Following Dems, GOP Groups Leave PA-8

Fitzpatrick, left, and Boockvar

This afternoon, Democratic congressional hopeful Kathy Boockvar sent her supporters an urgent fundraising request.

“We just received news that outside groups with unlimited resources are flooding the Philadelphia media market with $2 million in ads,” she wrote. “We need your help today to make sure we have the resources we need to fight back.”

There’s good news for her: she’ll need a lot less in order to fight back. That’s because only about $130,000 of the $2 million she cited will ever see the light of day. The remaining $1.87 million in GOP ad buys has been withdrawn.

She faces Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick (R-Bucks).

On Monday, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee canceled plans to spend about $1.4 million on television ads in the Philadelphia market. Half of that was to boost Boockvar, another half for a candidate in New Jersey. That followed a similar cancellation the week before.

In response, the National Republican Congressional Committee canceled its plans to spend a similar amount in PA-8.

Ditto the Congressional Leadership Fund super PAC. It had $1.6 million ready to go in the Philly market, but this week cut that back to $650K. Every dime of that is earmarked to help Republican Rep. John Runyan in New Jersey’s 3rd district.

What’s left? The PAC of the National Association of Realtors. They will continue to air a pro-Fitzpatrick ad through the last week of October on cable, at a cost of about $130K.

Boockvar and Fitzpatrick are still on TV, too. Fitzpatrick has about $750,000 scheduled to go on TV from now until election day. His $1 million ad flight began on Oct. 10th, when he allocated $805K for network TV and $195K for cable.

Boockvar, according to a GOP media buying source, has only about $60,000 scheduled through October 22 – all on cable. Her campaign goes week-to-week on TV buys, so details on her final two weeks are impossible to come by (her campaign declined to comment on TV strategy).

PA-8 is one of the most cable-friendly districts in the nation (high saturation vis-a-vis network TV and the district has just 3 markets). Nonetheless, she faces an uphill battle.

On the bright side for Boockvar, she’s doing well in the print media. She picked up the endorsement of the Philadelphia Inquirer Wednesday. Here’s the gist:

[Fitzpatrick’s] party-line votes to repeal the health-care overhaul and approve budgets that would gut federal programs, maintain tax cuts for the wealthy, and threaten traditional Medicare, and it becomes clear that Fitzpatrick is cozying up to tea-party policies far from his district’s mainstream.

Fortunately, voters have an alternative in Boockvar, 43, a voting-rights attorney. Like Fitzpatrick, she wants to boost jobs by cutting corporate tax rates and trimming red tape for small businesses. But she also wants to pass cost-containment measures missing from the Affordable Care Act, rather than jettison it without a viable alternative, which is what Fitzpatrick would do.

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  1. Thank you so much for share such a stunning site and article.I love all the post.I will share with other friends.

  2. Mr. Sklaroff, the representation of of Veronica Jones while she was changing her testimony in the Mumia case was not while they were partnered in Boockvar & Yeager. However within a year of being involved with this well funded defense team of Mumia, Jordan Yeager and Kathy Boockvar did open their law firm together.
    She is more despicable as she directly profitted off of the case and wants to deny any connection.

  3. Radical Kathy Brockbar wants to give tax deductions for sex changes. She supports their efforts to classify sex changes as medical expenses. FACT!

  4. So Susan, you are comfortable with a congressional candidate that holds fundraisers at male strip clubs?

    Also, please post which item on the radical Kathy tumblr page is incorrect and then support that with a source so that we can all make sure that you are correct.
    See that is the greatest failure you have made, everything is sourced because if it is not accurate it is slanderous and or libelous.

    Also, the best part about the connection is that Kathy Boockvar has brought it up herself more than anyone else. She is attacking herself everytime she mentions the ads.

  5. Dr Sklaroff
    The data on the website about the mumia connection is not data. It is slime.
    The facts stand on their own and the guilt by association accusation was beneath contempt.
    And such an accusation trashes the 14th amendment. Shame on the campaign, shame on Fitzpatrick for allowing the trashing of an opponent with that slime and with the overt sexual comments made about her, especially the one about not having a “gag reflex” as it relates to an act suggesting she participates. How this woman kept her dignity is testament to her strength and character. And the refusal to denounce the crap defines Fitzpatrick.

  6. Marie, way to come late to that party only after the cable news picked it up.

    Is that really the only criticism you have? You’re grasping for straws with that and you know.

  7. First, one need look no further than noting Mitt’s having chosen a ♀ to serve as Lieutenant Governor to recognize how his focus on quality has superseded any claim of sexism.

    Second, as is typical of the Inqy, it cites and then mischaracterizes a claim [“The GOP smear campaign labeling Boockvar ‘Radical Kathy’ is unfounded and an insult to the district’s many independent voters.”] without even confronting any of the data on that website.

    Finally, the aggregate-message of the recent $-news on this website is that Mike is going to do just fine…but still would benefit from maximal/ongoing educational efforts.

  8. Why do we need more legislators like Ms. Boockvar? Governor Romney reminded me Tuesday evening with his “binders full of women” comment.

  9. Boockvar has too many people on payroll and she herself has branded herself witht he Mumia Image.
    The Polling shows she is down by a lot and that is why the DCCC has bailed on her completely. This was a prime spot for them to pick up with having a registration advantage, Why else would they bail on her?

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