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Fox News Labels PA As a Toss-Up for Presidential Race

Pennsylvania is currently a “Toss-Up” for the 2020 presidential election, according to the Fox News presidential power rankings

In an article published on May 8, the Keystone State is one of six states listed as Toss-Ups and is the state with the second most electoral votes up for grabs in this column. Other states included in this category include Florida, who has 29 Electoral votes, Ohio’s 18 Electoral votes, North Carolina’s 15 Electoral votes, Arizona’s 11 Electoral votes, and Wisconsin’s 10 Electoral votes. 

Chris Stirewalt writes in the article that knowing Pennsylvania helps explain why Democrats “settled” on former Vice President Joe Biden as their nominee and pointed to his Scranton roots and appeal to the “traditional Democratic politics of the state.” 

“There are a lot of ways to explain how Democrats settled on Biden for their nominee, but none of them is as clear as Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes,” Stirewalt writes. “A native of Scranton in the state’s industrial east, Biden typifies the traditional Democratic politics of the state: moderation, blue-collar appeal and a folksy style.”

Stirewalt continues to explain that Sec. Hillary Clinton’s loss in the state in 2016 represented a “low point for the modern Democratic Party,” and that there is optimism that Biden brings to putting Pennsylvania back in the win column, although President Donald Trump has support among Democrats who supported “Democrats like Biden in the past.” 

“Hillary Clinton’s loss in big, blue Pennsylvania was a low point for the modern Democratic Party, one they believe Biden will reverse.,” Stirewalt writes. “But Trump is not without advantages. Those same voters who had supported Democrats like Biden in the past show a strong affinity for the incumbent.”

“The reality may be that Democrats have lost places like Wilkes-Barre and Scranton and will have to make up the difference elsewhere,” Stirewalt continues. “Key battlegrounds will be in the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh suburbs where Republicans must stop their ongoing losses and in urban centers where Democrats must energize African-American voters who were cool on Clinton.”

Neither party has the 270 electoral votes needed to capture the White House, but Stirewalt writes that Biden is starting with an “advantage” in the race as of now. 249 electoral votes are either “likely” or “lean” Democratic in the presidential power rankings, while Republicans have 186 electoral votes that are listed as either “likely” or “leans” in their favor. 

He does note that the GOP starting at this point is “typical of a party that tends to fare poorly in densely populated areas,” and pointed to Democrats already counting on New York and California as solid blue states that will provide a significant amount of electoral votes, while Texas is the only state in their rankings that is “reliably red” that has 20 more more electoral votes.

There are 103 electoral votes in the Toss-Up column as of now. 

See the full Presidential Power Rankings from Fox News here.

11 Responses

  1. With Wolf’s antics, Pennsylvanians will likely turn away from the unconstitutionall left wing Democratic rule in the state!

  2. Maybe PA voters will grow a brain by November and be sickened by Trump incompetency and venality.

  3. Biden is up 6 points in most PA polling.

    Trump’s going to lose a lot of supporters through coronavirus, since they don’t like wearing masks.

    1. They don’t like wearing mask but they have no problem wearing their White Hoods and their maga garbage.

    2. Remember when you kept predicting a resounding Hillary Clinton victory? O that’s right, Russia stole the election, or something…

      What will be your excuse this time? Voter suppression?

      1. No excuses necessary this time. Biden will beat Trump handily in PA this year.

    3. I’m absolutely anti-Trump and anti-GOP, and clearly this is a fantasy. The fantasy is costing Dems and the country as they bizarrely cling to it regardless of the evidence.

      If GOP voters cared about Trump’s conduct, he wouldn’t have won the GOP nomination in 2016 or won the general election. He would have an approval rating near zero by now, which wouldn’t have mattered because he would have been removed from office after his impeachment (remember that?).

      GOP voters are reactionary – meaning their political view is simply ‘anti’ something not for anything – and they are anti-liberal, anti-Democrat. They will vote for a dead cow before they vote for a Democrat; in Alabama most of the GOP voted for a known child molester over a decent Democrat. Even worse, they continue to support Trump overwhelmingly.

      Trump is their lead reactionary. He also is anti- everything, and the best and loudest at it. No matter what Democrats are for, he’s anti- – even formerly universal beliefs in free speech, free press, democracy, rule of law, basic human rights and dignity, clean government, honesty, etc. He’s even anti-public health measures – he has to be, the GOP has to be, or they cease to exist. Reactionary is all they have; they’ve abandoned all else in their race to prove who is most pure, most reactionary.

      Unless the Democrats take on and defeat the reactionary movement, it’s going to continue growing – why wouldn’t it? It gains the GOP more and more power, with no cost (except to their country). Everyone knows it’s fueled by social media and Rupert Murdoch, via Fox and the Wall Street Journal. But the Democrats seem intimidated (part of their rejection of Sanders, who threatened to fight). Biden’s team bizarrely said he won’t defend himself against Trump’s attacks. If the Dems think they’ll win the war without fighting, they’re gonna lose.

      We’re gonna get wiped out. Biden is Neville Chamberlain – ‘peace in our time’.

      1. Trump has not expanded his base. Just think: how many Hillary voters have told you they made a mistake? Probably close to zero, whereas, countless Trump voters have said they made a mistake and voted in the most incompetent, self-centered and ill-equipped person to ever occupy the White House. Trump will lose PA pretty easily.

        1. Lol. Keep telling yourself that Phil. I look forward to you saying “it was all because of Trump’s voter suppression” when we are on this forum the morning on Wednesday, November 4th. See you then.

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