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Fundraising Report: Democratic Supreme Court Nominees

PA Supreme CourtMoney is the mother’s milk of politics.

With three seats available on the commonwealth’s highest court this November, the parties have a nearly unprecedented opportunity to influence state law for years to come.

As a result, it shouldn’t be surprising that large sums of money are being thrown around. In this installment, we look at the latest fundraising numbers from the three Democratic nominees for the State Supreme Court: Christine Donohue, Kevin Dougherty and David Wecht.

These numbers cover the period of June 19th to September 22nd.

Superior Court Judge Christine Donohue pulled in $563,266.45 over the last three months. Along with $75,577.71 in expenditures, that leaves her with $510,648.61 cash on hand. Finally, she has $69,206 in debt and other obligations.

Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas Judge Kevin Dougherty raised $664,210 during this fourth cycle. He spent $286,980.59 and currently holds $511,595.06 COH. Dougherty is carrying $45,026.51 worth of debts.

Fellow Superior Court Judge David Wecht, though, had far and away the best fundraising period.

Wecht brought in $1,190,905 and spent $92,038.68. Altogether that leaves him with $1,108,140.79 cash on hand. That COH number is more than his fellow nominees’ combined totals. He does hold the most debt, however, with $135,00.

Judge Wecht was so happy with his haul that he sent out a press release touting it.

“This historic race is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that will require significant resources to both educate the voters and get Judge Wecht’s message of reform out across Pennsylvania,” stated Wecht’s Campaign Manager Mitch Kates. “Starting out this election cycle with strong numbers like these helps ensure that we can run an effective campaign, and puts us in a strong position to win on November 3.”

We’ll have similar reports for the GOP Supreme Court nominees and for the other judicial offices in the days to come.

8 Responses

  1. Kevin Dockerty did a great job straightening out the courts in Philadelphia. And I think he’d be a terrific Supreme Court justice. I’ve watch these races on hold for decades. And I think Dockerty is a cut above, what we’ve come to expect of our judicial system

  2. These candidates are simply playing by the rules. Let us not castigate them, but let us direct our energy against the system. In any case, this money is the candidate’s campaigns’ dollars, not Super PACs. I’d imagine the corporations under Citizens United have more $$$ than any candidate. The last guy—Colville?—who tried a principled run on only $7000 plus or minus (7 thousand dollars, that’s right ) in the primary was beat handily. Apparently doing the right thing does not register with voters, the vast majority uninformed, who rely on campaign commercials which cost money. He probably needed to spend money telling people why he didn’t want to spend/collect money. Meanwhile, the bars and taverns are full of people who know every athlete’s batting average, passing yardage, etc., etc., but who don’t know a politician even in a multiple choice quiz. Oh well.

  3. It’s a shame Johnny Doc is sinking his brother. Western PA will be cutting KDOC for sure. They can’t be bought by Docs money

  4. “Journalism”, I agree with you completely. I was not just attacking the Democrats, but the entire corrupt judicial system that depends more on money than justice.

  5. How much of the Republican’s funding is coming from corporations and lawyers who will be appearing in front of these judges? Which lawyers, law firms, & corporations? Follow the money for future decisions.

  6. How much of that cash haul came from lawyers who will be appearing in front of these judges? Which lawyers and law firms? Follow the money for future decisions.

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