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Former Congressional Candidate to Challenge State Rep. Scott Petri

By Elyse Clonan, Contributing Writer

State Representative Scott Petri of the 178th legislative district will be facing a challenge from “Taxpayer Party” Republican Gloria Carlineo in his re-election bid for the PA General Assembly.

The 178th district represents Upper Makefield, Wrightstown, Northampton Township, Solebury Township and New Hope Borough.  Petri, a Republican, has represented the district since 2003.

A Pennsylvania native, Petri is a graduate of Washington and Jefferson College (from which he graduated Cum Laude) and Villanova University School of Law.  He serves as an attorney with Begley, Carlin & Mandio, LLP where he primarily works with matters concerning municipal law, banking, wills, estates and real estate.

As a member of the General Assembly, Petri has served on the Liquor Control, Local Government and Health Committes, where he chairs the Life Sciences Caucus.  He was appointed the chariman of the Life Sciences Advisory Task Force, which focuses on bio-science economic development and job creation in Pennsylvania.  This year Petri was appointed vice chairman of the House Appropriations Committee.  Rep. Petri has also dedicated his efforts in Harrisburg to establishing an Office of Children’s Ombudsman to curb child abuse in the state of Pennsylvania.

Although Carlineo is also a Republican, she has declared herself “independent of the inept House Republican leadership” according to a report published by the Liberty Blog, a project of real estate developer, conservative activist and political donor Bob Guzzardi.

The Bucks County Local News reported that Carlineo announced her candidacy in late December.  She delineated her platform in a statement, declaring: “I am running for state representative because it’s time to reduce our massive government in Harrisburg. Not just talk about it, but do it! It’s time to end union and party boss control of our state and the politicians that they fund, and to bring the government back to the people. Change in Harrisburg needs to be based on small government Republican values, not on who can write the biggest check.”

Born in Puerto Rico, Carlineo moved to Tampa, Florida and attended the University of Florida and the University of Cincinnati, where she graduated Summa Cum Laude.  She later earned a JD from the University of Cincinnati College of Law and began a career in public affairs, first working for the Puerto Rican Affairs Administration and later for Republican Congressman Dan Burton (IN) in Congress.

Carlineo has been involved with Republican party since the early 1990’s and currently holds the title of committee woman for Upper Solebury Township.  She has served on commissions for Republican governors in Virginia and Ohio, and directed the Kids Voting Program in 2008 at the New Hope Solebury School district.

Most recently, Carlino campaigned for a seat in the US House of Representatives against incumbent Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick in 2010.  However, Carlineo was only able to raise about one-fifth of the funding that Fitzpatrick had and struggled to compete in the polls.  Fitzpatrick won the 2010 primary with 78.6% of the vote; Carlineo a distant second with 14.9%.

Rep. Petri did not return a request for comment.

18 Responses

  1. Someone please ask Ms Carlineo why she and her mother stayed on welfare rolls for the longest time in Puerto Rico???
    She is quite the hypocrite…

  2. Hey Lower Makefield, understand this:

    You win races by talking to people, knocking on doors and getting to events. Not by writing opinion pieces, emails and blogging.

    Also, in reference to re-districting, remember who controlled that in the house. Your boy Mike Turzai did, the crazy right-winger from the west. He sold you out to keep his minions safe.

    And Democrats, don’t forget, Santarsiero sold you all out in order to strengthen his seat. There is some strong dissension in the Bucks Democratic Caucus. Santarsiero screwed Davis and Galloway, the question is, are they smart enough to realize it.

    Finally, word around the Capitol is Santarsiero is ending up just like Shapiro. Not trusted by either party. Seems like his brand of Marseglia divisive politics is finally catching up to him.

  3. Wait, so Simon Campbell who has never been able to win anything more than a school board seat is now going to challenge the “thugs” in the County and State GOP? He has only been successful in defeating a near 70 year old man who could not run any sort of credible campaign. Scott Petri will be able to campaign for himself and has a record of not being an obstructionist in all government matters.

    It is truly a shame that Simon has infected people like Rob Ciervo who had a promising future. Unfortunately Simon and Andy Raffle (tweedle dee and tweedle dumber) ran Rob’s campaign into the ground by bring the attention of every one of their opponents to his campaign by constantly having their name in the papers. Instead of having Rob write opinion pieces he should have been talking to voters. The publicity resulted in a record amount of special interest money pouring into Santarsero’s campaign.

