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Franco Harris Films TV Ad for Anne Covey (VIDEO)

Franco Harris was part of the legendary 1970’s Pittsburgh Steelers that won four Super Bowls. Perhaps more importantly, at least when it comes to his ability to sway voters, he is a Penn State alumni.

Harris has filmed a TV ad for GOP State Supreme Court nominee Anne Covey. Despite the fact that Harris appears to be a Democrat, he did not appeal across party lines but rather provided testimony as a well-known Nittany Lion.

The running back mentioned the Penn State appeal that Covey heard and how her actions led the NCAA to walk back some of their sanctions on the university.

“The Penn State case was tough but Judge Anne Covey was tougher,” Harris states. “And she did what was right for all of us. I know Anne Covey, she’s honest, she has backbone, I’m a fan.”

With this spot, Covey is appealing to PSU alumni throughout the state who feel they and their alma mater was wronged by the NCAA punishments resulting from the Sandusky scandal.

“Get on our team!,” Harris and Covey exclaim in unison at the ad’s conclusion.

Covey is a GOP nominee for one of the three open seats on the State Supreme Court that are up for grabs on November 3rd.

10 Responses

  1. Franco is a Democrat, but I guess it’s more important to him to be a PSU shill. The Paternoites and PSU apologists are all for Covey. That’s enough for me to vote for someone else (as if I would ever vote for Covey anyway).

    Gulag……go take your meds and get back to the home.

  2. Vote: **Donahue, *Dougherty , **Wecht. **Highly recommended, *recommended.

    BTW, Covey is NOT recommended by the PA Bar Assn.

  3. Alan Kennedy Shaffer, Alan Kennedy Shaffer, Alan Kennedy Shaffer. I am writing him in three times.

  4. This is appalling! Covey has little to no chance due to her integrity and honesty issues. I have lost all respect for Franco Harris! Her own party admitted she is sunk!

  5. Franco should be ashamed of himself shilling for an unrecommended judge. This is all about pedophile state, not competency on the bench.

  6. Donohue? Have you ever read one of her Opinions? Then read the underlying Record. You cannot find any of the facts she relied upon, because they probably do not exist. She just makes them up. Then check the law she cites. It won’t stand for the proposition she claims it does.
    Then check her friendships and donations. Now you find the real basis of her decisions.

  7. Covey? With all the ethics issues and being Not Recommended? Lolol… Poor Franco must have some post-concussion issues.

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