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Gansler Warns Employees Their Names Are in Lewd Email Report

email-logoThere is panic in Harrisburg right now.

According to Angela Couloumbis and Craig R. McCoy of the Inquirer, hundreds of state employees were informed they’ll be named in the Gansler Report.

Apparently letters went out on Wednesday to anyone included in the special report concerning pornographic emails being distributed among the Attorney General’s office.

The recipients have until Monday to protest their inclusion although they don’t any details about why their names will show up in the report.

In response, Castor is attempting to calm the staff.

“Please don’t be anxious,” Castor wrote. “I am conferring with senior staff on how to proceed.”

The effort doesn’t appear to be working.

“People are in tears,” one person told the Inquirer. “Nothing is going on in the office now.”

Adding to the drama is the recently revealed news that the State Senate is set to confirm and swear in Bruce Beemer as AG on Tuesday.

It’s unclear how Beemer feels about releasing the report or whether Castor would put it out on his way out the door.

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  1. Diano….. I added a E to the last post. Did you catch that? Yeah it’s true I know who you and COTT are. You don’t know who I am. And never will. I’ll keep hanging around to point out to all what a liar and fake you are. You have no credibility, no friends other than Super Teddy. So live your fantasy life thinking how important you are but in reality you are an unemployed list seller.

  2. Diano, I think you’re losing it as you have revealed as a fraud and a phony. But you knew that already without your loony buddy HaHU you would be all alone except for mommy, and super teddy. Mommys calling time for your PBJ. Have fun stupid.

  3. HaHaHa-

    Yeah, he’s losing it. First he acted like I made it up. When I produced the name, he claimed he researched it, and no such person worked there. Then, I showed the linked in page, and he claimed I faked the page. Finally, I showed him a news article from two years ago.

    Now, suddenly he has inside info that kanesdriver was promoted (or maybe fired, or it was a setup).

    The real point is that an OAG agent said a lot of nasty stuff about his boss on multiple online forums, and attempted to harass/intimidate a private citizen, and got caught. Whatever penalty or reprimand he got, probably wasn’t enough, because I doubt this was an isolated incident.

    BTW, did you notice how sometimes, the TRUTH has his handle in all caps, and sometimes not?

    Pitfalls of posting under multiple identities.

    The funny thing is that TRUTH and SpongeBob revel in thinking they intimidate me, but they are the scared ones hiding behind aliases. I’m pretty sure both would be in huge trouble if their identities were known. At a minimum, they’d be revealed to have some conflict of interest or hypocrisy.

    They are just losers making stuff up, because they don’t have to back it up with their names.

  4. HeyHaHu, COTT now you’re over here you just posted as 2 other people on one of the other blogs. Brett, you seem to be the one having problems..cya baldy

  5. See, DD. He is coming unglued. He is so nervous that his gibberish is getting even worse. Poor thing.

  6. Diano…..Hey stupid. Good News. You may have been right about that Kanesdriver guy. Good job. Fact is when I was doing some checking I was looking for an Agent with that name couldn’t find him.Then someone told me that they think Kane promoted him after you reported him. She liked doing crazy things like that so if that’s true he makes more money and is a boss. So I told my friend your story and who you are and stuff cause I know he would want to thank you. Wouldn’t you? Then this morning I was thinking what if he really did get fired and you were the one who got him fired then he might be you. Oh well don’t worry. Just invite COTT over have him wear his prom dress. I’m sure this guy will laugh so hard it will give you time to run away.and hide in the basement. Seems like someone tricked you and you might not be as smart as you think. Oh well cya stupid.

  7. Diano…….Here we go again with you. All this nationwide corruption of police and prosecutors you alledge across the country, A MAJOR ISSUE and you tell a few stories and leave it at that. You say prosecutors turn there back on corruption and then give examples where the police were fired and/or arrested. Bad cops deserve to be arrested and prosecuted if they commit a crime. What they don’t deserve is to be prejudged by people like you and others in the Democratic Party. While you attempt to condem the police you and others fail to recognize and offer solutions to the sad loss of life in cities like Chicago Your assertions again are not supported by factual information and your opinion is no longer valid. There are always going to be bad people in the employment world even unemployed list sellers.

