% positive). 5% have an unfavorable view.

Biden has 34% strong and 37% somewhat favorable numbers among Dems. 11% of Dems view him unfavorably.

Among Republicans, Hillary is viewed strongly favorably among 3% of men. 15% of GOP women have a strongly favorable view of her.

The survey examined 628 registered voters in the state, including 313 Democrats, 232 Republicans, and 83 registered as Independent/Other. The margin of error is plus or minus 3.9%.

This is the same poll that showed Obama, Obamacare and Governor Corbett had lukewarm approval and favorability ratings.

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  1. Denny Bonavita says:

    Thanks to the Tea Party-inspired shutdown, the Democrats will win the House next year, and control the entire government in 2016, which will be terrible for the country.

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