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F&M Poll: Wolf Starts Re-election on Solid Footing

Governor-Wolf4In the latest F&M poll Governor Tom Wolf’s numbers are ahead of former Governor Tom Corbett’s numbers at the same point in 2013. It should help with his push on the budget and heading into the cycle for his re-election.  

Wolf’s job approval rating of 38% is 12 points ahead of Corbett’s.  Wolf earned two points higher for an excellent ratings getting 4% and is 10 points above Corbett among those who say he is doing a good job with 34%.  Wolf’s disapproval numbers are at 35% saying fair, and 19% responding with poor.  

Wolf does face an uphill battle for re-election in the central and southwest parts of the state, where just 29% and 27% approve of his job performance respectively.  Wolf has an even 42/42 split with voters under the age of 35.  

Wolf’s favorability is also higher by 16 points over Corbett’s, standing at 41%.

Wolf’s major theme of 2014 was education, and it is looking like he will continue to make that a major part of his re-election campaign.  But only 16% viewed education as the most important problem facing the state, compared with a high of 30% in 2014.  

The poll will give Wolf some ammo in the the debate over his proposal to raise the minimum wage.  61% of those surveyed are in favor of his proposal to raise it to $12 an hour.  

Franklin & Marshall surveyed 816 registered voters from February 15-19. Respondents were contacted by letter and given the choice between phone interview or online interview. The margin of error is plus or minus 5 percent.

F&M calculates job approval differently than most pollsters that tends to result in lower ratings – regardless of party. Respondents choose between a rating of excellent, good, fair, and poor. The approval numbers are pulled from the excellent and good categories.

10 Responses

  1. Former Lower Merion Constable is running against Wolf in the 2018 Democratic Primary

  2. Someone could choose “fair” for Tom Wolf and still vote for him. I think his numbers maybe better than shown here. I would feel confident if I was him.

  3. I am excited to work to get Wolf re elected. These numbers aren’t great, but so much better than Corbett’s, and disgust at Trump will help him stay in place. Plus in Philly young people are mobilizing like never before and the GOP candidates are not looking remotely appealing. This is pretty good news and will hopefully just get better as things are closer.

  4. So Mr. Wagner, we have drapes for the executive residence in a lovely shade of mauve, or more traditional sea foam, which do you prefer?

  5. Tom Wolf is finished. Anyone who has ever taken Poli Sci 101 (which the author obviously hasn’t) can look at these numbers and know Wolf is toast.

  6. These numbers are HORRIBLE! Comparing them to a guy who got smoked in historic fashion (Corbett) is laughable. Job approval rating of 38 percent and favorability rating of 41% means this gov is going to be one term and done.

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