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Fox News Poll: Biden 50, Trump 39

Former Vice President Joe Biden holds a dougle digit lead over President Donald Trump in Pennsylvania, according to this poll released on Thursday evening. 

The latest Fox News poll of registered voters in the Keystone State shows Biden leading Trump by 11 points, 50-to-39, while 4% said that they’d vote for some other candidate, and 6% said they don’t know. 

Biden extends his lead over Trump among voters who are “extremely interested” in the election. 55% said that they’d vote for Biden in this category of voters in the state, while 40% said they’d vote for Trump.

According to the analysts at FiveThirtyEight, Fox News polling, conducted under the joint direction of Beacon Research (D) and Shaw & Company Research (R), favors Democrats by an average of 1.4% and has an overall A- grade.  

When voters were asked who they would trust on the following issues, Biden has an advantage over Trump on race relations (53-to-31), coronavirus (51-to-33), and dealing with China (45-to-42). The lone issue of the four asked in the poll that voters sided with the president was on the economy, with Trump leading Biden (48-to-43). 

Trump’s strongest support comes among rural voters, leading Biden by 17 points, (53-to-36), and leads the former VP among White without a college degree by 10 points (50-to-40). Biden holds substantial leads among voters who are under the age of 30, (52-to-29), suburban voters (58-to-32), and women voters (54-to-37).

Trump’s approval rating and favorability rating are both under water in the poll. 43% said that they approve of Trump’s performance as president, while 56% said that they disapprove. The numbers were nearly identical for favorability rating with 42% having a favorable view of Trump, while 56% view him unfavorably. 

Just over half, 55%, have a favorable view of Biden, while 43% have an unfavorable view of the former VP.

An overwhelming majority of voters have a favorable opinion on people who wear face masks (88-to-6), and their local police (84-to-12), while a majority of voters also have a favorable opinion on The Black Lives Matter movement (57-to-38). 

Gov. Tom Wolf receives strong numbers for his job performance in this latest poll as well. 63% support Wolf’s performance as governor, while 33% disapprove, and 5% don’t know. 

This poll shows Trump is losing support in the state in comparison to the previous Fox News poll. In late April, a Fox News poll showed that Biden was leading Trump by 8 points in PA, 50-to-42.

The Real Clear Politics Average shows Biden besting Trump by 7.3 points in Pennsylvania. 

This overall poll, surveying 793 Pennsylvania registered voters, collected data between July 18-20, has a margin of error of +/-3.5%. 

The full data can be found here.

10 Responses

  1. Those numbers in the suburbs make a Dem takeover of the State House a sure thing. #ThanksTrump

    1. Best liar, best cheater, best prick. Just like you for stealing posting name and Politics PA has no integrity to stop you, just like GOP Senate has no balls to stop Trump.

      1. If you can’t post under a fake alias, I guess you just don’t have integrity

      2. The RealgulagPittsburgh-

        You left out: best words

        People, Man, Woman, Camera, TV

  2. Continually amazed at polls showing support for Trump on economy. If he had a coherent response to Covid the economy wouldn’t have tanked so far and fast. Another week of over a million UC claims. How does anyone support Trump’s handling g if the economy?!

  3. Simliar poll numbers were advertised 4 years
    And yes I am a Deplorable…

    1. Totally, just another biased poll from uber liberal mainstram media news source…

      *checks notes*

      Fox News.

  4. Trump’s numbers are cratering which makes Ftizpatrick’s so called rosy poll absurd. Trump is politically bad news in the suburbs which is where Fitzpatrick is running and since Fitz is a good Republican vote he is very politically vulnerable. Fitzpatrick is defeated by 10% this November and that is VERY generous to him since it will wind up being defeated by a lot more.

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