Former Governors Call On Shapiro, Mastriano To Accept Results

Josh Shapiro, Doug Mastriano with microphones

In a show of unity, Pennsylvania’s four living former governors called on Democrat Josh Shapiro and Republican Doug Mastriano to accept the results and outcome of Tuesday’s election regardless of the victor.

Tom RidgeMark SchweikerEd Rendell and Tom Corbett penned a one-page letter to the candidates, stating that the election process will be “open and transparent,” and “overseen by thousands of Pennsylvanians who care deeply about fairness.”

Dear Gentlemen, As the Commonwealth’s four living former Governors, we share much in common as regards our beloved Pennsylvania. Most importantly we each hold the futures of our fellow Pennsylvanians as a priority and their democratic governance as sacred.

That is why we are writing to each of you today.

As the two major party nominees for Governor, one of you will soon be granted the privilege of leading our state forward. As each of us did, you will find it challenging and humbling. Our hope is that you will also find it exciting and rewarding. We did. Some days, we even felt all those emotions at once! Regardless, the responsibility placed on one of you will carry with it our hopes for your success.

Before that, however, will come an equally important responsibility for each of you: to accept the results of the November 8th election. Tomorrow millions of people will cast their ballots for Governor for one or the other of you. Those ballots will be counted. Recounts, if necessary, will be conducted. Discrepancies will be resolved and an outcome will be certified – just as we have done for hundreds of years. The process will be open and transparent – overseen by thousands of Pennsylvanians who care deeply about fairness.

We are asking you, as the leaders of the Pennsylvania Republican and Democratic parties, to pledge to honor that process, respect the law, abide the peoples’ will and support a peaceful transfer of power. In doing so you will demonstrate to all Pennsylvania candidates who will be looking to you for leadership that love of Commonwealth and Country must come above all.

Shapiro commented on the issue during a Friday campaign stop in Lancaster. “Austin and I have faith in the will of the people and also in the Republican and Democratic clerks of elections here in Lancaster and all across Pennsylvania. We’ll respect the outcome of the election and the will of the people.”

Mastriano has declined to answer questions on the trail about whether he would concede peacefully should Shapiro win.

6 Responses

  1. Clearly, the letter is aimed at the most incompetent candidate for Governor in the history of this great Commonwealth, Senator Mastriano. His campaign should be a textbook case on what not to do when running for Governor. It was a good letter and sincere. We all want the best for the great state of Pennsylvania.

  2. Mastriano will lose tomorrow, but will cry foul and cite the big crowds he was drawing in the final days of race and cured ballots. It’s going to be ugly.

  3. One last time I will remind you all…. DING DONG DOUG IS AN INSURRECTIONIST. He should have been disqualified from even having his name on the ballot. I’m sure he will not accept the results unless he wins.

    1. Dear Gulag. You must have never heard about Mrs. Clinton and Stacey Abrams, both of whom claim to this day that their elections were stolen. The tradition of disputing results goes all the way back to Thomas Dewey. In fact all the way to 1876 when Democrat Samuel Tilden disputed the election results that made Rutherford B. Hayes President. And you must know that it was the Republicans who saved the Union when southern Democrats pushed us into a civil war about slavery (remember that fellow named Lincoln?).

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