Former Agent Suing Kathleen Kane

Kane-sadKathleen Kane was already in legal trouble. Now she may be in financial trouble.

Claude Thomas, the former undercover agent involved in the Philly sting cases, is suing the Attorney General.

According to Craig R. McCoy and Angela Couloumbis of the Inquirer, Thomas is charging that Kane’s statement that he called the sting racially motivated is a lie.

Thomas, who is black, says that Kane’s allegation was a plot to “insidiously play the race card.”

Regular followers of the Kathleen Kane saga know that it was the Attorney General’s anger over this story that lead her to leak a retaliatory piece against Philadelphia prosecutor Frank Fina.

The investigation into that leak led a grand jury to recommend charges against Kane and James Barker’s firing after talking to that grand jury has caused a hearing to be called for the AG to answer questions over his dismissal.

If you’re confused at this point, don’t feel bad, the controversy surrounding the Attorney General has grown quite complicated.

At the center of this case is whether Kane lied about Thomas’ feelings about the case. Unfortunately for Kane, Thomas is not the only one who is claiming the AG is lying about what he said.

Her former top aide Adrian King testified last year that he warned her about leaking grand jury information. Kane said under oath that King supported the move.

Meanwhile, the hearing into the Barker firing is scheduled for this Monday, April 27th.

13 Responses

  1. @ Guzzardi:

    It’s great to note that you finally were able to criticize AG-Kane.

  2. Some think that AG Kane’s claims that that an undercover investigation was racially motivated were reckless and without substance as well as defamatory. This lawsuit will, likely, develop some detailed evidence surrounding the decision to end the investigation. The failure here was, in my opinion, not to charge but to close an investigation that was developing a lot of information about Philadelphia corruption. No telling where it would have led. And that may have been the point.

  3. Wow, this is easily the most disgusting and horrible comment thread I’ve ever seen, and I at least scan the comments for most of the articles here. You are truly grotesque people, and have actively contributed to the coarsening of our public life. For the love of god, PoliticsPA, please move the comments off the article page, into a separate forum section. You can even have a link at the bottom of each article to that article’s comment page, but give an option to those who don’t want to see this vileness if they accidentally hit the space bar one time to many.

  4. So, Bungy – is that your clever way of calling yourself a bung-hole? I bet you’re a big fan of kiddie porn too – a Friend of Frankie? Equating heterosexuality with porn-loving shows how disgustingly Sick you really are. Get professional help, for the sake of the women in your life.

  5. She will have to die her hair blond and do the commercials again. It is a shame, I actually like her and I agree, she is targeted because she called the boys out. I am glad she did.

  6. This Judge is a hack and this case is starting to grate my nerves. I never understood the fascination with this woman and was not a fan. But after watching this circus act of injustice I find myself rooting for the ol’ girl. Take them all down with you General. Wreck the train!

  7. And if Frankie is not ashamed of what’s on his hard drive, why does he keep that gag order in place, with the help of his VeryCloseFriend, “Judge” Carpenter? QED.

  8. This is getting ridiculous. This latest witchhunt – an abuse of legal process, really – is obviously bankrolled by that Corbett AG Alumni Group. They are simply TERRIFIED that Kane will relase what’s on their hard drives: some of the sickest, most deviant Porn the world has ever seen. Come of the closet, and fly your Freak Flag high, Freakie Frankie!

  9. Montco PA Dem, I’m pretty sure Seth Williams did not compel Kane to lie about having an affidavit that she didn’t have.

  10. Seems whenever you tug on a loose thread in this story, Seth Williams is hanging on the other end. What a strange (and largely unreported) coincidence.

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