Get Ready Pittsburgh! Here Come The Political Ads

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Get ready Pittsburgh market. It’s everyone’s favorite time of year – political ad season!

With just seven days remaining until the primary election, the major candidates for the Democratic nomination for Allegheny County Executive have reached deep into their pockets to shell out funds for the four major TV stations in the market – WTAE, WPXI, KDKA and WPGH – to run their ads … over, and over, and over again.

County Treasurer John Weinstein and state Rep. Sara Innamorato are heavily spending in the market. Weinstein has allocated nearly $100,000 – $99,965 to be exact – over the next week to saturate the market with 175 plugs, while Innamorato has earmarked $89,500 for 211 plays.

Attorney Dave Fawcett is spending $35,650 for 78 spots over the next seven days. In a surprise, it does not appear that city controller Michael Lamb has decided to spend on TV in the final week, as no contracts appear on the four stations’ political file listings.

The final total adds up to over $225,000 in TV media buys.


WTAE (May 9-15)

John Weinstein – 53 spots ($32,700)

  • Most common time slot: Noon News (5)


Sara Innamorato – 44 spots ($24,750)

  • Most common time slot: 11p News (7)


Dave Fawcett – 22 spots ($12,100)

  • Most common time slot: 4p News (3)


WPXI (May 8-15)

John Weinstein – 50 spots ($39,000)

  • Most common time slot: 630a News (5)


Sara Innamorato – 65 spots ($28,325)

  • Most common time slot: Ring Nation, Rachael Ray Show, 4p News, 6p News (5)


Dave Fawcett – 17 spots ($7,250)

  • Most common time slot: all 1 time plays


KDKA (May 8-15)

John Weinstein – 51 spots ($24,500)

  • Most common time slot: 530a News, CBS This Morning, The Late Show (4)


Sara Innamorato – 75 spots ($28,325)

  • Most common time slot: 630a News, CBS Mornings, KDKA 9-10a, 1230-2p, The Late Late Show


Dave Fawcett – 31 spots ($13,500)

  • Most common time slot: almost all 2 time plays at various times


WPGH (May 8-15)

John Weinstein – 21 spots ($3,765)

  • Most common time slot: 7a National Desk, Young Sheldon, You Bet Your Life (4)


Sara Innamorato – 27 spots ($8,100)

  • Most common time slot: Judge Judy, Big Bang Theory (4)


Dave Fawcett – 8 spots ($2,800)

  • Most common time slot: Judge Judy, 10p News


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  1. Citizens United gutted one of the most innovative laws for political fundraising and created a free for all. Clearly, there is no taste in politics or in the judiciary for limits on campaign financing and the enormous amount of money made by media in advertising in politics gets them involved as well in the process.

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