    But in true Simonesque fashion, Rob blames the Bucks County Delegation to Harrisburg for redistricting. Never mind the fact a neighboring district had a much closer race and a far more difficult registration ratio. I predict a Carlineo loss by 15 points and another $30,000 of her own money wasted ontop of the $90,000 she flushed down the toilet 2 years ago.

  4. What’s telling is I hear 7 of the 8 committee people from solebury will vote for Petri. Know the one who won’t? Gloria carlineo. Haha

  5. Rob:
    Come off it. Had you taken the time to come your pedestal and actually relate to voters you could have beaten santarsiero. Instead, you failed in the ultimate year for republicans. Look in the mirror. You’re a conceited self-righteous man who actually used the name “Dr. Robert Ciervo” on your signs. Way to relate to the normal people doc. The fact is, you’re an ultra-elitist academic who certainly isn’t a real doctor and talked down to the entire electorate. So while we were electing republicans in democratic districts across the state, the Yardley – Newtown area stayed blue.

    As for Campbell and gizzardi, they’re both bad people. I like what they stand for, but they’re like little kids who don’t get what they want and then take their ball home.

    Carlineo lost all respect in my eyes. Andy Raffle? Hahaha

  6. Rob:
    Simon recruited Dorothy Visolosky and Gallus Obert. Neither were good choices. Petri is not perfect but he has been a solid republican voice and someone who has represented the district well. I voted for him when he first ran against Carl Cherkin. He was always helpful to me as is the district office.

    You can not expect to win if you are determined to only represent a portion of the population. My prediction is the Petri wins with over 60% of the vote. Reason being he represents the entire community.

    Good luck in your endeavors you are going to need it. Gloria lost congress, school board and will lose this time around.

  7. Jimmy:
    Simon’s school board slate won this past year and now a majority on the school board are members that Simon helped to elect. I helped to elect another Republican to our Township Board of Supervisors.

    Bring facts or don’t bring it I always say.

    Gloria will give Republican primary voters in this area of Bucks County a choice as if they want a union Republican representing them in Harrisburg or a Taxpayer Republican.

  8. Bob,
    You give Simon way too much credit. His handpicked slate lost. Those who didn’t embrace Simon won. No matter he will be irrelevant after the next election as will Gloria.

  9. Simon Campbell has led fiscal common sense free market conservatives to a majority on the Pennsbury school board. I have met Gloria’s team and her consultant. They know what they are doing.

    Gloria Carlineo will receive no support from HRCC or BucksCo Republican Establishment. They have to protect a very, very obedient incumbent.

    Further, if Mike Turzai or any of the Harrisburg Hacks get near this campaign, it will not end well.

  10. Bob, Rob and Simon have yet to pick a winner. Gloria is doomed from the start. If the three of them could only get out of their own way they might be able to win one.

  11. Hey, Rep. Petri may not be the best PA state representative out there, but he certainly is the tallest. So, you know, that counts for something at least.

  12. No more of the same old, same old RINOs like Petri. Even Mike Fitzpatrick believes in term limits (8 years total) which, if applicable, would mean that Petri would have to choose a career path other than career politician. It’s not like career politicians become influenced by special interest groups in PA (sarcasm intended). Wish Carlineo the best.

  13. thanks Rob Ciervo. Rob Ciervo ran against Democrat Steve Santasiero in the 31st and lost by 162 votes getting no help from the geniuses at HRCC

    Rob raised a lot of money on his own and his a very smart guy with good policy positions. He is a real asset to Gloria Carlineo (who is door knocking as I type this).

    Scott Petri is a Perzel Republican

  14. Scott Petri stands with the liquor store clerks union and many other unions on far too many issues. People in Upper Makefield, Wrightstown and Richboro need to realize he’s out in Harrisburg representing the Philadelphia and Harrisburg union boss interests not our interests!

  15. Finally – fresh, new leadership for the GOP. Petri has been there for what, 10 years. Good case for term limits rights there.

    I supported Gloria in the Congressional Race and will do again now.

    Go Gloria!!!

  16. Gloria Carlineo is Independent of Leadership; the Unions, particularly PSEA, the BucksCo Republican Establishment and HRCC will coalesce against her.

    Simon Campbell is the campaign’s spokesperson.

    Simon Campbell and the PSEA’s to coerce union membership and PSEA’s legal right not to collect dues

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