  8. The Truth-

    You just keep digging yourself deeper.
    Here is a news article from TWO years ago:
    3rd paragraph: “An audiotape was played for the court by Agent Robert E. Marsili of the state attorney general’s office”

    The other stuff you wrote was just your pure ignorance of the stream of news stories about cops shooting unarmed people. DA’s are afraid (total political cowards) of pressing charges against police. This is why there are calls for these cases to automatically be handled by prosecutors outside the jurisdiction of the local DA’s.

    The “All Lives Matters” is a creation of the anti-black crowd to diminish and misrepresent the BlackLivesMatter movement. The actual meaning stems from the fact in these cases, the police treat the black lives as if they don’t matter. They don’t call for (nor render) medical assistant to people they’ve shot (who weren’t immediately killed, but left lying there to die, handcuffed).

    It’s interesting that you are equating criminals killing blacks with the police killing blacks. The difference is that you don’t want to see the police prosecuted for their criminal behavior (much of it that would be unknown if it hadn’t been caught on tape). Last year, a South Carolina cop shot a guy in the back, then planted his taser on his victim and called it in that the guy attacked him and took his taser. Fortunately, that was caught on video. But, without that lucky recording by a bystander, that lying motherf*cking cop’s story would have been the official word. Don’t even try to pretend this is an isolated incident, rather than a common practice that just happened to get caught on tape.

    You completely missed the point that Sandra Bland’s arrest was completely illegal in the first place. Second, the cop was eventually dismissed after being indicted on perjury charges. Third, the guy who ran the jail had been “suspended and fired from his previous post as chief of police of Hempstead after alleged incidents of racism and brutality”.

    You really don’t seem to have any comprehension of how electronic voter files work and why I wouldn’t be handling paper. You really are quite idiotic.

  9. Diano… I think this is another attempt to voice your biased views at police with unsubstantiated and unfounded views as you always do.

    As far as the Special Agent on a linked-in page anybody can list whatever they want. You could put genius and computer expert and that would a lie. Nothing from the Attorney Generals Office about this guy. So as

    Diano=NO PROOF

    Police shoot deaf man…..New Story every week…Tell me what was last weeks story… The week before……..
    Weekly shootings by Police……

    Diano= NO PROOF

    DA’s infrequently charge police…….How infrequently…….How many Da’? Which DA’s? What shootings?
    With the advent of Black Lives Matter monitoring these shootings what DA in his right mind would not prosecute a police officer unless it could be proven it was a good shooting. Lots of your personal bias opinion but guess what

    Diano=NO PROOF

    Baltimore Police….Dealing with Police Shootings, not officer friendly visits to school resulted in all the officers charged in the Freddy Grey case were Not Guilty (by an African American Judge) Charges dropped and a hung jury not retried. All the police exonerated. The worst criticism fell on the DA’s office. You want to complain about training, no problem I’m sure the police everywhere would welcome more trainingBelieve it or not Diano police officers don’t leave home each night hoping to kill a minority. So again let’s mark this

    Diano=No Proof

    You carefully noted post says I wrote BLM meaning Blue Lives Matter but you intentionally left out the 2nd part which said all lives matter

    Diano No Proof

    Ms. Brands death…….Just read a short paragraph on that would be interested in looking at the body camera if he had one, how she appeared at the lockup, external conditions in her life. Oh yeah the body camera was viewed as well as a cell phone camera which exonerated the Officer. Unfortunately, MS BRANDS committed suicide so she took her story to the grave. This may surprise you but I would like to have interaction between the police and civilians taped. Also, 24 hour monitoring in jail so no person ever commits suicide.

    Diano=No Proof

    I’m sure it was a mistake on your part but you said notthing about all the African American men who died in Chicago this year armed with illegal guns killing each.Why don’t you mention that or are maybe those Aferican Americans don’t count because they were shot by a cop they were shot by another African Americans.Diano in your mind are they any less important. It border on racist.

    Diano=No Proof

    Your hatred of police controls your views. The good things is that people do support our polices do have publicly shown. .

    Now I realize all that list selling could be dangerous You could get a paper cut, the papers could get mixed up, out of order. How do you do it?

    You, your lovely mom, Steve, even Super Teddy will need you tell me how that works out when it happens

  10. This is an outrage. These creeps think they are above the law. Release the report!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. The Truth-

    Gee, that’s funny. His Linked-In page lists him as “Special Agent at PA Office of Attorney General” in Pittsburgh.

    Didn’t you see the story this week about the cops who shot a deaf guy? It was all over the news. Just Google “Police shoot unarmed man”. Every week it’s a new story.

