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GOP Candidate to PA11 Debate Hosts: If White Nationalist Candidate is in, I’m Out

11th Congressional district candidate Andrew Lewis announced he will boycott a candidate forum hosted by the Dauphin County Council of Republican Women over their invitation of Sean Donahue to the event.

“It has come to my attention that the DCCRW has invited Sean Donahue, an individual who holds anti-Semitic, pro-segregationist, and white-supremacist views and values to speak alongside other candidates at a Republican candidate forum this upcoming Saturday,” Lewis said in statement.  

Lewis, an Iraq War veteran and business owner in Dauphin County.  The district is currently represented by Congressman Lou Barletta, who is running for Senate and is not seeking his current seat.

“I have decided to rescind my RSVP for the candidate forum and am calling on my fellow Republican candidates to do the same until the DCCRW has withdrawn Mr. Donahue’s invitation to address the Republican audience.”

Last year Donahue was convicted of making terroristic threats against the Luzerne County District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis.  The Citizens Voice described Donahue as a “extremist white nationalist group member.”

Donahue has not filed any paperwork with the FEC declaring himself a candidate for the 11th district, but according to a Facebook page and website he is running for the seat.  

PoliticsPA has reached out to Donahue for comment.

“The US was created for Americans who chose to worship God through Christianity.  Freedom of Religion is for all forms of Christianity but nothing else, certainly not Islam, Voodoo or Satanic worship,” Donahue says on his Facebook.  

PoliticsPA is seeking comment from the DCCRW.

Former Federal prosecutor Joe Peters, another GOP candidate for PA-11, said he will attend the event.

Michael Barley, campaign spokesman to former Revenue Secretary and candidate Dan Meuser, said believes the DCCRW will “solve this problem.”  

“Our campaign was unaware that Sean Donahue was attending or that he was even a candidate in this race. We have great respect for the Dauphin County Republican Women and we are confident that they will solve this problem, not run from it,” Barley wrote.

PoliticsPA has reached out to the other announced GOP candidate state Rep. Steve Bloom for comment.

Update: This post has been updated to clarify that Scott Uehlinger running for the 15th Congressional district, not the 11th Congressional district.

Update: Lewis released a web video clarifying his points.  You can view his video below.

37 Responses

  1. What a good media ploy by the Lewis campaign. no news for our candidate? Let’s create some without thinking who it could harm in the first place. Selfish child like behavior is apparently what they think it takes to win a seat in Congress. That didn’t help him win a seat in the PA Senate against a terrible R candidate, so what makes them think it will work a second time?

  2. This Dem says “Solid move Andrew Lewis.” We must all do all we can to exclude and marginalize all racists and xenophobes. We must all call them what they are: wrong and horrible people. Lewis shows strength and leadership. I encourage all participants in this event, and it’s hosts, to follow suit.

      1. Yes I’m sure a combat vet is trembling at the thought of debatingva skinhead (sarcasm font off).

  3. Sean Donahue sounds like one of the “very fine people” Donald Trump was talking about at the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville. Uninviting Mr. Donahue seems like it would be an attack on the leader of the Republican Party.

  4. So the First amendment is only important to Lewis when he agrees?

    A candidate who fears debate will be totally ineffective.

    Man up Lewis. And will you support the border wall?

    1. Marginalizing racist and nazi individuals is a goal we should all have in civil society. Giving them legitimate platforms to be a total POS lowers us all down to their level. Let’s expect more from each other and our elected officials shall we? But you seem to be the “blame on all sides” kind of person, so this will be lost on you.

      1. Another liberal who only applies first amendment to people they agree with.

        What you call marginalize is to people not in lockstep agreement with you. Its not Donahue who thinks like a nazi. M7

        I think Lewis is afraid of Dan Muesser and is looking to avoid debate.

        If Lewis is afraid of Donahue then he really needs new profession.

        1. This has nothing to do with the first amendment. He’s legally free to be a piece of human garbage, but he shouldn’t get a legitimate platform from OUR party or from society. You’re also free to agree with Donahue’s anti-semitic and racist ideas,
          you should be marginalized from civil society too. You both can discuss your views in a dark cave away from decent people.

  5. I sure don’t want you in there if you don’t let others (even if their wrong and screwed up) speak their minds. Let him talk and people can make their own mind up. You sound like a snowflake.

    1. I think you’re missing the point. He is legally free to spew any garbage he wants, but allowing him to find acceptance in the Republican Party is not only giving him credibility but also saying that this is an acceptable philosophy within the party. Andrew is right to stand up and say no way, not here. Rather than call Andrew a snowflake for having a spine just admit you’re cool with the neo-nazi.

