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Former Governor Ridge Endorses Kasich

RidgeFormer Pennsylvania Governor and Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge announced his support for Ohio governor John Kasich for President.

With the end of original pick Jeb Bush’s campaign following a 4th place finish in South Carolina, the former Republican Governor has moved to endorse 5th place finisher John Kasich.

“I want to see proven conservative leadership in our nominee, not just the promise of conservative leadership, and that’s why John Kasich is my candidate. I’ve known him for more than 30 years, since we came to Congress together, and ‘ve always respected the way he successfully unites people of different views to enact conservative policies,” Ridge explained. “He did it in Ohio and helped turn around his state and he did it as chief architect of the balanced budget in Washington–something we haven’t seen since he left. John Kasich also has both the strong command of national security and foreign policy issues that a president needs as well as the executive experience it takes to actually be Commander-in-Chief. He is ready to be president on Day One.”

“Tom Ridge and I entered office together in 1982,” Kasich responded. “In Congress I knew a principled, resolute leader who understood how to work across the aisle to get things done for the people he served. In the years since he has distinguished himself through noble service to our country at a critical point in our nation’s history. To receive his stamp of approval is a tremendous honor for me, and I’m grateful for his offer of support and advice moving forward.”

Despite a 2nd place finish in New Hampshire, Kasich is in fourth place nationally according to recent polling. Kasich is planning to focus on Michigan’s March 8th primary and then his home state contest on March 15th.

10 Responses

  1. How sad. Tom Ridge is one of my heroes, but he supported Huntsman in 2012 and now another moderate-liberal RINO with Kasich. Tom, you are destroying your standing among the base that got you elected.

  2. Not too many complaints about the State pensions in 2001 when the fund was more than 100% and even before 2007 when it was above 90% after a drop due to 911. In the end, the Honorable Senators and Representatives will exempt themselves from any changes.

  3. Ridge endorsement should be good for a couple of votes, literally. No surprise, though. Erie is next door to Ohio.

  4. Tommy Terrific is a REAL RELIC of the past= he has already TOLD other Republicans who he and the other RINOs wont support- will guess what most People- not just Republicans will not support relics of a past era like Bush or Ohio Gov.. The Republican establishment is in for a shock- Republicans and moderates will hold their noses and vote Hiliary and other dems- rather than go back to past with dinosaurs like Ridge and Toomey!

  5. He is the person responsible for the pension mess and at the same time he increased the benefit package for the illustrious state legislators. Their benefit package went from Gold to Gold plated.

  6. “With the end of original pick Jeb Bush’s campaign following a 4th place finish in South Carolina, the former Republican Governor has moved to endorse 5th place finisher John Kasich.”

    What’s Ridge’s track record on endorsements?

  7. Hahaha, he’s the guy pretty much responsible for the pension mess is Harrisburg. Real smart guy, I hear.

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