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F&M Poll: Pennsylvania Moving in More Positive Direction


The latest poll from Franklin & Marshall College shows a more optimistic Pennsylvania, while offering mixed news for the presidential candidates and better news for the Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate.

The good news for President Joe Biden comes in the form of a two-horse race against former President Donald Trump. After landing within the margin of error against the 45th president in February, the 46th president has more than doubled the 4.0% margin of error (MOE) in this survey with a 48-38% percent advantage. An additional 13% favored “someone else,” while just 1% indicated that they did not know.

When two other options were presented to the respondents in the form of Jill Stein (Green) and Robert Kennedy Jr. (Independent), the race moved within the MOE with Biden at 42% and Trump at 40%. Kennedy (9%) and Stein (3%) seemed to take more support from Biden, who was at 42-37% with the same question in February.

Pollster Berwood Yost said that to better understand the effects that third-party candidates might have on the presidential race, his survey used a tool known as a “split-ballot experiment.” This uses a random procedure to assign different forms of a question to survey participants. Properly designed, these experiments create groups of people who are identical in all ways except for the form of the question they receive.

“This experiment shows that the race is closer when third-party candidates are offered because support for the President declines among registered Democrats as more of them opt for a third-party candidate,” he wrote.

Republican Dave McCormick made inroads into Sen. Bob Casey’s 12-percentage point advantage from February, trailing the three-time senator, 46-39%. While nearly 1 in 7 respondents were undecided (14%) in February, that number dropped to 1 in 8 (12%) in March and seemed to favor the former hedge fund CEO.


Biden and Trump are still not viewed favorably by the majority of Pennsylvanians, according to the survey. Forty-two percent view Biden in a favorable light, as opposed to 57% who see him unfavorably. Trump’s numbers are 39 and 60.

Thirty-five percent said Biden was doing a good or excellent job as president – his best rating since October 2022 (36%). Biden drew better marks than Trump on understanding the concerns of ordinary Americans (41-37), on value issues such as abortion and same-sex marriage (48-35), character and judgment (44-31) and honesty and trustworthiness (43-28).

Trump was preferred by respondents on the economy (48-38), and the military (43-41).

Biden’s current rating is lower than Trump’s and former President Barack Obama’s ratings in Pennsylvania at the same point in their terms.


In terms of favorability, Casey is viewed more favorably than McCormick with the senator at 40 and 34 and the challenger at 24 and 30. Surprisingly, nearly 1 in 4 surveyed (26%) said they had not heard enough about Casey to offer an opinion, while McCormick’s numbers were at 46%.

Two in 5 (39%) said Casey was doing a good or excellent job – his highest marks since pulling a 43 number in October 2018.


Gov. Josh Shapiro continues to receive high marks from his constituents as 54% of those surveyed reported he is doing a good or excellent job. That is the highest number that the former state Attorney General has earned since taking over the governor’s mansion. He also has more positive ratings among Democrats (83%) and independents (57%) than either Casey or Biden and is viewed positively in one in four (29%) Republicans.

Shapiro has the highest approval rating for a governor at this point in a first term since Governor Ridge.


Residents of the Commonwealth appear more positive in the direction of the state and their own personal situation.

Nearly 2 in 5 (39%) feel that things are getting better in the Commonwealth, while 1 in 6 (17%) said they and their family were better off than a year ago. Both of those figures were higher than the last survey in February. The 39% equals the highest number recorded by the poll in four years, equaling the number registered in August 2023. The 17% equals the highest number recorded by the poll since March 2022 (18%) and is six percent higher than October 2023.

The economy still resonates as the most important problem facing Pennsylvania today with 18 percent indicating that as their top choice. Government and politicians (14%) came in as the No. 2 problem, followed by crime, drugs, violence and guns (10%). Immigration came in sixth at five percent.


When asked about which came closest to their views on rules regarding voting in Pennsylvania, nearly 3 in 4 (72%) said “voting rules should encourage as many people to vote as possible so everyone’s views are represented in elections.” Seventy-three percent favor showing a photo ID when voting, while 65% percent favor having automatic voter registration in the Commonwealth.

Respondents were divided on changing the state laws to allow for pre-canvassing – or allowing county election officials to open mail ballot envelopes in advance to prepare for the beginning of counting on Election Day. Half were in favor, while 42% opposed with eight percent offering no opinion.

More than 3 in 4 surveyed (77%) favor “curing” mail ballots should election officials find an error on a submitted ballot such as a missing date or signature.


Support for legalizing recreational marijuana held steady at 62%. Those surveyed were queried that if recreational marijuana was legalized if should be sold in state-run stores or by privately owned medical marijuana dispensaries. Nearly half of the respondents (48%) said private dispensaries, while 3 in 10 (29%) said state-run stores.

Less than half (58%) of respondents said they were satisfied with the way democracy works in the United States today, including 1 in 4 (24%) that stated they were very dissatisfied.

One in eight (12%) said that if the presidential nominee of their party proposed doing things that seemed undemocratic, they would still vote for their party’s nominee, while 24% said they would not vote for president at all.

Fifty-seven percent believe that Trump’s actions to try to remain in power after the 2020 election were serious crimes – down two percent from February.


The survey findings presented in this release are based on the results of interviews conducted March 20 – 31, 2024. The interviews were conducted at the Center for Opinion Research at Franklin & Marshall College. The data included in this release represent the responses of 870 registered Pennsylvania voters, including 390 Democrats, 356 Republicans, and 124 Independents.

The sample error for this survey is +/- 4.0 percentage points when the design effects from weighting are considered. The sample error for questions based on subgroups is larger. The sample error for the two-way presidential horse race question (n=431) is +/- 5.7% and the SE for the multi-candidate presidential horse race question (n=430) +/- 5.7%. 


177 Responses

  1. Democrats are the equivalent to the famer that blames the cow for a broken leg, while their land is filled with ditches and loose rocks for the cow to trip on. They are filled with hate and irrational beliefs, whimsical socialist ideas and push destruction of the family because they have none. They hate to see anyone with any rational ideas succeed. They would rather burn this country down around them then see others prosper. They are a festering pot of demons.

