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Garrity Wins Treasurer Race

Republicans have flipped a second statewide row office. 

Republican Stacy Garrity, an Iraq War veteran and businesswoman, has defeated Democratic Treasurer Joe Torsella. Garrity leads Torsella by 77,174 votes, or 1.17 points, as of Tuesday afternoon. 

Torsella provided a concession address on Youtube in a video published on Tuesday afternoon. 

In 2016, Torsella won the open Treasurer seat by defeating Republican Otto Voit by 6 points.

The Treasurer’s race is the third and final statewide office called in Pennsylvania in 2020. On Friday morning, the AP called the Auditor General’s race in favor of Republican Tim DeFoor. On Friday afternoon, the AP called the Attorney General’s race in favor of Josh Shapiro. The AP announced on Saturday morning that former Vice President Joe Biden also secured Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes over President Donald Trump.

21 Responses

  1. Very nice. Good split decision here in PA. The past couple days have been a bit revealing in terms of who Trump and Biden are. Trump is treating his defeat like a little kid losing for the first time – except more dangerous. I guess I was naive – but frankly, am a bit surprised. Biden very gracefully answered some tricky/sensitive questions. He keeps that up, he won’t be the lightning rod his predecessors were.

    It will be good with the GOP in control of the State House & Senate and Auditor General and Treasurer to hold Gov Wolf accountable.

    Unfortunately for the GOP – who they can run as Gov or Senate with Toomey retiring is a mystery to me. Definitely not Lou Barletta. We all know how that will go! I don’t think Trumpism without Trump will be able to win state wide.

    1. “Carla”, if that’s your real name, please bring intelligent commentary to a page called Politics PA.

      Your sad attempt to insult a woman on her appearance is not welcomed here.

    1. gulag Pittsburgh- “they don’t agree with me and I refuse to entertain their viewpoint as potentially rational. They are racists, sexists, and bigots. No one can have a different view and be intelligent”

    2. Yup. That’s why the (apparently) voted for Biden for president, instead of the non-racist Trump

  2. This shows that Pa is red across the State except in strong sections of blue. It also shows that Biden and Shapiro are good politicians to survive and be elected during what was a VERY strong showing for Republicans. It also shows with Pa having a lot in common with Alabama except in pockets & that Progressives will absolutely lose in the general election after months of Republicans saying buzz words “defund police” and “socialism.”

    1. The desolate backwaters are dying. All of the smart, ambitious young people have been leaving at high school graduation, never to return, for generations (bright flight).

      The dullards content to stay with declining economies and dying towns against all evidence eventually are forced to leave because of a lack of jobs.

      Now that the bigoted slack-jaws have lost the sympathy of better Americans in modern, successful communities (rural electrification, it turns out, was a terrible idea), the subsidies that have kept rural America afloat may wither.

      Pennsylvania’s cranky old clingers will continue to die off, taking their stale and ugly thinking to the grave and being replaced by better, younger Americans in our electorate.

      Pennsylvania seems unlikely to avoid the tide of America’s culture war, which is not over but has been settled. Even in Pennsylvania, with its extended stretches of can’t-keep-up backwaters, the Republican Party must change or die.

      1. You’d feel a lot better about yourself if you let go of that anger.

        Facts show that the Republican party grew among black, latino and other minorities in 2020.

        Facts show Democrats lost ground in PA and people are starting to wake up to what people like you represent.

        All of this in a year where 95%+ of all political coverage was negative for Republicans.

        Cover up, your hate is showing.

        1. America’s electorate becomes less rural, less religious, less White, less intolerant, and less backward every day. The Republican Party — a collection of poorly educated bigots, superstitious slack-jaws, and disaffected clingers — must change or die.

          I vote “die,” but I would be content either way.

    1. Campaign for Governor 2 years after you lose an incumbency as State Treasurer??? Good luck with that!

          1. Maybe. Hes Lt. Gov. And has a resume for state level office to run on. He can statewide for a federal position- with no experience or for a state position with a little experience. Hes a big dumb mongoloid moron, but the opportunity seems like something to pursue. Further, the communists will want their progressive candidate. Its not Shapiro.

  • Who are you voting for in the PA Supreme Court race?

    • Dan McCaffery (61%)
    • Carolyn Carluccio (37%)
    • Still undecided (2%)

    Total Voters: 344

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