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GOP Candidates for Governor Agree on Set of Debate Criteria

The campaigns of Lou Barletta, Jake Corman, Bill McSwain and Dave White have agreed to a set of criteria that must be met for all four campaigns to attend any debate.

In a letter obtained by PoliticsPA, the candidates for the Republican nomination for Pennsylvania governor listed four items that must be agreed upon for any of the four campaigns to appear for a debate:

  • Moderators must be registered Republicans and live in PA.
  • Must not have spoken negatively about any of the candidates on stage or works for an organization that has maligned one of the candidates.
  • Have not endorsed or donated to one of the candidates on stage.
  • No questions with answers shorter than 30 seconds.

The letter also indicated that the quartet “hope(s) this helps people put together a potential debate that will benefit the Republican voters who will choose the next gubernatorial nominee.”

It was signed by the four campaign managers – Jeremy Sheftel (Barletta for Governor), Ryan Reynolds (Corman for Governor), James Fitzpatrick (McSwain for Governor) and Bob Salera (White for Governor).

24 Responses

  1. Disgraceful cowards! Too scared to debate unless they set the ground rules. They are RINO Cowards to afraid to face the people unless they set the terms. SAD!

  2. Doug made a commitment to the people in a county in PA prior to this debate being set up ! A man of his words and promises!

  3. Why isn’t anything said about Dr. Zama. From what I hear they are trying to get him out of the race. What are they afraid of.

    1. I really like Dr. Zama. Heard him speaking in Elizabethtown – passionate, sincere. The. Swamp doesn’t want someone they cannot control. Dr Zama fits that category.

  4. Mastriano knows he does not have to be on stage with these people. He knows what he is holding, so why risk it. But where is Melissa Hart in this agreement? Not cool for women and winners to be excluded. What message does that send?

  5. ROFL – they’ve deliberately not included Mastriano or Gerow. One of the quartet above can’t even register on a state wide poll. #swamp

    1. Because Mastriano is a lying manipulative scumbag and Gerow should be in jail for sexual assault. He’s the Harvey Weinstein of PA Politics.

  6. Once again, the ruling class has reared its ugly head. Four campaigns for the Republican nomination for Governor have announced that their candidates will only debate those who will not criticize them. Candidate debates are supposed to be open and honest forums for the discussion of ideas and the examination of the records of the candidates so the voters can make an informed decision at the polls.

    They are not supposed to be a gathering of the members of the mutual admiration society.

    Charlie Gerow stands ready to share his thoughts with the voters on any debate stage, without trying to control the moderator or his opponents. It’s time to end the reign of the political elites and respect the voters of Pennsylvania. It’s time to elect a Governor who comes from the people and will govern for the people.

    Charlie Gerow is that man.

  7. I hope they can’t meet the criteria, I don’t want to hear anything they have to say!
    Regardless of your affiliation at some point you are looking to represent all the citizens of the Commonwealth
    So if your parameters are so narrow for a debate how would you interact if you were elected.
    As for Jake Corman I would like you to resign your senate seat and stop running on my tax money Josh Shapiro as well! #insaneclownposse #Charlieforgovernor #forgetthesefour

    1. Charlie Gerow drug a guy on a highway behind his car for a mile. He’s a walking #MeToo catastrophe. Gtfo with Charlie Gerow.

  8. #5 must be wearing a MAGA T-shirt
    #6 must start your debate with a pledge to the Confederate Flag

      1. You also try to steal a posting name, but have to mis-spell with a double LL, so you can get by PoliticsPA block of you as a cowardly fake. Unfortunately, PoliticsPA let’s you get away with this fraud and deception to confuse people as to your identity by simply adding one letter to my posting name. PoliticsPA needs to permanently bar you due to this fraudulent misrepresentation.

  9. I wonder if these clowns ???? will get in each other’s faces like the two of the candidates did in the Ohio GQP Senate debate. Bring the popcorn

  10. Where is the Dr. of cult, the liar and manipulator of the religious, the man with no staff or credibility, Doug Mastriano?

    He faces no public scrutiny?

  11. Awwwww how nice of the RINO Swamp to join together in agreement of their stampings.

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