Gerlach Continues to Take Cover in His First TV Ad Instead of Speaking for Himself

Gerlach Continues to Take Cover in His First TV Ad Instead of Speaking for Himself

Trivedi Calls on Gerlach to Accept His Proposal for More Debates, Across the District and Open to the Public and Press

ELVERSON, Pa. – Yesterday, Congressman Jim Gerlach began airing his first TV ad of this election, one week after Manan Trivedi, the Democratic nominee, began airing two TV ads. While Trivedi is using his two 30-second spots to introduce himself to voters, detail his comprehensive plan to create jobs in the district, and call for a much-needed Congressional pay cut, Gerlach focuses his ad on perpetuating attacks about the former Lt. Commander and battalion surgeon.

Moreover, while Trivedi’s ads feature Trivedi himself, and Trivedi only, speaking directly into the camera, discussing where he stands on the most important issues, Gerlach’s ad features only a voiceover — he is never shown speaking himself, and besides the legally-required approval of the ad, which he does as a voiceover, the congressman’s voice is never heard discussing any issues.

From the beginning of this general election, Jim Gerlach has chosen to only discuss Manan Trivedi when taking cover behind a spokesperson, has refused to accept a number of offers to debate Trivedi in person, and now he hides behind a faceless voiceover in his advertising. In response, Manan Trivedi released the following statement:

 “Congressman, it’s time you came out of the shadows of your spokespersons and your voiceovers and spoke for yourself. You are the representative of the people here in the 6th District, and they deserve more than some paid political professionals spouting talking points. They deserve to hear, directly from you, and what  you are going to do to grow jobs in this district.

“Now, your ad puts a whole lot of words in my mouth, Jim. I get that that’s what you learn to do from being down in Washington so long, and quite frankly, I’ve been to war — I can take a little name-calling. But if you think that’s really what my policies are, then come out and debate me six times, in all of the regions of the district, in front of the public and the press. I will show you where I really stand. And you can take the time to explain, yourself, why you’ve been spending your time in Washington focused so much on the serving the special interests instead of listening to the people of the 6th.”

Manan Trivedi is the Democratic nominee for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 6th Congressional District. He is a primary care physician, a former Lt. Commander in the U.S. Navy, and an Iraq War veteran from Berks County.


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