GOP Campaign Firms Red Mavericks, Pathfinder to Merge

RMM_bookRed Maverick Media and Pathfinder Communications announced today that they are merging together.

The two influential GOP campaign consulting firms are set to become one whole team.

Jason Ercole and his Pathfinder Communications team of John Hanley, Mike Walsh, and Shelly McLeod are all joining Red Maverick Media. Ercole will become a partner in the firm.

“We couldn’t be happier to have Jason and his team joining our firm,” Red Maverick Media Founding Partner Ray Zaborney said. “I’ve worked with Jason and against him, and I’m glad that our teams will be combining our talents to offer our clients enhanced service.”

“I’m excited for our team to be joining Red Maverick,” Ercole said. “They are committed to the same personalized service that has been our hallmark for over a decade. Together, we can offer candidates more proven, creative strategies for their races.”

Red Maverick Media describes themselves as a “full service political consulting firm” and they have offices located in Harrisburg, Washington D.C. and Portland, Maine.

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4 thoughts on “GOP Campaign Firms Red Mavericks, Pathfinder to Merge”

  1. CentPADem says:

    Red Maverick is just a office full of liars that sells the same campaign tactics to everyone. Link everyone to Obama and call them liberal.

  2. Don't Kane Me says:

    Which one is going to jail for the mail fraud in York County?

  3. jmarshak says:

    If these are the people Corbett is using, they should give him a refund.

  4. Sucks says:

    Coverage has sucked lately. Rewriting press releases is not reporting.

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