Former Ag Secretary Wolff Enters Pennsylvania’s 11th Congressional District Race

Dairy farmer and former Pennsylvania Secretary of Agriculture Denny Wolff entered the race for the seat being vacated by Congressman Lou Barletta (R-Luzerne) in the 11th congressional district of Pennsylvania. Releasing a video highlighting his agricultural background, Wolff focuses on his background and public service.

“When I look at the United States Congress, I don’t see many people that have lived the same kind of life that I have, the same kind of life my neighbors have” Wolff said in the video release. Born and raised in his Pennsylvania hometown, Wolff briefly moved to Harrisburg for 6 years to work for the farmers of his state.

A public service advocate as well, Wolff is president and chairman of Camp Victory, a camp he started after his youngest son was born with a life threatening liver disease. Extending his interests past farming, he works to help special need children get experiences their disease does not let them participate in otherwise.

Serving on the World Trade Organizations Agriculture Technical Committee under the Clinton and Bush administration, Wolff explains how he is ready to talk to different groups of rural and farm groups to align their needs with the dollars available to the state.

“If I’m elected I’m going to do the same thing, I’m going to talk to folks and make sure the voice I take to Washington aligns with what their needs are” Wolff expresses the need Washington has for more people like him.

You can view his announcement video below.

10 Responses

  1. Rumors around NEPA that Marsicano is seriously considering a run. Open seat, impressive showing last time in a big R election year. Most importantly very strong fundraiser as opposed to the announced Dems. Moderate D in a heavily gerrymandered R District. 55,000 votes in the dem primary in 16.

  2. Helpful information: Sec. Wolff served from 2003 to 2009 under the Rendell Administration. Solid record in that capacity.

  3. Dem doesn’t stand a chance in this district. Honestly, by far the best candidate they could put up. Accomplished man, Ag background to steal a lot of the independents and soft Rs. Money makes politics go ’round tho, so unless he can REALLY fund raise, he won’t stand a chance against Bloom or Meuser.

  4. “Wolff briefly moved to Harrisburg for 6 years to work for the farmers of his state.”

    Briefly moved… for six years.

    C’mon. This is just copy and pasting the dude’s press release.

  5. “Born and raised in his Pennsylvania hometown…”

    …where *else* would you be born and raised except your hometown?

    1. How rude!! He is probably not as old as you think. Remember he has been a dairy farmer, it is very hard work and not very many days off. Not many others could keep up with him. It is time we elect somone who can identify with all the working Pennsylvians, and is not beholden to any one in particular. If you must know, he is younger than the POTUS

      1. meuser is rich. who is he beholden to? age is significant. this is not the sort of person who can work for 20 yrs and establish seniority for the region

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