F&M Poll: President Obama’s Approval Rating Steady at 34%

Barack ObamaThroughout his presidency, President Obama’s approval ratings have been uncommonly steady. That is no different in the Keystone State.

The latest Franklin and Marshall poll found the President with a 34% approval rating among Pennsylvanians, the exact same number from June.

Obama’s ratings are hurt by the fact that just 56% of Democrats say he is doing an “excellent” or “good” job. Only 21% of independents answered that way as well.

According to a graph provided by the polling institution, Pres. Obama’s approval rating has remained roughly in the mid-30’s to mid-40’s in the F&M polls since the initial honeymoon phase of his presidency ended about five months in. At the moment, his numbers are slightly higher than George W. Bush’s were at this point in his presidency.

Besides Democratic respondents, Obama’s rating stands at 50% or above for the following groups: Extremely Liberal (55%), Somewhat Liberal (63%), Nonwhite (68%) and Philadelphia residents (50%).

Interestingly, there is a rather large gender gap with 44% of women saying he’s done an “excellent” or “good” job compared to 24% of men.

One silver lining for Democratic candidates worried about the President’s effect on this year’s elections is that Obama still has an approval rating ten points higher than Governor Corbett.

This poll surveyed 520 Pennsylvanians and was conducted from August 18 to 25. The margin of error is plus or minus 4.3%.

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  1. Congressive says:

    This disconnect between record private sector economic growth and Obama’s rating is proof of the power of conservative media to shape public opinion. And it’s sad.

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