    I don’t condone people who randomly go around shooting cops. I condemn the police departments that fail to track patterns of complaints against offices and ignore the ones who have demonstrated violence and bigotry. The training is terrible and the cops are taught to view everyone as a deadly threat, and are given more and more military equipment.

    To people like you BLM really means: Blue Lies Matter
    and you ignore the real truth about out of control police forces. Read the justice dept report on the Baltimore police.

    “Where is this culture to protect the police?” Check out how infrequently DA’s prosecute police shootings. Even when they do, they do a half-ass job to let them get away, and/or the police cover up so much of the evidence that there isn’t enough left.

    In the Sandra Bland case, an officer who arrived at the scene claimed she was bruised already and that the officer who had stopped couldn’t give a reason why he had stopped her. He further claims that the prosecutors silenced him and discarded his initial report. So, yeah, that’s a “culture” to protect the police from the consequences of their misconduct.

  12. COTT, I think you really may be nuts as your actually posting to yourself since you’re Pat
    Unger. As far as getting into anyone’s head, The only head you get into is the head shoved in
    your mouth and man hole while you were in jail or at the rest
    Stop or the fat bulbous head on your dress wearing body. Also, when it comes getting head
    We all understand what people must do to pay the bills while you were in jail.

  13. Diano,

    No recotd of that name ever working for Attorney Generals Office that’s why nothing done.

    Can’t seem to find any information on Baltimore Police don’t call as a witness,any source?

    Cops shooting unarmed people, talking about Ferguson? DOJ investigated. No police arrest.
    Baltimore? DA investigates arrest several police not one convicted. African American Judge.
    Need not have a weapon for deadly force to be used. Many justifiable variables can apply.

    Dallas, 5 Police Officers killed all but one never saw their killer. That Officer was shot in the
    Back by a cowardThen again as a list seller, you could never realize what split second
    Decisions they have to make.
    They want to go home to their family. You would want to go home to your mom.

    Maybe you can let me know when the police have can foresee the future to guide them
    Rather than having to make those split second decisions.

    While you’re at it what about all the African Americans who have been killed just this year
    Chicago, where a Democrat is the mayor. What do you think goes through the minds of
    Killers before they murdered.

    Where is this culture to protect the police? Any examples cause. I don’t see it. If the
    Officer is wrong he should be arrested and prosecuted as several have been but there is
    No culture that you speak of.Unless you have specifics. After the Murder of the Dallas Police
    Officers citizens throughout the country came out in support of the Police.

    In closing, BLM Blue Lives Matter……..All Lives Matter even the police hating liberals like
    You. Tell your Mom, Steve and your Super Bear to have a great weekend.

  14. The Truth-

    He was unquestionably the poster kanesdriver and he tried rolling up his online profiles (including his disqus account with hundreds of emails he had posted in online newspaper comments about Kane) within a day of my outing him here.

    I reported him to the AG’s office for his unprofessional conduct and libelous statements against Kane, possible leaks, harassment, etc. What they did with after that, I have no idea. At a minimum, I expect that he got called into his boss’s office and got his ass chewed out. Did a mark get put in his file? Did his online statements (and timing) constitute a leak? Did he illegally use official resources to do background checks on me and other posters here? Don’t know. Maybe SpongeBob knows (but I doubt he’ll tell if he does).

    If there job was to protect people and they were racist/sexist enough to pass around those kinds of emails, they don’t deserve their jobs, especially if they are huge crybabies about what they did.

    “Some person who is an admin or agent who could care less about politics who worked in a place where nothing but politics ran the show” Hey, politics ran the show before Kane got there, and the friends of Corbett/Fina who were there were out to trip her up from day one. Who leaked the dropping of the sting case?

    Why should “you” do anything? To prove you aren’t a hypocrite about caring that these people are being abused to the point of “tears”. But, also, turning over to Nick, to prove you aren’t completely full of sh*t about claiming to know something. I’ve called your bluff. Turn over what you “think” you know to Nick or stop pretending you know something nefarious/illegitimate about Gansler’s team.

    As for the cops, it’s the kind of trigger-happy cops who shot that deaf guy the other day or other unarmed people (and the cohorts who try to cover it up or look the other way). The cops seem to think they can bark any order, and it’s okay to shoot you if you don’t comply before they can pull the trigger (regardless of whether you heard/understood the command, or whether it was a legal order). The culture that supports these kinds of cops needs to be destroyed. The report on Baltimore revealed that there were cops who were on a list for DA’s not to call because they constantly lied on the stand, rather than on a list to be prosecuted themselves.

