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Former LG Candidate Launches PAC to Support Progressive Candidates

Former Lieutenant Governor candidate Aryanna Berringer launched a new PAC aiming to support progressive candidates.

Berringer’s new PAC, Fight the Power PAC, will work as a point to build up small dollar donations for candidates according to the Tribune Review.  

“For far too long, the majority of us in Pennsylvania are left out and ignored.  The main reason? Pennsylvania has no contribution limits, so unless you are able to dump tens, if not hundreds of thousands, of dollars into (candidates’) coffers, they don’t care,” Berringer said.  

Berringer exited the Lieutenant Governor’s race citing the amount of money involved in politics and campaigns.  

“I saw I was not going to be able to compete against candidates who are being bankrolled by their mega-wealthy families.  All this money, they’re going to dump that into TV ads and people like me are going to get drowned out,” she said at the time.  

9 Responses

  1. Don’t sell her short. Maybe she won’t raise the big dollars right away, but raising small dollars can impact local races in 2019.

  2. LOL what a friggen joke man. Would have taken like…14th in the primary. You do understand that anyone can start a PAC right?? Like, my dog and I were talking and she might start her own PAC. This is hardily even news.

    1. Also Ms Berringer, how about a professional head shot? To be taken seriously you must be serious.

  3. She’s endorsed Cozzone. Cozzone was asked point blank in a Philly ward event if she was a Progressive, and she said, no. Makes it hard to trust Berringer’s judgement.

  4. “Fight the Power” is a phrase that is far too culturally significant to be associated with this opportunist’s next experiment.

    1. As a black woman, fighting political corruption and hypocrisy, pretty certain “Fight the Power” is exactly what’s she’s doing. Go home “Yikes” or at least use your real name ACS.

  5. Can’t raise money for herself but somehow she’s going to be a successful PAC fundraiser? Ok, Aryanna.

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