Fox News Poll: Clinton, Trump Maintain PA Leads

Hillary TrumpHillary Clinton and Donald Trump are retaining their leads in the Pennsylvania Presidential primary.

That’s according to the latest Fox News poll, which shows both of them up by double-digits.

GOP Primary

Donald Trump leads the field with 48% while John Kasich sits in second with 22% followed by Ted Cruz at 20%.

The big divides in Trump’s support are gender and education related. For instance, 53% of men support him against 42% of women while he gets 41% of those with college degrees and 55% among those that don’t have one.

Democratic Primary

On the other side of the aisle, Clinton leads Bernie Sanders 49% to 38%.

For the Dems there are several demographic divisions.

First of all, Hillary is far ahead with women (54/33) while Bernie edges her among men (45/42). Additionally, Clinton’s lead is much larger among blacks (69/22) than whites (54/33). The educational divide is also evident as Clinton performs better with those that graduated college (55/36) than those that didn’t (43/40).

It may surprise Sanders supporters to know that he does better with voters that make more than $50K (41%) than people who make less than $50K (34%).

Finally, the age gap is largest as Clinton wins with residents 45 or older (53/32) while Bernie takes those younger than 45 (55/37).

General Election

Fox also tested Clinton and Trump head-to-head and got a 44% to 44% tie.

In such a contest Clinton would win: blacks (84/8); Democrats (83/11); liberals (76/16); women (52/37); under $50K income (52/38); under 35 year-olds (50/36); college degree (48/41); over 65 year-olds (47/42); over 55 year-olds (45/44).

Meanwhile, Trump would prevail with: Republicans (77/9); conservatives (75/11); men (53/35); whites (49/40); 35 to 54 year-olds (49/41); no college degree (49/41); over $50K income (48/42).

This Fox News poll was conducted by Anderson Robbins Research (D) and Shaw & Company Research (R) through live telephone interviews. They surveyed 1,607 likely PA primary voters with a margin of error of +/- 2.5%. It includes 805 likely Democratic primary voters and 802 likely Republican primary voters, with margin of errors of +/-3.5%

11 Responses

  1. AVD: We all know PA is full of loose minded liberals, but I think you mean “lose” PA in your statement.

  2. The picture is priceless. What are these folks so happy about? Oh, yeah…

    In other news: hardly anyone eligible even knows the down-ballot candidates in the pending election, for which far less than half are expected to show up. When asked – as I have often asked – by far the number one reason for the apathy given is:

    “What does it matter? They all act the same and none do what I say to do.”

  3. gulag – it is telling that all the FOXtards want Bernie to beat Hillary. LOL. Wonder why ….

  4. Observer: Hillary is running for President, not Gov of PA. Fortunately, some intelligent voters will outweigh the PA ignorance and HRC will win over Trump.

  5. The headline here is that Hillary CAN’T BEAT TRUMP in her Home state. While Bernie trounces him by Twenty Points in poll after poll after poll.

    What semi-intelligent Democrat would take a risk on Hillary in the Fall?

  6. I have made it quite clear that I am a life-long Democrat, actually a progressive Dem, not a corporate Dem. Republicans ARE the corporate party, I hope you understand that. My goal is to help inoculate the Dem Party from becoming owned by corporations by pointing out that all Dems are not progressive. Those that are run by the establishment as puppets are not true Dems and when they imitate the Republican Party they should simply switch parties. I want Bernie to win because he is honest, number one, and because he has the best chance of defeating Republicans up and down the ballot in November. Bernie represents me. The others represent their funders–pretty simple concept to understand by now.

  7. It does seem curious that a known Republican commenter, ADV, is here pushing so hard for Bernie Sanders. Wonder why a Republican would want Bernie Sanders to win the D Primary? Hmmmmm … … …

  8. And, I presume, as in all the other polls, Bernie DOES beat Trump. Why did Fox not report/poll that? Hillary has no coattails. Her campaign is fading. Her ego trip is ending. Bernie appeals to independents, some Republicans, and he is trusted. Honesty is a big factor to voters. Loose PA, loose the general.

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