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Fundraising Report: Republican Supreme Court Nominees

GOP-Judicial-CandidatesEarlier, we took at look at the fundraising reports of the Democratic nominees for the State Supreme Court.

Now we take a peek at the GOP numbers in the race for the three open seats. The Republican nominees are Anne Covey, Michael George and Judy Olson.

These numbers cover the period of June 19th to September 22nd.

Commonwealth Court Judge Anne Covey raised $152,776 while spending $53K. Her total cash on hand is $143,173 and she has no debts.

Adams County Judge Michael George raked in $80,602.03. He compiled $50,991.29 in expenditures, leaving the candidate with $126,116.45. George also had no debts or obligations.

Superior Court Judge Judy Olson hauled in $78,150. She spent $11,062.88, leaving her with $83,788.71 cash on hand. Like here party counterparts, Olson had no debts.

Altogether, the Democrats are vastly ahead of the Republicans in the money chase taking in about ten times what their rivals raised.

You can also check out our report on the Commonwealth Court race (where the GOP fares much better) and stay tuned for our piece covering the Superior Court election.

8 Responses

  1. The most important question in this race is “Why would billionaires who don’t live in PA spend millions of dollars on a state Supreme Court case?”

    Part of the answer lies in the fact that these same billionaires own and/or are heavily invested in corporations that do business in PA and therefore have some interest in shaping the court.

    The most critical part of the answer though is that these same billionaires want to control the redistricting process following the 2020 census and have “their” justices deciding any appeals. In the final analysis, this race comes down to who controls the US House of Representatives in the next decade.

  2. I agree, George doesn’t have a chance. Olson is the only viable candidate on the Republican side that has any chance at one of those seats.

  3. Looks like George spent all of the money his “friend” gave him before the Primary. That was a waste. Oh that’s right, he had to give $500,000 to the Republican Party when he bought the endorsement!! He is toast.

  4. The Republican Candidates will have all the money they need. The Super Pacs will swoop in and saturate tv with political advertisements for the Republican State Supreme Candidates. The Koch brothers also have a lot of money to try and buy important Judicial Elections like this one.

  5. All this means is that the Republican money is going to super PACs instead of the candidates. Don’t think for one minute that the Republicans won’t out spend the Democrats in this race.

  6. Dems will be owned by the union bosses and will be able to overturn legislation that is good for the commonwealth. I see a lot of court cases ahead.

  7. this is a pitiful fundraising haul. the dems have 5 times more and one candidate 10 times more…. looks like dems will buy majority control of the court and serve as puppets to the union bosses that funded them.

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