    Matthew 19:24

  2. People who say things were ‘better’ under Trump don’t want to focus on the outcome of his terrible policies. He spent 8 trillion dollars in 4 years, 90% of it went to military/government contractors and global corporations. You don’t shamelessly print and pass out $7+ trillion to the C-Suite Set and not get inflation. Not to mention his underhanded foreign policy/tariffs. His giant tax cut for the top 1%. The Covid mismanagement and the following corrupt corporate bailouts. A lot of recent attention has (correctly) been on TFG’s criminal activities and inappropriate words, but his irresponsible actions while in office are the reason we’ve had to deal with inflation and global unrest.

    Faced with these challenges, Biden has done a good job of getting things back on track. The economy is turning around thanks to a return to responsible policy and the job numbers are great. The focus is more on infrastructure, healthcare and education that help regular people, not on GOP/corporate interests. Trump will continue to fool his cult and a minority of voters, but the rest of America is ready to leave him and his self-serving agenda in the past where they both belong.

    1. You are wasting your breath, those people are in a cult and there is no telling them anything that goes against what the dear leader tells them.

  3. First time seeing this liberal rag… shame group think among liberals always tries to pass itself off as :journalism.” The headling of the latest poll says it all: “F&M Poll: Pennsylvania Moving in More Positive Direction”
    Positive for who? Surely not for those whose lives have been cut short by illegal alien murderers let in to this country by Joe Biden. Surely not for young people who can’t afford a new home due to Biden’s high interest rates. Surely not for everyday Americans paying high food an energy prices due to “Bidenomic.” Positive direction? Says who? Voter will have final say.

    1. The poll is of COLLEGE STUDENTS who are notoriously Liberal, in their relative ignorance of youth…

      1. Joe Blutarsky is a Republican and hence can’t stop himself from constantly lying.

        1. Biden is going to be re-elected, Im sorry to tell them that but its going to happen.

    2. That would be “positive” for all rational/moral people.

      I guess that leaves you out Mr Tremblay.

    3. Yeah just like we did in 2020 and you couldn’t accept it so you stormed the capitol, lol!
      Its not going to go your way slick, you should get yourself prepared now.

    4. Positve from the era of Covid lockdowns and having a dipshit for a president and his numbfvck follwers running around.

  4. I don’t like either of these guys. That said, I had more money in my bank account, saving account, ALL products were less expensive, and there was peace during the Trump administration. Trump’s economy was far superior to Biden’s. Our military was in less immediate danger. He was forging peace between Israel and Arab countries. I can’t, in good conscience, vote for Biden.

    1. Hey guy it was all because of BO administration. It was what he did 4 years before trump got in he was repping the left over. Trump is going to destroy this country if Gus like you vote for him. DT cares about knowbody but himself let’s alone you as an American.

    2. I love this peace during trump fairytale, I get it you are Christians and fairytales are your thing, but the reality is:

      Yemen: Trump authorized a botched special operations raid in late January that left a Navy SEAL and several civilians dead. His administration also discreetly escalated the American air campaign against Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula in early March. In addition, Secretary Mattis has requested authorization to give greater military assistance to the Saudi-led coalition fighting Houthi rebels in Yemen.

      Syria: Trump ordered a cruise missile strike against an Assad-regime airfield in retaliation for the regime’s April 4 sarin nerve agent attack on civilians. The week before the sarin attack and American retaliation, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley both stated that the United States no longer sought Assad’s removal from power, sending a mixed signal at best.

      Somalia: Trump eased Obama-era restrictions on the use of force in Somalia, giving military commanders more freedom of action against the Al Qaeda-affiliated al-Shabab terrorist group. Dozens of American soldiers have since deployed to Somalia on a mission to train and equip the Somali National Army.

      Do you not count his numerous drone strikes as acts of war, im betting the people he killed do.

      Also the idea that Russia was in check is another fantasy, the entire time trump was in office Russia was surrounding Ukraine, did you think he was just doing to blow his own bag pipe or positioning troops for an eventual invasion, which he did.
      Its no wonder you people are so easily folded into this cult, your minds are warped from reality.

  5. Regardless of the margin of a Biden victory, that whiny, petulant orange baby man is going to act like the spoiled brat he is.

    1. You should pray that orange man win especially if you are a American. You will be voting for Harris otherwise because he will not make it. Get informed

      1. Harris is an accomplished prosecutor and Senator as opposed to a reality TV dip2hit that fumbled a great economy left by the black guy you were afraid of and a pandemic, so bring on President Harris, she can then select Newsome her VP and he can win two consecutive elections, giving us D control for 16 years, long enough to fix the Supreme court and flush the last remnants of the GOQP down the toilet for a generation.

        1. What planet are you from. Giving D control for 16 years will kill this country. You are obviously for the demise of this great country. Go back to wherever you came from.

          1. Republicans have been working on a 50 year plan to destroy America.

            It even has a name – “Starve the beast”

            The plan is to bankrupt the country and use the lack of money to cancel social programs and welfare, medicare, medicaid etc.

            Look it up. Educate yourself to their ongoing Treason.

    2. that “brat” is a man with guts…not like the demented shuffler in office and his partner “giggles”. In addition that “brat” is a true American fighting to keep the constitution not destroying America as the present White House

      1. He’s a r3tard and the only people dumber than he are the dip2hits whom still fall for his grift.

      2. That man child Donald Trump is gutless. But he is also shameless, a liar and persistent.

        Those are all characteristics of his mental disorder.

      3. Brave??? trump lied about Bone Spurs to avoid serving his country using his wealth to pay doctors to falsify his records. That’s coward sht. BOTH of his impeachments were for going against the constitution…the first is inarguably why Russia is currently at war with Ukraine (ya know the people he asked for dirt on Joe Biden as he withheld aid) and not connected but when he moved the embassy OUT of Gaza which is why Isreal indiscriminately leveled most of it. His second impeachment is for literally attempting-and- failing at a coup to remain in power that he is still in court over….which spoilers is against the constitution. As far as dementia only one candidate has had to take multiple dementia tests and for some reason is bragging about it.

