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Follow The Money: Democratic Governor

Josh Shapiro

Our third look at the money involved in the 2022 primary election is focused on the presumptive Democratic nominee for governor – Josh Shapiro.



The sitting Attorney General for the Commonwealth submitted a 1,941-page campaign finance report which revealed contributions and receipts totaling $4.5 million and a war chest of over $16 million heading into the second quarter of 2022.

There are approximately 8,587 gifts – covering over 1,400 pages of the document – under $250 that combine for over $538,000. There are approximately 1,307 gifts over $250 that add to $2.5 million. 

Finally, there are 41 gifts of over $250 from political action committees that total $1.03 million. 

Shapiro’s top donors include PSEA-PACE, the political action committee of the Pennsylvania State Education Association; Local 066 PAC Club; the Local 19 Sheet Metal Workers Union League for Political Education; and two individuals – Chris Larsen, executive chairman of Ripple, and John Middleton, owner and managing partner of the Philadelphia Phillies.

The funds go to travel, advertising – TV, print and digital – and payments to staff, consultants and campaign finance advisers.

We dove into the campaign finance report and share the following with you. 


Josh Shapiro

Raised Q1: $4,529,178.86

  • Gifts Under $50: $427,348.55
  • Gifts Between $50-$250: $538,392.96
  • Gifts from Political Committees: $1,030,732.06

Cash On Hand: $16,006,342.43

Top Donors

  • PSEA PACE for State Elections ($350,000)
  • Local 066 PAC Club ($200,000)
  • Local 19 Sheet Metal Workers Union League for Political Education ($100,000)
  • Christian Larsen, chairman, Ripple ($100,000)
  • John Middleton, part owner, Philadelphia Phillies ($100,000)


5 Responses

  1. Describing payments to political campaigns as a “gift” does not seem quite right.
    Just as the word “donation” makes payments to candidates’ campaigns sound like selfless giving to a charity, the word “gift” does not capture the possible (probable?) transactional nature of many of these payments. “Gift” and “donations” suggest that nothing is expected in return. Maybe it would be better to avoid speculating on the motives behind these payments by calling them by the neutral term used on the checks themselves: “Pay to the order of . . .” That is, they are payments.

  2. Snow, wind and rain. That sounds like the bogus Dem forecast for the future of PA if GOP are in govt. Truth is that GOP brings more good govt to PA without racism and demagoguery that Dems espouse.

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