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F&M Poll: Pres. Obama’s Approval Hits 40%

President-ObamaThe President’s approval ratings continue to inch upward.

The latest Franklin & Marshall poll shows Barack Obama’s numbers slowly yet steadily rising.

Altogether, 40% approve of the job the President is doing with 14% saying he’s doing an “excellent job” and 26% a “good job”. On the other hand, 60% disapprove with 42% stating the President’s done a “poor job” and 18% responding that it has been “only a fair job”.

While these numbers aren’t exactly setting the world on fire, they are the President’s best since May 2013 and are considerably better than his predecessor’s at a similar point in time.

President Approval Chart 

Broken down by demographic, President Obama received a positive job rating from the following groups: Extremely liberals (84/16), Philadelphia residents (81/19), Slightly liberals (73/26), Nonwhites (73/27), Democrats (68/31), Allegheny residents (64/36), other, unaffiliated religion (53/47), under 35 years-old (52/48), not a gun owner (52/48), Single, never married (51/49), and Females (50/49).

Finally, the President’s favorability rating is at 47% (28% strongly, 19% somewhat) with his unfavorable rating at 48% (41% strongly, 7% somewhat).

This poll was conducted by the Center for Opinion Research at Franklin & Marshall College. They surveyed 614 registered Pennsylvania voters from October 19th to October 25th. The margin of error is +/- 3.9%.

10 Responses

  1. Health care costs would have risen even higher if the Affordable Care Act wasn’t implemented.
    There is no reason reason to REFORM something that WAS working in the country’s best interests.
    Health insurance reform was long overdue

    More people are covered; premium rates increases have slowed down ; pre-existing conditions are not allowed.
    The insurance industry in general and arch conservatives don’t care about the general public.

  2. Why is it in my best interests to vote Democrat? I’m now paying over $1000 more per year for health insurance than I was before. And no doubt my taxes will be even higher if Hillary gives everybody free college and lets all 20 million illegal immigrants stay here and get on the dole.

  3. Dream on Jim Marshak! Stop voting against your own economic interests why don’t you?!

  4. Of course, if you don’t Obama you must be a racist. I hope Ben Carson wins just so I can call you libs racists every time you criticize him.

    Get some new material.

  5. Of the 60% that disapprove, 100% listen to Rush and get their info exclusively from Fox (propaganda) News.

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