  6. How much money was in your bank account when Trump was president? How much money is in your bank account now with Biden as president?

    1. I have more money in my bank accounts, investments and savings. Maybe you need a better finacial plan and learn how to spend less on garbage you dont need.

      1. Groceries and other expenses haven’t hurt your pocket book? You must have a government job. Us working people are having a hard time paying our bills. You’ve got money to invest? It must be nice. Mexican people have taken most of my service contracts away by doing it so much cheaper.

        1. Do you think that biden has a dial behind his desk which set the price of your beans and your eggs?


          Those price increases were the result of American capitalists raising prices because they wanted more money.

          You are powerless to prevent it because you are farmed cattle. You have been given the illusion of some freedom but you are in fact jointly owned by the banks, your employer the grocery store, the land loard, etc.

          You are a cow given the choice of going down a seemingly endless selection of doors, each of which leads to the same slaughter house.

          Congratulations. You got exactly what you voted for.


          1. You’re clearly a moron. Gas prices are way up, grocery prices are way up, basically everything costs a lot more now and it’s not because of “greedy capitalists”, you bozo, it’s due to Biden’s idiotic fiscal policies. Everything he does hurts the American economy, and he’s so stupid he doesn’t realize that what his idiot handlers are telling him to do is basically destroying our country.

          2. The prices increased across-the-board established because Biden on the 1st day of his presidency overturned President Trump’s policies on oil
            You people that act like this are you even Americans

          3. Gas prices are way up, grocery prices are way up, basically everything costs a lot more now and it’s not because of “greedy capitalists”

            Gas prices are up because of the Russian war on Ukraine and the sanctions placed on them by the west – principally the restrictions on the purchase of Russian gas and oil.

            This has been good for the U.S. which under Biden is now the largest producer of Oil in the world.

            Republicans are lying when they say Biden has reduced American Oil production.

            But then Republicans lie about everything.

        2. Yep, my investment s are way up with Biden. I feel bad for you that you don’t have enough money to invest. Maybe you should get off the government cheese and work harder.

          1. And yet America is producing more oil and gas then at anytime in its history, outpacing even some middle eastern companies and still your gas prices are the highest they have ever been…
            Do you people really think oil companies look at all that oil/gas production and say, “Gee Jim, we are making record profits, lets give the American dopes a break and lose some profits this year so they can do back to paying 2000 era prices for gas”?


          1. Poor Daniel Daley. He doesn’t understand how statistics are computed.

            Like most Republicans he can’t add or subtract either.

            Daniel… Find some 10 year old Chinese student on line and have them explain to you how to do basic math and basic statistics.

          2. It’s a random poll. Do you not know how polls work? Contact data is given a random number and then a program randomly draws numbers and they contact all the drawn people polling the ones that answer and that is where the MOE (margin of error) comes from in this case they clearly state that it is 4% meaning data is 96%~ accurate. It’s wild having to explain basic concepts to Republicans though.

        4. Maybe you should have paid attention in school and gotten an engineering degree as I did, not many Mexicans doing my job cheaper.
          And yes, it is nice being able to afford my life even with your job creators jacking up the price of everything.
          May I suggest less prepackaged food in your diet, fewer trips to the bar, less eating out, smaller cable bill.

          I have no credit debt, no car payment, no $300 cable bill, no new cellphone ever other year. I live below my means own my home and invest what you pi22 away trying to keep up with the Joneses on, but that’s me.

        5. You live in a country ruled by capitlist belief that their are winners and their are losers, not everyone gets to live in a McMansion, not everyone gets to drive a luxury car…
          For 30 long years we were told, “You can’t tax the rich they will take your job, you can’t regulate capital they will take it to another country” so here we are 40 years after we were sold “supply side economics, greed is good, they are doing the jobs Americans won’t”, simply put you are the victim of the competition we were all told would make us stronger.

          There was a time when the guy who shoed horses or fixed wagons was the top of the food chain, then it was factory workers and now its computer programmers. If you decided after high school you would bum around, playing with fast cars and chasing girls until you found a job swinging a hammer and thats were you stayed for 20 years that was your choice, but that kind of job doesn’t afford you a McMansion, luxury car 3 vacations a year etc.; as I said, winners and losers. Maybe you should live in a 1000 sq ft single story rancher, drive a used 20 year old car, not have cable TV and the newest cell phone, not everyone gets to live like the people on TV.

          You want to blame Biden, Obama, Clinton, have at it, in the end your life will be the same under trump, desnatis, haley as it is now, this is the world your corporate masters have created from 30 years of tax shelters and lose regulations, and you keep voting for it because you dont understand what it is you are mad at just that you dont have what you want and someone on TV and radio is telling you why that is… sorry that your life is unfullfiled but again, winners and losers, thats capitalism.

          1. Well, this is some diatribe!! Here is reality…..borders open, millions adding to 2030 census….strategy of the LBJ Dems to fill the country with public employees and those on the dole, the socialist and oligarchs will reign for decades!! Even if these migrants are never given a citizenship….does not matter….unless we make census citizen count not “body” count! I am baby boomer libertarian/independent. Will be long gone when this becomes a reality around 2040-2050!! So sorry we “boomers” are leaving behind such a mess…..However, we had a BLAST!!! Highest point of quality in Human History and we were there!!!! Blessings to all you socialists!!!! Good Luck – One Happy yet cynical Boomer

      2. I support a family of 4 on a fixed income. Putting one child through college and another with special needs. I lost the health insurance for myself and my family because I make to much money under Biden. I make 60k as a handyman for the very rich who have more money than I could ever see yet cannot wire a ceiling fan or build a simple fence. My wife makes 20k working at the local hospital over night during the day she takes care of our daughter and under Trump I had a savings and health insurance. I own my own home and vehicle. I use no drugs or drink. It is a struggle to just buy groceries. I sure wish I could have a better financial plan.

        1. Neat, your family income is well over the American average.

          Putting a kid through college is expensive, but only in America where education standards are low and Capitalism has driven up the price to outlandish levels.

          Have you noticed that America has been flushing itself down the toilet with every Republican Administration starting with Reagan.