    2. He can talk all he wants. There’s no reason why the DCCRW should lend him their platform and legitimize him as a Republican, though.

    1. Oh you must be one of the “haters”. Too bad. It totally diminishes your comment to where it belongs. How do you sleep with all of that hate and tears!

      1. Hey Maeve, it’d probably be better if so many Republicans weren’t Nazis, racists, white supremacists or tolerated the behavior of such examples of human garbage. But based on your comments you’re probably good with it or you wouldn’t be so butt hurt.

  6. What Andy needs to learn is Make America Great Again and all that America First crap was racist from day one. That’s why the Dauphin County Council of Republican Women invited a Nazi, because they can’t tell the damn difference and neither can anyone else. Lay down with Trump, get up with Nazis.

    1. Another “hater”. I can’t imagine they deliberately invited a Nazi. Do you really think so? Too bad you are so mean spirited and full of venom. Do you get some kind of perverse comfort spreading negative slush about people you don’t even know. The truth shall set you free Mr Randolph! Oh! Wait, the truth apparently doesn’t matter to you, just being hate filled! Try and have a lovely peace filled day anyway!!

      1. You are right, I hate Nazis, and Nazi-apologists even more. Here’s hoping you don’t fall into either category. I’m not the one who said Nazis are fine people, that was Trump. Do I need to know the President to spread negative (but true) “slush” about him? And whether or not they deliberately invited a Nazi, they just canceled the forum. Good chance for everyone to start over on this poorly planned event.

  7. It’s worth clarifying that candidates for Representative in Congress are not required to file with the FEC until they have raised or spent a combination of $5000.

  8. Andrew said he’s tough guy not afraid to take on hard stuff. What’s he gonna do in DC? Run from everyone who thinks like an idiot? Want a congressmen who stands up to a racist, not backs down.

    1. Every candidate that gets up on that stage with this Donahue guy lends him more credibility. Would any of the 17 Republicans that ran for President (including Trump) get up on stage with David Duke? The answer to that riddle is no.

      Still waiting to hear back from Bloom, but it appears Peters and Meuser are too chicken to stand up to this guy already.

      1. You calling the guy who took down the mob in Philly chicken? your calling someone chicken under a pseudonym also kinda funny.

        1. Coward, spineless, chicken… yeah all of that. Andrew is a solid conservative with a conscious. That’s more than I can say for those who would rather be in tacit agreement if not complete agreement with a racist if it won them votes.

    2. Funny how you’d like to downplay a bigot running for Congress so he can implement protectionist and racist policy as just a pedestrian idiot. Andrew IS taking on the ‘hard stuff’ by standing firm on principle instead of just trying to ignore than the DCCRW is legitimizing a white nationalist. Other candidates should withdraw instead of just seeking face time in front of a few voters.

      White supremacists/nationalists should find no comfort or quarter in conservative circles. Period.

  9. Why did the DCCRW invite the white nationalist/supremacist – especially if he’s not a Republican and not filed for the race?

    Andrew is doing the right thing by refusing to legitimize this bigot. The other candidates should follow suit.

    1. I agree with your point, but I think you have it backwards.

      Why did the DCCREW invite a person who isn’t a Republican and hasn’t filed to run–especially if he’s a white supremacist?

  10. Sure the guy is certainly free to be a heinous human being. If there were more men and women like Andrew, a Republican (not that shit gibbon Roy Moore) would be in the US Senate. Legally you’re allowed to be a racist POS, but we should marginalize them from the party and from civil society, if you disagree you are condoning that mentality and behavior.

  11. Good to see that freedom of speech is valued. Real good.
    You know, I bet this Andrew fellow talked about wanting to bang a chick when he was 14. I bet him and his friends all had a good giggle.
    Gotta start boycotting these #rapeculture types.

    1. ““Freedom of Religion is for all forms of Christianity but nothing else, certainly not Islam, Voodoo or Satanic worship,” Donahue says on his Facebook.”

      Hey the Right is Might, you almost have a point. Unfortunately, Mr. Donahue doesn’t believe in the First Amendments’ freedom of religion. But hey, hypocrisy is cool too I guess.

    2. Just because the white supremacist has freedom of speech doesn’t mean the DCCRW should willingly give him a platform and present him as a Republican.

  12. It seems you don’t have your candidates straight. Scott Uehlinger is not a candidate in the 11th district.

    1. Is this Scott a candidate in the 15th? If so, is he an R or D? I live in the district, am a Republican voter, and I have never heard of him.

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