F&M Poll: People All Over the Map on Health Care

William Shatner stars in a metaphor for PA public opinion on health care
William Shatner stars in a metaphor for PA public opinion on health care

Wonder why Republicans in Congress do not know how to proceed with healthcare?  This poll shows the political difficulties all sides face.  People have a wide range of opinions, many of them contradictory, on healthcare and the Affordable Care Act.

The latest F&M poll shows Pennsylvanians are all over the map in their opinions on the state of healthcare in the country, and the effects of the ACA.

A majority, 60%, of voters only want to see a few minor changes to the ACA.  29% of voters though want to see the ACA repealed in its entirety.  Only 9% think is should stay mostly as it currently is.  

This contrasts with the majority of voters surveyed, 53%, who said the healthcare system in the United States has so many problems that it needed to be completely rebuilt.  43% said that the system works pretty well and needs minor changes.  

Those results contrast with the 49% who said the ACA has made the healthcare system better for most Americans.  41% believe it has made the system worse for people. 6% of voters said the ACA has not changed the healthcare system for most Americans.  

Asked about their own families, 51% of voters who said they are the same now as they were before the ACA became law. 19% said they were better off, and 28% said they were worse off.  

The wide and sometimes contradictory answers highlights the difficulty that legislators and interest groups across the state and the country have for messaging about the law.

Franklin & Marshall surveyed 816 registered voters from February 15-19. Respondents were contacted by letter and given the choice between phone interview or online interview. The margin of error is plus or minus 5 percent.

4 Responses

  1. Like any issue – it depends on how it benefits/does not benefit you on how you feel about the issue. I’m loosing confidence in poll numbers since so many people DO NOT have landlines so how do they get a fair/good sample of opinions????? Certainly were wrong about the 2016 Election!

  2. How about they fund the American Citizens health care with American Citizens Tax dollars. Gee maybe they could offset the cost’s of the Health care for Americans by cutting the amount of Tax Dollars used for Oh I don’t know maybe Foreign Aid ! Maybe instead of giving Tax Dollars to Foreign Countries spend it on American Citizens Health Care.

  3. It looks like they polled mostly Democrats. 51 percent identified as Democrats or leaning Democrat, with 53 percent having voted mostly for Democratic candidates in recent elections. They have a lot of support for Democratic Party agenda items and don’t show much confidence in President Trump..

    The poll certainly made the DNC happy as it gave them the results they wanted regarding health care reform. After all, 48 percent of those polled think that the ACA made things better. You’d be hard-pressed to find many Republicans believing that, or even saying it if they did.

    All the F&M survey really tells us is that if you poll a heavily Democratic sample, you will get a lot saying they favor the ACA and other Democratic party agenda items, such as increased gun control.

  4. Must have polled only Republicans. Explains why Repeal and Replace became repeal and then?????, which has morphed into “repair”. Did we really expect GOP Congress to THINK?

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