          You need to flush some more. Vote Republican.


          1. Republicans and Democrats are two cheeks of the same arse. Shyt comes down the middle. Absolutely no difference in the two. Trump is a Independent running on the Republican ticket. Establishment Republicans hate Trump as much as Democrats do. They are called RINO’s for a reason. Sure, Trump is egotistical and illogic. How many wars did Trump start? How many migrants came across the border? How many bombs did Bush drop? Obama? Clinton? Biden? Trump? So Trump grabbed them by the *ussy. Jesus chose Mary Magdalene a prostitute and Peter the apostle was a thug. Martin Luther King was a womanizer and George Washington who never told a lie did nothing but lie. The lord works in mysterious ways. At least Trump did not start a illegal Spy war in Ukraine placing a huge amount of Spy bases on the border of Russia, purposely poking the bear. Putting the world on the verge of WW3 and lying to the American people over its true nature. Don’t being a useful idiot.

          2. “Republicans and Democrats are two cheeks of the same arse. ”

            Well lets see. Republicans lie with every breath. Democrats don’t.

            I think I see a difference.
            If you don’t then you aren’t smart enough to vote.

          3. “Well lets see. Republicans lie with every breath. Democrats don’t.”

            Peter Shiff was censured for lying and knowing about the Russia collusion hoax. Hillary Clinton lied about the Pee dosier. What about her 50,000 emails she hid and lied about? Bill Clinton lied that he did not have sex with that woman.
            Kristopher Jacks, a member of the executive committee of the Colorado Democratic Party, was filmed in an undercover sting operation admitting that the 2020 election amounts to a “revolution.” “I am going to do everything ‘morally acceptable’ to win,” Jacks says on camera.

            “I will lie. I will cheat. I will steal. Because that’s ‘morally acceptable’ in this political environment. Absolutely. We are pirates on a pirate ship,” he goes on.
            “I want to make this point very loudly and very clearly.”
            “I said it nicely before, but I’ll say it more curtly now: 2020 is a political revolution.”

            Definition of a useful idiot:
            a naive or credulous person who can be manipulated or exploited to advance a cause or political agenda.

            Again, both political parties are exactly the same.

        2. “I support a family of 4 on a fixed income.”

          You poor boy. You don’t even know what a fixed income is.

          Laughter from all around you.

          1. What are you talking about? You are the least informed troll I have encountered in a very long time.

          2. If he does have a fixed income that is where all his problems begin and end, yet he still doesn’t get it and will continue to vote for the GOP.

        3. Sounds like you need to pull harder on them boot straps.
          Boo hoo, life is hard for you and millions of others, corporations set their prices not the president, the entire world is suffering from inflation, did Biden cause inflation in the UK and Germany? You guy voted for 20 years to give corporations dictatorial control for the sake of profits because Rush told you so, well here you are, “mega dittos”.

          1. Good point I forgot about old rush sleeping. Whoa he told y’all yahoo for almost 20+ years and y’all believe him his voice know mo. And y’all have a new one but he is dumb and not a good enough liar. He get caught all the time o rush now was a little smarter he read not like tRuMp he he he he that’s all folks.

        4. You have no idea what are talking about, your lack of knowledge and willingness to spew nonsense you heard on Youtube shows a stunning level of ignorance. Putin has been telling the world since the early 2000 what his plans were in Europe, he was moving thousands of troops onto Ukraines borders the entire time trump was president; by the way trump luanched plenty of drones strike in Syria and africa, I dont know how you people have bought this “trump the peace maker” line, if you think he was doing this and never going to attack you missed the part of the movie where he invaded, Chechnya, Georgia, South Ossetia, Abkhazia, Burkina Faso, Syria, and now Ukraine. Putin has been very clear that the fall of Russia in the 90’s was a humilation he won’t ever get over and as soon as he saw America killing off, Gadafi and Hussein, toppling Mubarak and Yanukovych, his greatest fears were coming true and he acted.

          Go look at the video of putin’s face when your orange peace makers said he believed Putin over our intel agencies, he can barley stifle his laughter.

          trump is a clown, his greatest gift to this country will be his destruction of the tea party wing of the GOP.

      3. what government official do you know to give you that money. Im better off but 90 percent of Americans are not and the massive government deficits are going to destroy the nation and biden or trump wont fix that issue

        1. No president will, that’s congresses job, but they are too busy giving tax breaks to the same dinks charging you $8 for Captain Crunch and making anti-woke laws.

        2. Deficits created by 30 years of unfunded tax breaks for the rich, funny how no one remembers Clinton had a balanced budget that G.W. then blew up with 20 years of war in Iraq and Afghanistain that produced nothin but Iranian control over Iraq and trump handing Afghanistan back to the taliban.

        3. Every dime of the U.S. deficit was created by Republican policies that were designed to bankrupt the country.

          Their treasonous plan even has a name “Starve the Beast”.

          Educate yourself.

    2. Money grubbers make decisions based on greed and rabid self interest.

      Rational people make decisions based on the greater social good.

      1. Government employees are steering our country off of a cliff. Social programs are destroying our tax coffers. Apparently our decision makers are making bad decisions.

        1. Well the Republicans have a long running policy to bankrupt the nation.

          It even has a name. It is called “Starve the beast”

          The idea is to bankrupt the nation so that there is no option but to cut social programs.

          It is a good plan if you want to make your population poor.

          Have you noticed that American’s have gone from being reasonably well off to being poor?

          I wonder why?


      2. You sound like a white liberal. My apologies if incorrect because they are the most racist piece of crap you will encounter. They think their skin color makes them better than others. Actually believe some skin colors are not as good as their white skin😂. “. Hey you can’t do that ; let he help you cause I’m white”. Their time has expired!

        1. Unlike poor white conservatives in the south and Midwest whom have a long history of inclusion and love for all races…


          1. White losers whom couldn’t deal with ni66ers living a better life then them burned and murder their way through the south but yeah, we are the racists.

            Cant wait to talk to you after Biden win re-election, hopefully you wont try to kill anyone.

      1. Yes, how any of them can vote for Trump is impossible to fathom.

        America has grown to be spectacularly stupid.

        and that is why America is dead as a nation.