  15. I believe people can be put on an email spam list and receive unwanted emails. I believe their names are the relevant ones. No one is feeling bad for the shmohawks who intentionally participated.

  16. Diano, while I. Here I might as well make you look stupid again. You seem to be so moronic that you keep challenging this guy. I mean just yesterday he had pretty much your whole life history from your mom, to your brother to your teddy bear. I think I would stop questioning his skills although you can’t appear any dumber than you are. But, then again there’s HaHU.

  17. Pat Ungeraka HaHuaka Brett COTT…….. The reason is not because I’m pathetic I respond it just affords me the opportunity to remind everyone that you are a convicted felon, put in jail by Frank Fina. Let me revise that put in ” a special” jail after testing who couldn’t go to a regular school. I’m amazed that you would use the “r” word since it so closely identifies you. Multiple personalities, , schizophrenic, identifies more as a woman, what else did that intake report say. Who know how the family kept it together once the stolen money stopped coming in. But, your supplemental income at the rest stops are helping to make a difference. Keep trying Brett. You’re need for that special attention is shown everytime you put up a bait post. Wait, could that be jailbait? Oh that’s something else. You have a nice weekend baldy.

  18. I am for transparency in government. This Report – tears or no tears – needs to be made available to the Public.

  19. It’s funny. Ha3 refers to the “pathetic retard troll” and he actually responds — every time!!

    It’s almost like he knows he is a pathetic retard troll and can’t even deny it now.


  20. David,
    You understand there are people who work there that have never met Corbett, Fina etc…. People whose job has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with protecting Pennsylvanians. Your attitude of F them is the very symbol of your lack of character. Some person who is an admin or agent who could care less about politics who worked in a place where nothing but politics ran the show. Your impression of the office based on what? Kane is the reason people’s work mental state was written about. That didn’t happen under Corbett or Fisher or even Preate.

    Why should I do anything now? What moral obligation do you feel I should live under? I mean you are a 50 plus year old ass who hates cops and people with disabilities that I think should off himself or at the very least throw yourself down a flight of stairs. I don’t see you fulfilling that obligation.

    Gansler and his team are doing what lawyers do. Looking at what’s right in front of them without understanding how things work or more importantly how they worked at the AG’s office for email processing.

    Have fun eating crow. Again assuming the report revert sees the light of day.

  21. Diano… At least you responded I’ll give you credit for that. kanesdriver = Robert Marsili
    Can’t find anything to say he was identified, arrested or even fired? Any information on that?

  22. SpongeBob-

    1) The reports of “terror and mental state” seem overblown, and considering the types of people who were in that office hired by Corbett, Fina, and their ilk, f*ck them. My impression is that the office was pretty political and rejected Kane before she took office. She should have cleaned house of every Fina/Corbett loyalist the first month.

    2) My boss terrorizes the staff worse than anything I’ve heard reported about Kane. So, boo hoo.

    3) Great. Give to Nick. Put up or shut up.

    4) Glad to see that you’d rather everyone suffer by what you (claim) are mistakes than show any integrity in trying to prevent them. You clearly (pretend) to have some insider knowledge about the workings of the particular email/computer system at AG.

    5) I still think Gansler doesn’t need your Spy Kids skills to read the From header of an email.

  23. This happens all over in the federal government unions:

    You think the rubber rooms for teachers is bad, some feds just watch porn openly at work and there’s no getting rid of them. One day a journalist will report on it and we’ll all say, “I’m shocked! How has this been going on so long?”

    Look, here’s what you do: release a ratty black and white pdf of all the emails strung together. It should be barely readable, certainly not by OCR. Then you have a query system set up with the barest of information: “Last Name: , First Name: ; we do/do not have any record of that employee sending an email in the released file at this time.”

  24. David,
    You made a point to refer to the people as unprofessional yet fail to acknowledge the freaking terror Kane was on morale and their mental state.

    As for what they are doing wrong. Giving something to Nick is probably the only thing I would consider. I am not going to help them in advance because they should be smarter about their process. What’s sad David is with all your proclaimed infinite wisdom on IT topics you would think you would be able to connect the dots. I guess we will see if I am the smartest after all……assuming the report ever sees the light of day.

