Giordano endorsed by PA United Steelworkers

Giordano-New-520x777Republican Superior Court candidate Judge Emil Giordano announced the Pennsylvania United Steelworkers endorsement of his run.  

“I want to thank the leadership and members of the USW for the faith and confidence they have placed in my candidacy.  “As a judge and especially as a father, I believe the values of hard work, honesty and integrity are paramount. That is why I am so proud to have the endorsement of USW, which represents some of the hardest working men and women in Pennsylvania,” Giordano said in a release.  

The United Steelworkers represent industrial workers across the state.  

Giordano is running for one of four open spots on the Superior Court.

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5 thoughts on “Giordano endorsed by PA United Steelworkers”

  1. The Skeptic says:

    I look forward to their press release a year from now when expressing outrage for one of his rulings.

  2. Harry Glotz says:

    I ‘m a member of USWA 2599 Bethlehem. This is why workers are getting the short end since 1980.

  3. Sue Ellen says:

    Union endorsements are a joke! Most of the unions supported Hillary Clinton, but their rank and file vote for Trump.

  4. Brett Heffner says:

    Where is the backbone of the unions? Like Giordano will rule in their favour!

  5. Phil Fayette says:

    one has to love steelworkers who love the GOP. As I see these endorsements coming down, it seems as if the unions are going that way for several slots. Where does the Chamber of Commerce go?

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