    3. You do realize the stock market is setting records right now. And Trump’s tariff’s combined with his mismanagement of the pandemic led to the economy tanking. Not since Herbert Hoover have we seen a US President ruin an economy like Trump did. But hey, that’s what he’s done to everything he touches – USFL, Atlantic City, Trump University…. Really, name anything he was actually a success at. Well, I will admit he’s a champion grifter that can get money from gullible people.

    4. And by the way, most of my money is in investments and savings, the money in the bank is only there to pay bills and purchase daily needs.

    5. When I check my investments today and the stock market – it’s at an all time high. People are traveling/going on vacations. Trump did to the US what he did to the USFL, Atlantic City and every other business he embarked on… RUINED IT.

  7. I live in PA, keep in mind, this state elected a brain damaged man to Senate not long ago (Fetterman), who can barely string two sentences together and lost miserably in a pre-election debate where he could barely even communicate. People here are just voting on party and not the person or anything else. The brain damaged man was a Democrat. That should tell you something. I am sad to see this and wish we had more than 2 parties that were viable and candidates that are intelligent and willing to do the right thing and work hard for Americans.

      1. Biden is carrying out the coup… I didn’t vote for Biden, he showered with his prepubescent daughter. Took money from foreign countries. Left billions in Afghanistan. Open borders. Destroying our country fast…. Wake up.

        1. The only cure for MAGAt disease is death.

          The children should be sterilized as well, just to be sure.

          1. Funny how Trump haters say that he is the reincarnation of Hitler, particularly when, based on your comments, you and other Biden supporters sound more like Adolf.

          2. Trump isn’t the reincarnation of Hitler. I’ve never heard anyone say that.

            The simple fact of the matter is far too stupid be be another Hitler.

            But he did keep Hitler’s autobiography on the desk beside his bed.

        2. Sounds like you have ingested too much Newsmax, Joe Rogan, Fox News, Steve Bannon and Ben Shapiro.

          I would love to explain all the ways in which you are wrong and misinformed but really what would be the point.

          Biden is going to be reelected, you should make your peace with this now so you don’t do something stupid like storm the capitol under the false belief the election was stolen.

        1. I’m right here at the top of the food chain with a six figure salary and a million dollars in investments and savings, how about you Clem, how you doing?

    1. The thing is, the brain damaged man was a better choice than a Republican scumbag.

  8. Hmmm… The data included in this release represent the responses of 870 registered Pennsylvania voters, including 390 Democrats, 356 Republicans, and 124 Independents.

    1. Drudge lost Matt and became number 1 (#1) in propaganda and misinformation. The number of legitimate votes for Biden was around 33 million. The number of legitimate votes for Trump topped a hundred million. News outlets espoused that there was ‘no evidence of voter fraud’, yet they’ve NEVER investigated the evidence they were showered with… Americans deserve much better than the nightmare we’ve been stuck in.

      1. Death is the only cure for MAGAt disease.

        The children should be sterilized as well, just to make sure.

          1. Sorry, the NAZI’s were Conservatives.

            Right wingers seem to always devolve into NAZI’s.

        1. You are the most cringe thing I have come across in a long time. & Before you jump to the conclusion your brain is wired for I’m not even a Trump supporter.

    2. Interesting podcast “Finding Matt Drudge”. Goes through the history of The Drudge Report and if Matt Drudge is still operating the site. My impression is that Matt Drudge still operates the site, but is very anti-Trump now. Supposedly Trump’s people told Drudge they did not need him after he helped them win the 2016 election.

    3. I had the same thought, Biden leading is a headline. The other ten polls where Trump is leading – I guess they are not newsworthy?

      1. Most polls aren’t newsworthy because they are scam polls where the participants are self selected which is statistically biased and illegitimate.

        Statistics needs a random sample drawn from the set being sampled in order for the results to be legitimate.

        You don’t see honest polling from most of the Republican pollsters because Republicans are universally dishonest.

      2. Sounds like you have ingested too much Newsmax, Joe Rogan, Fox News, Steve Bannon and Ben Shapiro.

        I would love to explain all the ways in which you are wrong and misinformed but really what would be the point.

        Biden is going to be reelected, you should make your peace with this now so you don’t do something stupid like storm the capitol under the false belief the election was stolen.

    1. Its funny if you read into this poll. The survey responses all indicate that people feel they are worse off now than they were 4 years ago. They have little to no hope of things getting better. And somehow Biden wins by 10, LOL. Also, when the poll jumps to a 5 way race, Trump inexplicably GAINS 2 points which only means that some people who said Biden in the 2 way race switched to Trump when they added Kennedy/Stein etc.. This makes zero sense. The poll is tainted.

      1. People don’t like convicted rapists running for the presidency.

        Hence they are rejecting Trump.

        Woman don’t like having their ability to have an abortion banned. They don’t want the state getting between their legs. Hence they reject Republicanism and Trump.

        Perhaps Republicans could repeal the right of women to vote and install Trump as American Dictator as the Christian right wants.

        1. Member when the shelves were empty, people couldn’t find tolet paper and losers spent their days drinking and raging on Twitter…

          “I Member”

    2. Biden never gives ‘rally’s’. He is too busy showering with his daughter and eating pudding. So fear not. The trailer trash won’t be gathering in Biden’s basement. Have a great day.

      1. And beating your reality TV dope…
        I so cant wait to wach you guys rage when Biden is re-elected in November!

        1. It’s going to be entertaining watching Biden win again.

          Then trumpie goes to jail. That will be fun to watch too.

      2. You know, in Europe and Russia public sauna’s are common as well as family sauna’s where everyone typically gets nakkie.

        Does that upset your frail American sense of prude-ness while you sell weapons to a country that is killing tens of thousands of children?


        No one who can think… cares.

    3. So you’re worried the candidates will be coming to your home. Try to be thoughtful if Fetterman speaks to you in support of Quid Pro Joe. He’s just trying to help Joe get his moJoe back after crapping his pants yesterday.

      1. Isn’t it funny how people would rather have old man Joe rather than old man Trump?

        Can you think why this may be the case?

