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Four Charged With Interference in the 197th House District Special Election

Attorney General Josh Shapiro, with Philadelphia District Attorney Kelley Hodge announced charges against four election officers for interference in the special election for the 197th state House seat.  

The four elections officers were the Judge of Election at poll 43-7 Dolores Shaw, Minority Inspector Calvin Mattox, Machine Inspector Thurman George, and Bilingual Translator Wallace Hill.  

“We’re here to announce charges against four individuals for interfering with a free and fair election for a seat in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.  But also to draw a clear line – ahead of next week’s election and during a time when the integrity of our country’s elections are under question – the sanctity of ‘one person, one vote’ must be and will be upheld here in Pennsylvania,”  Shapiro said in a statement announcing the charges.  

According to the release, the four were charged with “violating state laws that regulate elections, including frauds by election officers, interference with primaries and elections, prohibiting duress and intimidation of voters and interference with the free exercise of elective franchise, tampering with public records, conspiracy, and other offenses.”

“The four individuals charged as a result of this joint investigation have betrayed the trust that the citizens of Philadelphia have given them to ensure a free, fair, and unencumbered Election Day,” Hodge said.  

Republicans cried foul during the during the March 21st special election, and called for an investigation into the election, resulting in the charges filed.  In the announcement, Shapiro made it clear he did not believe the actions of the four charged affected the outcome of the election, but he “must protect the sanctity of Pennsylvania elections at all costs.”

5 Responses

  1. The sanctity of PA elections is a joke. How does electioneering in proximity to a polling place differ from fixing elections by political gerrymandering? Not defending any law brealing maybe done by these folks, but when does the (scrupulously clean…HahHaHa) PA Supreme Court clean up PA elections by outlawing political gerrymandering?

  2. Wait a second, Democrats went nuts claiming there was no voter fraud in Philadelphia. Where are all the Democrats now????

    1. We are here applauding that the system works and hundreds of thousands of people aren’t disenfranchised. Great job from the Attorney General’s office.

    2. Philly Joe

      This isn’t voter fraud. This is electioneering and campaigning inside of a polling place. It’s completely different.

  3. Why doesn’t this blurb say what they are being accused of doing? Or isn’t that an important part of the story?

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