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F&M Poll: Trump 33% Kasich 30% Cruz 20%

The Pennsylvania GOP Presidential primary is a toss-up.

That’s the conclusion of the latest Franklin & Marshall poll.

Donald Trump still leads the field with 33% but his lead has shrunk. John Kasich has doubled his support since last month and now sits at 30%. Ted Cruz rounds out the field at 20% while 17% still don’t know.

F&M GOP March 2016 

When broken down by demographic, Kasich leads among quite a few categories of Republicans including: Slightly liberals, Moderates, those over 55, those with a college degree, those making more than $75K, Protestants, non-gun owners, Allegheny residents, Central PA residents, Southeast PA residents, and those who are retired.

Meanwhile, Cruz even leads with Extremely conservative voters and Born-Again Christians.

Additionally, the undecided respondents were asked who they leaned toward. 25% chose Cruz as compared to 16% and 13% for Trump and Kasich respectively.

PA’s primary election is set for April 26th.

This poll was conducted by the Center for Opinion Research at Franklin & Marshall College. They surveyed 312 registered Republican voters from March 14th to March 20th. The margin of error is +/- 5.4%.

6 Responses

  1. The more delegates he wins, the less likely it is that Trump has enough delegates to win the first ballot of the convention. After the first ballot, it could be anyone from Kasich to Sarah Palin walking out with the nomination, depending on how the delegates are stacked and how the elites want it to go.

  2. Kasich a former managing director for Lehman Brothers and a party hack of the worst kind- backed by the old incompetent PA RiNO establishment- he represents the worst possible choice for the GOP. If they steal the nomination from Trump or Cruz – republican candidates in the general election will be swept from office- this year voters will reject the tired out incompetents who have run our politics by default- retire the good ole boys- we need new blood or PA will go heavily democratic

  3. @Rutherford – while you’re mostly correct, 17 of PA’s delegates are at-large and will be winner take all. Even those 17 could prove the difference between Trump getting or not getting to 1237.

  4. HaHaHa…ALL Pennsylvania elected delegates in PA are directly elected and uncommitted. It doesn’t matter who the voters vote for…the only thing that matters is which delegates they vote for.

  5. DD – If Cruz is out by the PA Primary, who do his votes go to? Same Q for if Kasich is out.

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