    4. Think jack is a white liberal. The most racist piece of shit in existence! They think their skin color can save others. They actually believe some races are not as good as the white race and need their help! “. Hey u can’t do that! You need my help because I’m white”😂
      You are the reason trump will win in a landslide

  9. And we know we can trust what ever the media reports; especially if it’s what we want to hear…

    “The business of the journalists is to destroy the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread. You know it and I know it.”-John Swinton, was a noted journalist, economist, and orator, the chief editorial writer at The New York Times, and an editorial writer for The New York Sun

    “The news and truth are not the same thing.”~Walter Lippmann, American journalist

    “Our job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have.”~Richard Salant, former President of CBS News.

    “I feel sorry for the man who, after reading the daily newspaper, goes to bed believing he knows something of what’s going on in the world.” -Henry Louis Mencken

    “We are going to impose our agenda on the coverage by dealing with issues and subjects that we choose to deal with.” — Richard M. Cohen, former Senior Producer of CBS political news

    “News is what someone wants to suppress. Everything else is advertising.” – Rubin Frank, former president NBC News

    “Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper. Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that polluted vehicle.” -Thomas Jefferson

    1. You can’t trust anything the media says.

      That is why you believe there are invisible martian moon men living in your underpants.

      You have become detached from reality and dependent upon Russia’s Q-Anon for your daily dose of Republican discombobulation.

    1. it tells you the author isn’t a fool.

      But the real thing to consider is the stats.

      You don’t do that because you can’t distinguish between appearance and style, and facts.

      Classic low IQ Republican.

      1. No he pays attention to whats going on in Congress.

        “As the leader of our party, there is zero chance I will support this horrible open borders betrayal of America,” Trump told a rowdy crowd of supporters at a rally in Las Vegas on Saturday, ahead of the state’s presidential caucus on Feb. 8. “I’ll fight it all the way. A lot of the senators are trying to say, respectfully, they’re blaming it on me. I say, that’s okay. Please blame it on me. Please.”

      2. No he pays attention to whats going on in Congress.

        “As the leader of our party, there is zero chance I will support this horrible open borders betrayal of America,” Trump told a rowdy crowd of supporters at a rally in Las Vegas on Saturday, ahead of the state’s presidential caucus on Feb. 8. “I’ll fight it all the way. A lot of the senators are trying to say, respectfully, they’re blaming it on me. I say, that’s okay. Please blame it on me. Please.”

        Ok dummy Don we blame you!

      3. What’s wrong Lisa? Do you want a nanny state to protect you from wage competition from people who are superior to you and will work for lower wages?

        What happened to the Republican claim that Americans were the smartest people on Earth and could compete against anyone?

        I guess that was just a Republican/Libertarian lie to sell NAFTA.

    1. Biden allowed millions to cross the border. He deserves the credit for destroying America.

      1. America was destroyed by expanding it’s population by 1/300th?

        America must be pathetically weak.

  10. Let me guess the polling data took place in Pittsburgh, Phildelphia.
    Both suppose to represent PA. These polls usually don’t include the areas between the cities. This where the numbers may change. F&M college
    has students from New Jersey and New York as well. The polling is
    inaccurate. I almost forgot, you must get a clear poll from Scanton.
    A place where Biden claims as his home, even though he lives in Delaware.
    Has anyone polled Delaware results? The politicans best asset, is the peoples memory- We forget alot and are always asked to pay up.
    The fact still remains, we are giving way our inheritance to our kids, under this guy- who has no idea, and the Chinese are ready. Thank you Biden

    1. The major difference between Joe Biden and Donald Trump is that Joe Biden is president of the United States of America and Donald The Con is a criminal;

      It’s called DEMOCRACY, might want give it a try from MAGA usually choice of Fascism:

      1. You democrats call republicans what you are. Fascist? Watch KJP gaslight America every night. The con artists in the media covers for gravy brain. Briben’s justice dept running prosecutions against his opponent while running defense against Briben’s corrupt influence peddling operation with over 25 million documented through Hunter and Jim Briben’s accounts. FBI lost their rep on a crack Ho and a mafia like family. But they got their 200 mill headquarters. Sell out, all.

        1. It is hilarious to see how little Republicans know abut the real world, and in this instance what Fascism is.

          It’s like “Woke”. They have no clue what it is but know they don’t like it.

          But in the situation with Fascism, they aren’t bright enough to realize that their party is fascist.

          The Republican insanity makes the world laugh.

        1. MAGA really means – I am a brain dead member of the Cult of Trump and can’t tell the difference between Cult sponsored fantasy and reality.

          MAGAt’s are the ultimate suckers, and the world is laughing at you.

      2. You couldn’t be more brainwashed. We are a Representative Republic, not a DEMOCRACY. What you can’t know is that the propaganda sources (ABCNBSCNNMSNBC etc & the Democrat party, same thing) (that you believe is news) drools every time they see the useful idiots, like you, refer to Democracy, as they are one dim bulb VOTER closer to the end of the USA.. Benjamin Franklin warned democracy is three wolves, and two chickens, voting on what to have for dinner. That sort of wisdom is why your handlers, leftist embedded in the culture and your party have worked so hard for so long to diminish the wisdom and character of our founding Fathers. John Adams wisely wrote in December 1814 “Remember democracy never last long. It soon waste, exhaust and destroys itself, it is in vain to say that democracy is less,proud less selfish, less ambitious, or less avericious than aristocracy or monarchy. It is not true, in fact, and nowhere appears in history.
        The same ignorance you show regarding, well, most things you believe true, is why you so foolishly use the word Fascism when speaking of true patriots who simply want to see America great again and support a true Alpha male and great American Donald Trump to get us back there. To know who the democrats are and to know their plans for our country is very simple. Listen to the words of the Dems and hear what they say the other side is, who the other side is ie racist, fascist etc….and know that they, the dems and most media, and folks like you, their useful idiots, are what and who they are actually revealing. It’s called simple projection. Let me correct something, I don’t believe you to be racist or facist. But you are a useful idiot to those who are……
        At least you’re Useful😂

        1. “We are a Representative Republic, not a DEMOCRACY”

          This is correct. America was designed so that only rich land owners – the political elites – could vote and hold high office.