  25. Looks like Little Billy Caye’s eternal campaign for Allegheny County Judge is about to be darkened by the spotlight on A.G. Porn mail. As chief prosecutor of the kiddie porn bureau, he made a sudden, silent departure at the same time that others were resigning because of the breaking scandal. It would be a very bad joke indeed if he gets exposed. His alibi could be that he was just studying the market.

  26. SpongeBob-

    I do have a stupid IT coworker (that I can’t get the boss to fire, no matter how many mistakes he makes, because the boss loves having his ass kissed by this guy). Don’t really see your point there, as it’s unprofessional to keep a programmer on who is so incompetent and unprofessional in his craft. The computer doesn’t care if you are happy or sad, only that the code works (and the checks issued by the computer have the correct amounts).

    It’s very clear from the article that there is the option to protest, which obviously is going to be Gansler showing the person the email(s) that got them included in the list. If people are put on the list for spurious reasons, that’s going to hurt Gansler and the whole report.

    “Castor even said that people were included who were sending and receiving messages that contained certain words or language.” Well, I’m sure that if anyone used the word “retard” in an email, you’d made sure they were on the list and fired.

    There are no “free speech and privacy rights” using company email, especially government, for your personal correspondence.

    How about if you:
    1) Just post here what you claim they are doing wrong.
    (if you cared about it getting fixed)

    2) How about mailing Nick and PoliticsPA the “story” to hold onto? Maybe giving Nick and interview.

    3) Post the file somewhere it can be downloaded by all/anyone. We don’t have to worry about you making changes because we will all have copies. Send copies to the press as well.

  27. Diano would have us believe that poor Kathleen Kane was a victim of “selective prosecution” we should feel sorry for her. What if her scheme had worked? She conspired with another to blame a totally innocent man for a grand jury leak no doubt leading to an; arrest, prosecution and imprisonment. What of that man’s family. Yet, even after her conviction she shows no remorse or offers no apology. Typical Democrat.

  28. David,
    I forgot the world revolves around your opinions of professionalism. This from the person who in prior posts has made derogatory comments about his coworkers being stupid in IT matters. If you bothered to read more than one report on this you would see reporters discussing people who are claiming to have had no part whatever in sending or receiving these types of messages. Also do you forget the many articles that were put out there about how people were working in fear because of how she ran the office and how she managed the office through fear and intimidation. Imagine if you are someone who has done nothing wrong and you get told you are getting lumped into this mess. Also under what standards was Gansler using? Castor even said that people were included who were sending and receiving messages that contained certain words or language.

    If this was a republican operating this way you would be screaming about free speech and privacy but since its your idol Kanes doing anything goes.

    As for me sadly for you, no I sit not among those who would be affected. I know your wished didn’t come true there but too bad for you.

    As for the technology background and what they are missing. I will make a deal with you. I will write what they screwed up with right now in a file, and put it into cloud storage password protected. This way if the report ever comes out and Gansler and team get hammered you can see that the file which clearly can’t be modified without showing the changes will include exactly what they are doing wrong. I suspect though you will claim that I could somehow change things but I make the offer anyway.

    If they release the details without addressing the issues its going to be a fun show.

  29. Diano, is your brother really named Stephen? Well, I guess we can’t blame him if he’s your brother. You shouldn’t challenge people and when they make you look like a fool. Take it like a man like HaHU does.

  30. Diano, for once I agree with HaHU. What was the name of the person you exposed as Kanesdriver?

  31. HaHafelon…….Brett, were you used to bending forward with your pants down when the other prisoners lined up behind you. Some say it was worth the wait. Oh tge good ole days

  32. DD – Oh yeah. He’s in the Gansler Report. Does the Senate really think they can bury it? LOL @ them bending over backwards!! They will do anything to cover this up.

    What was the name of the guy that you EXPOSED as “kanesdriver”?

  33. HaHU COTT……. Reports Reports. The only report you were ever on were arrest reports.

    In another post that I know you spent hours pondering your one line post you used the word Pu**y. Now is that what they called you in jail. I’ve heard you referred to your man Pu**y as your “little love shack” but now after you got out you call it “”your giant stretched out love shack”

    Im puzzled why you continue to use the “r” word when you got assigned to a special prison for “special” prisoners.

    Im sure your wife and family were really proud of you went you got sentenced. Although Fina was laughing.

