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Gleason Says He Talks to Trump Regularly

Donald TrumpThe Trump campaign is led by one man.

As he has made clear numerous times, Donald Trump considers himself to be his own strategist.  

According to Kyle Cheney and Katie Glueck of Politico, though, this doesn’t concern the party’s state leaders. In fact, many of them prefer this method in contrast to a normal campaign. Among those are PA GOP Chairman Rob Gleason.

“His job is to be Mr. Trump,” Gleason told Cheney and Glueck. “His appeal is very different than a normal politician. Usually, when we have rallies for people, we prepare weeks in advance. All he has to do is announce three days ahead of time he’s going to be somewhere and a huge crowd shows up. It always energizes people.”

“I can call him,” Gleason continued. “He’ll call me back if I call him. He doesn’t have a lot of people that he’s talking to. It’s a small staff, and I think Hillary has 1,000 people. He’s relying on us.”

This dynamic, common to several swing states, emphasizes just how reliant the Republican Party is on Trump and his personality to win over voters this year.

7 Responses

  1. David Diano……wow u really missed the boat….Hillary’s Inauguration??? Hahahahaha….Trump is getting Inaugurated!!! BTW, I know Rob Gleason personally. He is a down to earth good man!!!

  2. You are cool Gleason. Tom Marino (the gay cowboy from the village people) and Lou Barletta (perma smile) also talk to Trump daily I’m sure!

  3. Pa Conservative-

    I hope you continue this trend of agreeing with me and realize that Trump is not a conservative nor possesses ANY actual political/economic/military solutions to run the country.

    Dislike Hillary, but realize she’s competent/capable/thoughtful and well informed on the issues and pros/cons of the proposed solutions.

  4. I can’t believe it. I agree with Diano. Gleason is an old man holding onto his last straw of power. Every conservative activist know he uses politics to cash in on no bid contracts.
    Look at his time with the turnpike commission in the 90’s. Gleason lost the PA State Supreme and needs to go.

  5. At least, Gleason recognizes that Trump is not “normal”, which is a clear GOP qualification. Gleason must be quitting as GOP PA Chairman because he knows after November that he will not be welcome. I hope he is not delusional enough to think Trump will be taking him to Washington. If Trump goes it will only be to attend Hillary’s inauguration.

  6. It’s going to be a slaughter of the GOP. No campaign infrastructure. Micro-managing by the candidate. Local PA GOP candidates running away from Trump, as PA Dems try to super-glue/staple/rivet them to Trump.

    Does ANYONE expect to see Trump-Toomey signs that aren’t paid for by the Dems?

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