          The average person it was thought was just too stupid to be permitted to vote for the countries leaders.

          It has come to pass that the founding fathers were correct – at least for America. Americans just aren’t smart enough to elect competent leaders.

          Democracy is ignorant MOB Rule. as the Libertarians say.

        2. The Constitution establishes a federal democratic republic form of government. That is, we have an indivisible union of 50 sovereign States. It is a democracy because people govern themselves. It is representative because people choose elected officials by free and secret ballot.

          Ain’t learning fun.

          1. America was designed so that only rich land owners – the political elites – could vote and hold high office.

            The average person it was thought was just too stupid to be permitted to vote for the countries leaders.

            It has come to pass that the founding fathers were correct – at least for America. Americans just aren’t smart enough to elect competent leaders.

            Democracy is ignorant MOB Rule. as the Libertarians say.

    2. It’s impossible to know anything important about the survey sample itself or the method used to gather the data, as those details aren’t reported, which would be normal practice.

      1. This can be found by accessing the F&M poll website, but it is provided here.

        The survey findings presented in this release are based on the results of interviews conducted March 20 – 31, 2024. The interviews were conducted at the Center for Opinion Research at Franklin & Marshall College. The data included in this release represent the responses of 870 registered Pennsylvania voters, including 390 Democrats, 356 Republicans, and 124 Independents.[1] The sample of voters was obtained from Aristotle. All sampled respondents were notified by mail about the survey. Interviews were completed over the phone and online depending on each respondent’s preference. Survey results were weighted (age, gender, education, geography, vote history, and party registration) using an iterative weighting algorithm to reflect the known distribution of those characteristics. Estimates for age, geography, and party registration are based on active voters within the Pennsylvania Department of State’s voter registration data. Gender and education are estimated using data from the November 2022 CPS Voter Registration Supplement.

        The sample error for this survey is +/- 4.0 percentage points when the design effects from weighting are considered. The sample error for questions based on subgroups is larger. The sample error for the two-way presidential horse race question (n=431) is +/- 5.7% and the sample error for the multi-candidate presidential horse race question (n=430) is +/- 5.7%. In addition to sampling error, this poll is also subject to other sources of non-sampling error. Generally speaking, two sources of error concern researchers most. Non-response bias is created when selected participants either choose not to participate in the survey or are unavailable for interviewing. Response errors are the product of the question and answer process. Surveys that rely on self-reported behaviors and attitudes are susceptible to biases related to the way respondents process and respond to survey questions.

      2. Reporting how the sample is selected is of upmost importance to anyone who has a knowledge of grade 8 mathematics.

        The Vast Bulk of Americans can’t add or subtract, so they are incapable of understanding simple concepts like a random sample, sample sizes, averages, standard deviation etc.

        They should go on tic tok flag down some Chinese 12 year olds and have them explain the concept to them.

    3. This information can be found at the F&M poll website in the topline report, but is provided here for all.

      Q: What is the name of the county you live in? (This was aggregated into regions)
      32% – Philly and Southeast
      30% – Central
      19% – Allegheny & Southwest
      12% – Northeast
      8% – Northwest

  11. So PA voters are slowly regaining their sanity? Crazy MAGA GOP seem to be wilting, as more of them get arrested and go to prison.

    1. Thank goodness we going to have four extra years of Biden. I think of him every time I pay my rent and buy groceries.

      1. So, worldwide inflation experienced as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic is somehow Joe Biden’s fault even though inflation in the USA is markedly lower than the rest of the world?

        1. Don’t confuse the MAGAt monkeys.

          It makes them constipated and then they start throwing their poop.

        2. You would have better luck teaching your cat to play poker than get logic thru the skulls of these people…
          Youtube and Facebook told them Biden made eggs more costly and thats the story they are going with!

          1. The egg price increases were largely due to large cull of chickens that were diseased, and killed to prevent the spread of the bird flu.

            MAGAts didn’t know birds could carry disease and insist that it will go away if you wash them with bleach.

      2. Why do you constantly think of Biden?

        Do you have some kind of sick old man fetish?

        Or do you think that biden has a knob behind his desk with which he sets the price of your beans and rice?

        LOL… Republicans are such worthless fools.

    2. They typical trend in Cult insanity is for the Cult to grow ever more insane and then either explode into fragments or to commit mass suicide.

      I’m all for the Suicide option for MAGAts.

      It will remove their mindless insanity from American culture faster than just waiting for them to die out from old age.

      Either way, America is going no where for at least 2 generations.

      China wins.

  12. Trump must be defeated in a massive turnout on Nov.5, 2024. To check your Voter Registration go to Got there also to obtain your Mail-In or Absentee Ballot, find your Election Poll Location. To obtain a sample ballot go to And “to make it so,” go to Trump is a criminal, a insurrectionist, a classified document thief, a corrupt violator of the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution & Federal Election Campaign Finance laws accepting over $7.8 Million in fees from foreign governments & companies from his properties while he was in office. He also ripped off the Secret Service guarding him by bilking them for staying on his properties. He also ordered Air Force 1 to land in Scotland while traveling around the world so the Flight Crew could stay at his Golf Resort there to help prop it up financially. Does anyone want this inept, incompetent, vile, vulgar, ignorant, and unfit man in charge of the next Pandemic after over a million of us died because of his failed leadership? Remember in November! Vote for Biden/Harris and all Democrats on the Ballot. It is a choice between democracy or fascism & chaos.

    1. You’re witnessing fascism right now bozo.

      Forcing industry to bend to the will of government is the definition of fascism.

      Trying to keep your opponents off the ballot.

      Using lawfare as a weapon.

      That’s fascism.

      1. Ya know, the lawsuit to keep Trump off the Colorado ballot was from a GOP contender. Are you suggesting the GOP are fascists, or were you simply unaware and parroting the misinformed?

      2. I think not: Trump & MAGA hate America and it’s democracy: Putin sympathizer

        Biden getting it done, for “WE THE PEOPLE ” …Not just the wealthy!