  34. Diano…..Just when I’m ready to leave you pull me back in.

    As far as cry babies you are the biggest when someone publicly posts what you perceived to be negative about you. You cry to Sy. You and your friends, sorry friend HaHU make up a bunch of screen names and post false replies and resort to personal attacks.

    Example….. Lots of lawyers were on my FB page posting about Kane’s trial………….False No Proof
    I outed Kane’s driver……..False No proof
    Have a thriving buisness with lots of customers…False (Still lives with Mommy in her basement)
    Kane was a victim of selective prosecution False, No Proof
    Ha Hu COTT is a Felon who had to be assigned to be a special jail because they couldn’t close
    The cell door because of his fat bulbous bald head. True (you got me on tgat one)

    The list could go on and on factt is you and Brett are the biggest cry babies here. Do us all a favor. Put on your favorite housecoat and help mom around the house, or roll over and wake up HaHuFelon and get him to do it.

  35. DD,

    Yeah you tell them! No way they have the maturity for an adult work place. I bet after they get fired they end up living in their moms basement selling crappy software.

    How pathetic, right DD?

  36. SpongeBob-

    Nice try.
    But, that’s not what the article says, and what a bunch of f*cking babies to be “in tears”. If I was wrongly identified, I’d call up Gansler, I’d just contact Gansler and get it straightened out. If was was correctly identified, I’d take it like an adult. These people in tears don’t have the maturity to be in the adult workforce, let alone law enforcement.

    They weren’t “identified for no reason”, as you stated. Now, it’s true that they were not given the specific reason, but that’s not the same as there being no reason. (If you understood language and logic, you would have picked up the distinction, before exposing your ignorance.)

    Does anyone here want to place bets on whether SpongeBob is in any of the emails? Were YOU “in tears”, Bob?

    “No one from a technology background is truly in the mix and they are missing some really important details.” Does that mean you weren’t invited to help (and delete yours)?

    What is the basis for your claim that no technology people were involved and that Gansler doesn’t understand email well enough to read the “From” field?

    Do you know of any “details” that were missed? Or are you just bluffing and predicting there will be some data error, so you can pretend you knew something? Be specific.

    If their emails were flagged, the reasons will become apparent, and the topic/content as to how offensive it might be. There is plenty of stuff on FX that is not appropriate in an office environment, particularly government.

    “Gansler has said he would not identify employees who merely received messages. He said he drew a distinction between those who received offensive messages and may have ignored them, and those who sent or forwarded them.”

    So, anyone who got them and enjoyed them silently is off the hook, but there is no way to tell them from the people who were offended and powerless to complain.

  37. David you once again display how much of an ass you are. People are in tears because they feel they were identified for no reason claiming they did not participate in sending or receiving. This is going to blow up if and when they release this especially for some of those affected who truly had no real part in this. Gansler and his team don’t understand email. No one from a technology background is truly in the mix and they are missing some really important details. I will enjoy watching the show if Bruce doesn’t shut it down.

  38. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. Unless you’ve been dead for the past 20 years, you have read a story or probably know someone who has been disciplined or worse for misusing email or the Internet at work. Every job I’ve had in the past 15 years has required a signed form acknowledging the company’s email/Internet policy. These cry babies knew it was wrong and did it anyway. My sympathy is non existent.

  39. HaHaHa-

    I just saw this now.

    The people in the office are in tears? What is the AG’s office, kindergarten? These emails are tiny disruption compared to the lives they affect putting people in jail and pushing for harsh sentences.

    F*ck their “tears”. They should have thought of that before emailing lewd stuff at work.

    Now, anyone who merely received, but didn’t send/forward should not be listed. It’s very clear from how AG Kane was treated, that any complaint under Corbett would have fallen on deaf ears, so they shouldn’t be penalized by having their names mentioned. So, I hope Gansler took care of that.

    But, Castor should absolutely release it (or leak it to the Inky) on his way out.

  40. The greatest irony of Kathleen Kane is that she probably wasn’t wrong about the old boys network in Harrisburg

  41. I agree. Get it out there so Beems can blame someone else, otherwise he is in lose-lose situation. If Beemer publishes, he has a 100 unhappy staffers pissed at him until January. If he covers it up, he looks like part of the Porn Boys Network. And considering how Bruce is being treated in Harrisburg, he will be more than glad to blow the place up as he departs!

    Prediction: Friday afternoon news dump…

  42. Run Bruce Run!! Get that Gansler Report out before the Senate rushes Beemer back in there!!!!!!

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