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Freed Goes Negative in Closer; Kane Plays Defense (Watch Videos)

In their final television ads of the Attorney General race, Republican Dave Freed slams Democrat Kathleen Kane over her campaign flubs. Kane taps GOP DA Andy Jarbola to rebut charges that she was not an effective prosecutor.

“Kane claimed she’s prosecuted over 3,000 cases. Turns out, Kane’s tried only 24 cases. Ever. None in the last 5 years,” says an announcer. “We just can’t trust Kathleen Kane.”

Labor, Lawyers and Lobbyists, oh my!

Freed’s ad probably has the highest production value of any Pa. campaign spot so far this cycle. It features an actress portraying the Democrat and uses elaborate scenes to blast Kane for boasting an endorsement she didn’t get and taking over $1 million in special interest money after she criticized her primary opponent for doing so.

The final point, that Kane misrepresented how many cases she’s tried, is also a throwback to the primary. Dem Patrick Murphy made the same charge in his closing TV ad. Kane has boasted hither and yon that she’s prosecuted over 3,000 cases, though admitted she’s only taken “a few dozen” to trial.

For the most part, Kane has been careful not to confuse prosecuting with trying, but has certainly benefitted from the fact that the average person doesn’t know the difference.

As a prosecutor and Cumberland County District Attorney, Freed has probably prosecuted 30,000 cases by Kane’s definition (his campaign never put out a number).

Kane’s closing ad plays defense, using her former supervisor, Lackawanna County DA Andy Jarbola, to reinforce her acumen.

“I’m a square-jawed man. You can trust what I say.”

“I personally saw Kathleen Kane prosecute the tougesth cases – child molesters, rapists, murders – and win. She has handled more than 3,000 cases, and to say otherwise is nothing more than playing politics,” says Jarbola, straight to camera.

Kane was an Assistant District Attorney in from 1995 until 2007.

“I’m a Republican, but I’m voting for Kathleen Kane. She has the experience, and will fight for all of us.”

Rather than Freed’s latest ad, the Jarbola spot appears to be aimed at commercials run by the Republican State Leadership Committee earlier in the race. Those ads harshly – and inaccurately – criticized Kane’s record.

She has not gone after Freed via TV ads. But two allied PACs have – the Democratic Attorneys General Association, and more recently a super PAC funded by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Here’s the Kane ad:

6 Responses

  1. What’s the deal in the “con” Kane ad running, that says; “she took millions of dollars from special interest groups”.
    Is there any truth to that. Because if she did, why would I trust her as PA’s AG?

  2. It’s over. MCall poll has the race at 49/36 in favor of Kane. Kane is the next AG of the Commonwealth. Any slights or gripes against her can wait four years when you have another chance at the office. If you want someone to blame try Dave Freed, he’s the one that lost the race.

  3. Mike, Kane has not worked as an attorney in over five years — you really want her trying cases? The fact that she thinks the AG has time to try cases shows how little she understands what she’s running for. Face it: Kane is the less qualified candidate but she’s the protest vote against Corbett.

  4. Hey guys. The reason Kane worked so many cases and only tried a relative few (24 trials is a lot) is because she got the defendants to plead out. Thereby saving Pennsylvania millions of dollars. When she becomes attorney general you folks better watch out. If you are lying she will be trying your case in court. Be careful what you say.

  5. Corbett would certainly prefer Freed who will not investigate how badly Corbett handled the Sandusky investigation.

    Corbett put a lot of resources into political witch-hunts and almost none to pursue Sandusky.

  6. This race is over. No one knows who the invisible man is. Kane by double digits. You know you are a big loser when you turn to parking tickets.. which is funny. Freeds biggest surrogates are CORBETT who let a serial child rapist run free for three years; ZIMMERMAN who is Freeds father in law and abused the Hershey Trust; and of course ASHER, the felon.

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