Former Prez Hopeful General Wesley Clark Steps Up For Maggi

Rep. Tim Murphy (left) and his challenger Larry Maggi.

Larry Maggi received some help in his quest for PA-18: a fundraising email from former presidential hopeful and Army General Wesley Clark.

In the email, Clark says that both he and Maggi are veterans, and that Maggi understands the sacrifices made by those in the armed services and will never stop fighting for them.

Clark goes on to say that despite Maggi’s honorable intentions, he is the “target of vicious attack ads bought and paid for by radical extremists who want to rollback important Democratic accomplishments that have made our country stronger and more prosperous.”

Sounds like a good platform for raising money, right?

The only problem is, thus far in the race for PA-18, no group has spent money to target Maggi.

The language in Clark’s email is likely universal for the candidates he is supporting in the 2012 campaign, but that didn’t stop Rep. Tim Murphy’s (R-Allegheny) campaign from calling out the email.

Tyler Foote, spokesperson for Tim Murphy, blasted the endorsement and called Maggi out of touch with southwestern PA values.

“No surprise Larry Maggi got his Beltway liberal allies engaged in this race, because Maggi shares the values of the Obama-Pelosi Team in shutting down coal and natural gas, expanding Obamacare, regulating American manufacturers into extinction and raising taxes on small businesses and middle class families,” Foote said.

“Those are not southwestern Pennsylvania values. The voters elect Congressman Murphy by double-digit margins because he’s working for them to keep the 911th Airlift Wing in Moon (Township), save southwestern Pennsylvania’s steel jobs and stop China from cheating on trade so we keep our local manufacturing base.”

The email from Clark should attract some additional attention to Maggi, albeit from both sides. Maggi has already shown that he can do some significant fundraising – as the best-funded challenge ever to Murphy – to give the Ds a shot at a pickup. But he is still trailing Murphy, and help from the Dems will stir up the GOP as they fight to retain the seat.

11 Responses

  1. “Middle Class” Maggi loaned himself a quarter of a million dollars – all money he “earned” by feeding from the public trough for four decades like a public-payroll pig. The only small business Larry ran was the Petit-Maggi Shakedown Scam. Has Sherrif Larry disclosed those bribes on his taxes?

  2. Read all about Larry Maggi funneling taxpayer dollars from the Sheriff office to pay for yard signs, bumper stickers, poll workers and all of his campaign activities for Commissioner. Investigative series written in 2002. But that is the least of Maggi’s worries -he is going to get walloped on his sleazy past. Everyone here is talking about Maggi Petit skeletons rolling out.

  3. Commissioners Maggi and Irey Vaughn should spend less time posting on PoliticsPa and campaigning for another office and more time earning their taxpayer funded salaries, per diems, meals, mileage, free healthcare for life, automatic pay raises and lifetime pensions! Larry, good to know you’ll pimp your coal working son in law for higher office, did you and Diana appoint him to that position too?

  4. Nate, I’m sorry I mean the Watchman, is Mr. Murphy not getting contributions from the gas and oil industry, the same committee that he sits on that regulates the industry and who else is on his list, is that a conflict Hmmmmm

  5. Tim Murphy, you are pathetic! Writing all these nonsense blogs…we all know Larry Maggi is the right guy for the change we need! Murphy’s spokesman and Murphy are so clueless to Maggi’s thoughts on Coal. If you do your research, you will see that Maggi’s son-in-law actually works in the coal industry…hmmm…do you really think he would want to shut down coal!?! Raising Taxes for small businesses and middle class…Maggi is from the middle class and is a former small business owner. Come on, try again Murphy campagin. Maggi is an upstanding individual and needs to remove Murphy from his seat! Murphy why won’t you do a debate!?! One thought only….he’s scared. Scared all his ethical violations will come to surface.

  6. Larry’s shakedown scams are right out of the John Petit Guide to Graft. When Larry was Petit’s sheriff he needed two suitcases to carry his “protection collections” from the number-running bars. One suitcase for the money and a second suitcase to carry all the “free” food.

  7. Well what do you know, Larry Maggi appoints another commissioners son for a county position after a maximum contribution to Larry Maggi for Congress. Read all about it in the Observer Reporter. They aren’t even embarrassed about it, they go on record defending it! Larry, corruption is spelled with 2 Rs just like your voter ID name.

  8. Larry lies about his own name to get his grubbing hands on campaign cash. Let Larry Vote. Yea, Larry won’t be able to vote when the head of elections is a patronage job he appointed himself! What other shameless ploys does he have up his sleeve to rake in more cash. Ask around the courthouse on how he’s shaking down his own employees. When low level secretaries write max out checks makes you gotta wonder the depths of corruption he’s running in good old boy (and one girl) Washington County. Maggi is a disgrace.

  9. If past is prologue, Pay-to-play Larry will soon be awarding a lucrative no-bid county contract to Wesley Clark Enterprises. When will Larry do the honorable thing and resign?Stop giving our tax dollars to your campaign contributors, Larry.

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