Fox News Poll: Double-Digit Leads for Democrats


It is a pair of double-digit leads for the Democratic candidates in the latest Fox News poll for the Pennsylvania Senate and Governor’s seats.

John Fetterman has an 11-point margin over Republican challenger Mehmet Oz in the quest to replace Pat Toomey in the U.S. Senate. It is the former mayor of Braddock’s largest lead in the five polls released since mid-June. Fetterman’s average in the quintet is 48.0 percent, compared to 40.2 for Oz.

Josh Shapiro posted a 10-point advantage over GOP opponent Doug Mastriano in the chase to succeed Tom Wolf in Harrisburg. The attorney general posted his second double-figure lead in the two polls, as Blueprint Polling showed an 11-point margin just two days ago. In the five-poll average, Shapiro is at 48.4 percent while Mastriano comes in at 42.2.

When asked if respondents had a generally favorable or unfavorable opinion of the candidates, Fetterman was at +15 or 49 percent favorable and 34 percent unfavorable. The challenge facing Oz is his unfavorability rating of -20 or 35% favorable and 55% unfavorable.

On the governor’s side, Shapiro is viewed favorably by 51 percent and unfavorably by 34 percent for a +17 rating. Mastriano is underwater at minus-10 at 38/48.

Fox also asked the same question of the current and former presidents. Joe Biden is minus-15 (42/57) while Donald Trump is a minus-10 (44/54).

Twenty-three percent of respondents indicated some concern that Fetterman may not be healthy enough to carry out the job of senator effectively, while 43 percent were not concerned at all.

Fifty-two percent stated that Oz may not be familiar enough with the state of Pennsylvania to carry out the job of senator effectively, while nearly a quarter (24%) said they were not concerned.

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Interviews were conducted July 22-26, 2022 among a random sample of 908 Pennsylvania voters contacted on landlines (200) and cellphones (708). Results based on the full sample have a margin of sampling error of ±3 percentage points. Telephone numbers were randomly selected from a statewide voter file of registered Pennsylvania voters using a probability proportionate to size method, which means phone numbers are proportionally representative to the number of voters in all regions across the state.

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  1. I am a registered Independent Party voter, residing in PA the past 8 years, previously WI for 60 years. Always closely evaluating election results for major State/Federal offices, the Presidential elections of 2016 and 2020 led me to a closer look at historical party data/patterns. Though a “swing state,” PA history defines it as more Blue than Red. In 1998 there were 7,258,822 registered voters. Democrats had an advantage of 442,621 voters. In July, 2022, there were 8,745,929 registered. The Dem advantage grew to 541,024.
    In Presidential elections nationally, Republicans have won the popular vote ONLY ONCE in the past 34 years! (GW Bush 2nd term, “War on Terror” re 9/11). During those years PA has always voted for the Democratic candidate, win or lose, (Clinton, Gore, Kerry, Obama). With two unpopular candidates in 2016, Trump squeaked by with the lowest margin of victory in 176 years, (Harrison defeats Van Buren, 1840).
    A win for Mastriano and Oz in November would be the result of a very long and steep uphill battle.

  2. The FOX poll is run by a Democrat. It is also a registered voter poll, so the margins are probably exaggerated.

    1. Fox poll run by a democrat? Just accept the fact that Shapiro is the next gov of PA and Fetterman is the next senator of PA. End of story.

  3. In fairness these polls were taken before GOP superPACs launched ads against the Dem candidates. Polls released around Labor Day will provide more clarity.

    1. Here’s some clarity…. Oz is from Jersey and Ding Dong Doug is an Insurrectionist.

  4. If these are the numbers coming from .fox, can you imagine the intervals on the D side? Dems owe a great deal of gratitude to David McCormick and the Gov scrum for making Pa non competitive

    1. Your comment is a shining example of the cancer rotting our democracy from within. Polls are done scientifically by professionals. I personally take all polls with a grain of salt, but the process is apolitical. Pollsters may be paid to get accurate numbers by political campaigns, but numbers are numbers. The “D side” is seeing roughly the same numbers as the “R side” (unless you’re implying the “R side” makes up numbers to make their base feel better?)

  5. Blueprint polls are pretty good ones and not “homer polls” so you are not being told what you want to hear. Fox poll so stellar for Fetterman is astounding. The 51 to 39 poll for Shapiro is really devastating to Mastriano. Atty Gen Shapiro is a good candidate and out working Mastriano who seems bewildered and running toward talking to news outlets and crowds who agree with him which I fully understand. I mean who doesn’t want to be told what they want to hear? I think this is losers campaign to only talk to people who agree with you. This cycle Dems have the better candidates for Gov and Senate.

    1. Hard to call Fetterman a good candidate when he’s having real trouble speaking.

  6. OZ is a radical right winged Quack. Pa is gonna lose a winnable Senate seat to the Dems.

    1. I like that the seat is winnable….by the Dems. Go Fetterman and Shapiro.

  7. The big numbers here are that both Oz and Mastriano (aka Ding Dong Doug) have higher unfavorable % than favorable. If da folks don’t like you, they h’ain’t gonna vote for ya.


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