        True Americans: Only fly one flag…🇺🇸

        MAGA Cult: Fly Trump:

        True Americans Pledge Their Allegiance to America ,and sing the National Anthem

        MAGA CULT: Pledge their Allegiance to Trump, and Sign The Jan 6, insurrection song;

        “Justice for All” is a charity record by former United States President Donald Trump and the J6 Prison Choir, a choir of about 20 men imprisoned for their involvement in the January 6 United States Capitol attack.

        1. Carry Briben’s depends and give the gravy brain a dose. DOJ/fbi con artists destroyed their credibility with Briben’s obvious criminal culpability in possessing TS docs. Media con artists with 90% negative stories on Trump. Vote Briben to vote for China, Russia and Mexico.

        2. Biden is definitely not for the people. He doesn’t care. Also, Jan 6 was bad but not Trump’s doing, no matter how hard the media pushes the narrative. No matter how hard you wish it to be true. Have you looked into some of these people who were sentenced? Some deserve it but there are people caught up in these prosecutions who had zero nefarious intentions.

          Liberals have way more than one flag. The BLM flag is as anti American as it gets. #QueersForPalestine. You people are just so smart and logical. Some liberals, no joke, consider the American flag hate speech.

          If I saw someone burning the American flag in the street, and I had to bet my life whether they supported Trump or Biden, def a Biden supporter. You know its true but you’ll never say it out loud.

          Haven’t even touched on Biden’s corruption.

          1. Jan 6th was being planned and carried out for 2 months leading up to Jan 6th, Jan 6th was just the cover under which the fake electors scheme that was being coordinated by the Whitehouse’s bag men and women could be executed. I know you don’t have any idea what im talking about because your head is buried under the rubble of right wing propaganda, but if you wish to understand what Jan 6th was all about you need to understand what the fake electors scheme was and how John Eastman, Sydney Powel and Rudy Ghouliani were up to behind the scenes. And if you think they were all doing this without the knowledge of that orange fool, I have some swamp land to sell you.

      3. Here in Florida Gov. DeSantis has attempted to bend Disney to the will of the government. You might have read about it.

        Lawfare, like the word “woke”, is being misused in the press and certain government circles. Lawfare was first coined in 2001 by Maj. General Charles Dunlap to refer to the use of laws instead of military might to fight our enemies. Primarily he was speaking about the conflict in the China seas area of the far East. More and more politicians are misusing words and terms in their brainwashing of the American population.

      4. “Forcing industry to bend to the will of government is the definition of fascism.”

        LOL – Thank you for publicly illustrating that Republicans have no idea what Fascism is.

        What is fascism in simple words that fascists might be able to understand?

        Fascism is a far-right form of government in which most of the country’s power is held by one ruler or a small group, under a single party. Fascist governments are usually totalitarian and authoritarian one-party states.

      5. “Forcing industry to bend to the will of government” where is this being done via legislation?

        You people live in a bizarre world of conspiracy theory and rage, its no wonder you can’t get your lives together, the amount of energy you give to this craziness you could be working on your career, education, family ties, mental and physical health. This online world is brain poison, why can’t you see that?

        Take a weekend off from your phone and computer, go fishing, walk in the park, have a bonfire with friends, BBQ, I guarantee you come Sunday night we will feel much better.

    2. We’re witnessing the greatest chaos this country had since the Great Depression. Do you want more?

      1. It isn’t about wanting more… You are going to get more no matter how you slice it.

        Americans have allowed multiple social problems to fester for decades and all are now coming to a head at the same time. Climate Change, Cultural Rot, the rise of Republican Fascism, the lowering of American IQ, etc.

        And now you have AI to contend with – something that is coming for everyone’s jobs over the next 10 to 20 years.

        The Capitalist plan for the mass unemployment from AI competition in the work place is your starvation.

        The American people have no other plans because they don’t have high enough IQ’s to formulate a plan.

        Bye Bye…
        China wins.

  13. There is no reason for anyone to vote for Trump. He failed miserably when he got the chance in 2016, same as he has with any venture his entire life.

    1. A vote for a lying OPEN BORDER BIDEN will result is continued destruction of our Constitution, and the security and safety of country with those who want to promote, a communistic socialist country.

        1. MAGA have nobody to blame but themselves for the border crisis at this point! MAGA Republicans wrote up the current border bill, the Democrats voted yes for it, Biden said he passed it.

          Because criminal citizen narcissist Trump has run on he needs a crisis and the border with it! Trump made it clear he told the MAGA Republicans vote no for their own bill!

          It’s clear the MAGA party works for one citizen “TRUMP” screw the rest of you pee ons…

          In order to pass legislation and send it to the President for his or her signature, both the House and the Senate must pass the same bill by majority vote. If the President vetoes a bill, they may override his veto by passing the bill again in each chamber with at least two-thirds of each body voting in favor.

      1. MAGA have nobody to blame but themselves for the border crisis at this point! MAGA Republicans wrote up the current border bill, the Democrats voted yes for it, Biden said he passed it.

        Because criminal citizen narcissist Trump has run on he needs a crisis and the border with it! Trump made it clear he told the MAGA Republicans vote no for their own bill!

        It’s clear the MAGA party works for one citizen “TRUMP” screw the rest of you pee ons…

        In order to pass legislation and send it to the President for his or her signature, both the House and the Senate must pass the same bill by majority vote. If the President vetoes a bill, they may override his veto by passing the bill again in each chamber with at least two-thirds of each body voting in favor.

      2. Not sure how open borders are destroying your constitution.

        Are you keeping the velum on some walkway that the immigrants need to step on?

        What you Right Wing Retards want is to be protected from Immigrant competition in the workplace.

        You want a nanny state to protect your job from people who will work better and for less money.

        What happened to the Republican demand for the Nanny State to be obliterated?


    2. I will take his failure over any success Gravy brain has had. Everything he touches turns to doodoo before the

      1. Is this a news story or commentary? When you say Penn is going in a positive direction, please elaborate what positive issues are you referencing.

        awaiting your response.

    3. You just don’t understand. Trump is the return of Christ.

      The eclipse happening over America on the 8th is proof of that.


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