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F&M Poll: Pres. Obama’s Approval Inches Up to 42%

President-ObamaSlowly but steadily President Obama’s numbers in PA continue to improve.

According to the latest Franklin & Marshall poll, Pres. Obama’s approval rating has hit 42%, his highest number since May 2013.

Of that 42%, 13% say the President is doing an “excellent job” while 29% say it is a “good job”. Meanwhile 57% disapprove, with 18% saying he’s doing a “fair job” and 39% a “poor job”.

Historically, President Obama is pulling away from President George W. Bush.

Presidential Ratings February 2016 

Broken down by demographic, President Obama received a positive job rating from the following groups: Extremely Liberal (84/15); Slightly Liberal (83/17); Democrats (70/29); Nonwhites (69/29); Philadelphia residents (64/35); Religiously unaffiliated (59/40); Allegheny residents (55/45); Single, never married (54/45); Non-gun owners (53/46); Not currently married (52/47); Southeast residents (52/48); and Moderates (49/49).

Finally, 50% of respondents have a favorable view of Barack Obama, his best rating since October 2013.

This poll was conducted by the Center for Opinion Research at Franklin & Marshall College. They surveyed 985 registered Pennsylvania voters from February 13th to February 21st. The margin of error is +/- 3.1%.

5 Responses

  1. HaHaHa must be a Penn State Alum. He probably has an altar to JoPa in his basement with all the Penn Stae crap he’s purchased over the years. WHO CARES?!

    As far as Obama goes. He’s a lame duck. He” do more damage in his last few remaining months in office than he’s done in the entire 7 years he’s held office. Good riddance to the Kenyan and his foreign occupation regime.

  2. “Extreme liberals” must have had a lobotomy, or, an IQ under 85—Obama is a corporate Dem and a neo-liberal ( a corporate, neo-conservative)….of course, progressive on social issues–Big Deal, most Dems are—but a Republican on economic/trade/corporate rights–ie: TPP, Wall Street, dud, duh, duh, while his rhetoric is the opposite—just another lying Dem in bed with Wall Street………..Extreme liberals are extremely gullible, aka “Limousine liberals” they have not read or studied anything since the 1960s, apparently. For a refresher 101 course try: You people are DINOs. Subscribe to Truthout and get free daily emails, kind of like Cliff Notes..

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